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It's an interesting read, if you are fascinated with the band and the personalities in and around it, like me. It took me right into the fact of that fantasy rock-star life I always thought I wanted. Don (" Fingers" ) Felder is obviously a gamer, not a writer, but his book includes so much fine detail I had to skip parts to avoid being overwhelmed by minutia. Wherever that detail applied to the group or the songs though, I was pleased for it. All in all, recommended., Mr. Felder wrote a very showing and personal account of his time with the Eagles. I've been an Eagles fan since mid 1970s and as a kid We simply loved the songs, the words, the riffs, renditions and all that represented the Eagles. In 2005 as I moved from The southern part of California to Northern Va I made it an area to drive through Winslow Arizona just due to track " Take It Easy".

What I appreciated the most about this book was the personal touch Mr. Felder added. The story of his simple beginnings in a similar yet different way informed me of my own. The roads he required that could lead him to both his wife and the band were simply something that he permitted to happen and required his course naturally. A single gets the sense of reading this outstanding work that he is a man of great patience and privacy - yet this individual shares with us (his fans) the intricacies of both personal and professional band member life. He or she exposes the flaws, reminisces of the successes, shares the joys of children being born and demonstrates passionately on his love for his parents; though this too is not without its trials and tribulations on his personal reflections. As a kid maturing in Southern California it was easy to understand this music, these events, these recordings of (to a larger extent) the American Southwest, the wilderness that lays between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is vast as one passes across the State Border Collection from California to The state of nevada - that whole area in which it has its very own natural beauty has always reminded me of the Eagles.

I am hoping for the future Mr. Felder will write more books and provide his fans with more insight on the songs industry; though I me personally am not really a musician the simple truth of the matter is I simply really know what I like to listen to whether We cook inside or exterior. I would want to read an e book from him specifically on his activities with the technological aspect of change in the music industry. It would be a good read should he consider to write one later.

We have been a huge Mary Petty and The Heartbreakers fan since 1979 with " Damn the Torpedo's" LP; a treasure treat to me was reading how Mr. Felder and Mr. Petty as kids received together so Mr. Felder could " teach" and assist Mr. Petty with his own personal development. I could just sit down back and ponder as read those simple passages within this fabulous book.

Meanwhile, if you're an Eagles fan this book is merely for you and I hope you enjoy it as much as We did. For dumb Jarhead like me, a military person, a guy no longer in the military and yet a professional within the U. S. Government these songs and this history made me think (of my own life) as We crossed Mr. Felder's account of the many songs and tours he required to support each of the great albums this band made., Mr. Felder's expose' of the bothered inner sanctum of the Eagles is an participating read. Well crafted by he and his ghost writer, I finished it in about 4 nights! His compatriots of Henley and Frey essentially took control of the band and it's direction, leaving Felder, Leadon, Meisner, Walsh and Schmit often on the outside, seeking to deal with the inherent dysfunctionality of the band and its environment. Some of this was brought on, even by Felder as well, as he himself admits. May read this book for the juicy tidbits. Read it the way you listen to the " Let It Be" album by the Beatle's, where you can hear the strap literally dissolving before your ears. This book is a more of a psychological thriller; a chronicle of a band consistently breaking up over 40 years while exhibiting musical professional every step of the way. Highly recommended., One of the best rock auto biography publications I have read (and I possess read many). Extremely well written - lots of interesting stories - honest look inside a person from childhood to adulthood and on into self reflection. This is what a rock biography should be. A few additions: One is i am confused as to why the other Eagles (especially Don Henley) took such great offense to the book. While Glenn Frye does have his unlikable moments, Mr. Felder is mostly complementary of them, and appears to be writing from what this individual thinks and sees -- which is an honest way of doing it. Felder is much harder on himself than his band mates, it seems. Second, I would want to see an updated version that tells more about his life after the lawsuit and the Silver eagles. Third, I hope Mr. Felder writes down all the conditions of the settlement with the Silver eagles that could be published when he passes -- I would want to really know what is in that severance agreement!
Reading through this book really made me appreciate Don Felder as a father, musician, (fellow Floridian) and human being. Great job Put on!, Firstly, I agree with the overall story line. The mix of drugs and money and ego has it's consequences. In the "gods" defense, they were there from the start, "the first desire to get started on their own band", and also did carry a lions share of the load. Completing many songs and singing Lead Words. People really only notice the melody and providing that reliably is a huge job. The partnership that's required to make that happen is fundamentally why both Don Henley and Glenn Frey wanted to receive just compensation for that responsibility. I get that the method was harsh and sometimes untempered. The principal of it is still intact. Because a smaller time musician, We have been in the role of bandleader, "selecting songs and singing up to 2/3 of the material" and that of a sideman and I appreciate the difference in the workload, definitely not the same. I love the book, and was impressed by Mr. Don Felders candidness. I would have responded as he did. An obvious written contract is the right way to act, no matter how high you are, or how right you are. I hope that at a spiritual level, everyone involved is at peace with the top picture. Sincerely

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