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We read several of this author's books this weekend break. The majority are shorter than this one and are easy reading. Used to do like this book. The characters were mostly people I would like to know, and I cared for about what happened to them. The story was believable and compelling--it's the end of the world--the end of the world, but this isn't extremely religious at all. Typically the parts where the scriptures and religion come into are appropriate and add to understanding the story.

One thing that seems steady with this creator is that her books just end. Over. Completed. Things aren't resolved. An individual invest in the figures and then, at the end, you don't know what in the end happens to them. One character (who We didn't like and seemed superfluous to the story) just disappeared from the story, which would make what these people experienced to do impossible, but she goes to the woman room sick and is never heard from again. Where did she go? What did she do? There is no mention of her ever again.

We enjoy this author's books, but anyone interested in reading her ought to know about the ending problem. It was worst in the book, " Turn", which finished want it was from another book. It made no sense whatsoever. The book, " Cry" ends with a massive disclosure--and and then just ends. What's the deal? I want to know what happens after.

Anyway, the figures in this guide are great. Father Michael is definitely an non-traditional, but devoted priest. A number of other people have pointed out the " dumbness" of Jude. The other figures in the book talk about how dumb he is. I prefer to think of him as innocent and naive. He always will the right thing for other people. One pair develops over the course of the book very realistically, both of them changing and realizing what is important during the apocalypse. Dale is an awesome character. The modification he undergoes is probably the greatest of all the characters and you really care about him.

It's a good book, and i also recommend it., A non-preachy story of Revelations. Yeah, Jude was stupid but his heart was forever in the right place. Same with Jessie. Michael? No preaching, yea! Best character overall? Dale, palms down.

It's a tool coaster ride, particularly when the End comes, but it's not as shattering as "Flu" probably because you *know* what will happen. There's no invisible surprises, no last minute saves.

It's an end of the world tale when it really *is* the end of the world. If that's your reading genre, and you don't want blood, guts and zombies in your end of the world, read this. You'll certainly be happy you did., The basic of The Heavens Shall fall piqued my interest right away; a book exploring what would happen on earth as each of the Biblical seals were opened feels like an exciting read. Nevertheless, the primary character, Jude, was quite a disappointment.
Within the opening chapter we learn that Jude is an ex Marine who is presently a firefighter. He is naive, not the brightest bulb in the box, but as the book progresses, Jude's perceptive capacity nose dives from just plain dumb to " no appreciable brain-wave activity". We are guessing that the idea was going to create a character who would become the least likely person decided to save mankind, but his modesty and stupidity reach a point where it distracts from the story - how can anybody this dumb be a Marine or a firefighter? (Or walk and talk and the same time... )
The primary story itself is interesting throughout the book, a very different undertake end of the world scenarios. Dad Michael is a great early addition to the book; the tornado scene was exciting and the end result unexpected. I especially liked Daniel, who evolves from a self-centered highly driven businessman into someone with a much wider view of the world. The scenes from the psychiatric hospital were also interesting, and the way Jude's mother acts to the idea of the rapture was believable.
There are a lot of figures transitions in this book, and roughly midway through I started to wheel of the frequent changing around and had a little trouble remembering who was who, but within a few paragraphs usually We figured it out.
This author shows a good deal of promise, but in future books I would suggest more character development and less, or at least smoother, transitions., Talk about a page turner!! An individual know when you start a book and immediately know it's going to be worth keeping? This was it. At first, We wasn't sure, but by page 5 I knew Jacqueline Druga had done it again! This might not be for everybody but I absolutely loved how she used Revelations, and gave us 'real-time' situations. Michael, Danny, Jessie, Harry, Dale and Jude - great characters, great plot, great premise. The end of times - what happens? God says Your dog is had enough of us all and decides to follow along with His / her Scripture. You would think the world would change seeing some of the signs classified by the Bible, but, I believe like real life, they don't. Typically the chaos, the devastation, the deaths, all of it is there and it is beautifully told. You're not preached at, there's no sermon about repenting, and the Bible's not quoted every other page. This book is about the figures, their families, how they link and what happens to them during the end times. It's fascinating, scary, and a great reminder! Well done, once again, Ms. Druga., As always I was totally sketched into this book, it was one i hated to set down, I just wanted more. NO, We NEEDED MORE! This is a great read for anyone, it is not a holy roller, talking, book about cleaning up your life and proclaiming Jesus as your Master and Saviour... I may even think He was mentioned. ( could be wrong ). The figures were great! JUDE, will have you rolling. We really did find myself laughing a lot... (Thanks JD I needed that) but yes I experienced a few golf ball in the throat, getting all choked up. I listened to the Audible version which I find brings the emotion through, as well as the feeling of closeness to people in the story. but I have no doubt it will be am awesome read just as much.

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