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Cannot wait for more. Great read at a great price. I like beast musume and those stories similar to it. The east has many stories and manga about it. Inside the west continues to be shy about it. So within my search for stories like it, I discovered this great piece. This was a new take and definitely been successful in it's delivery. SPOILER

Imo, all of it was amazing. For the finish felt a little dash. Getting two girls only after a few days of getting close with you-know-who-from-the-past felt iffy. Nevertheless I think because of how real life works, will be certainly no such thing as a normal pace in any case. I like all different creatures so far. And the intro was remarkable. The characters were vibrant and so far no person really feels like a duplicate of another. Maybe in the second book or 3 rd have a little illustration I'm the back to show the diff girls. Not the main ones just the races so we can see what the author thinks the girls look like in his world. Likewise loved the sultry moments. Each felt real and meaningful. At least from my experience with past relationships and sex. Just about all in all great work. Thank you for writing this, I mostly read normal Sci-fi and Fantasy, but I needed to give some of this Erotica stuff a try. Most of it is so far is 30 webpages of crap with no story and just sexual intercourse. But this guide by a time traveling space kitty know as Lieutenant Archibald Bradford was really good! It's kind of like the PC game Creature Girl Quest, but with better everything. The primary character is likeable, but a pussy (he's called that many times) that really comes in the picture when needed.. The world building is good with rules and such. The sex is balanced well with story, romance and comedy. The monster girls are all well developed characters and also have different personas. Even the supporting characters are great.

I wish that future books continue to develop the characters which have been introduced and I am pumped up about the adventuring. Milly's my personal favorite woman, but Nina provides extensive of promise for book two (I love Tsunderes)., Very first off, the Heartstone is luckily not a WHOA reference, I never really got into it. This specific book is well written except for a few typos that are not too irritating. This is definitely not for minors, but there is a warning. So buy the book and wish part 2 comes out sooner than later., This specific book was a great deal of fun to read. As mentioned by the author, this book is erotic fiction and contains quite a few sex scenes, but I absolutely liked how the characters were developed exterior of the eroticism. All of them felt three dimensional and there is humor, action, romance, and an stimulating core plot that, while somewhat slow to start, really picks up close to the finish and leaves you needing more.

As some other reviewers have stated, there are some grammatical mistakes in this book, but for me they didn't really detract from the story and am have read other e-books where the editing was far worse. When you like the Chronicles of Eden series and harem/monster girl anime like Monster Musume, then I guarantee that the Heartstone Fable Book 1: Empath Growing will fit your bill., I normally wouldn't have thought to read this guide, but after reading every major fantasy book available I decided to take a chance on some books Amazon recommended to me. The leading cover made me a little skeptical so color me surprised when I ended up adoring the book; enough to write a review. The story is about a young orphan named " Nameless" who's crappy life and rotten luck is upended for the best. I don't want to spoil much of the story so I'm just going to express this is not some kind of high brow item of literature, this guide has sex and physical violence so look elsewhere if it offends your sensibilities. If you like books like the Daniel Dark-colored series or Wild Waste materials then I think you'll enjoy this book. I look forward to more books in the future., Wonderful. Sexy. Sensitive. And with story throughout! And on top of that this did not include the typical romance read of one or both of the leads being stupid and in angst until the finish when all is well...: )

An extremely big breath of clean air and I was excited! It is often so hard to find sexy reads that actually have a story - and this story was actually full of humor - steamy hot - sweet, but additionally with exciting action. Just when I thought " do we cut with this standard kink" a turn in perspective made those occasions some of the most enduring! With that all the sexy stuff becomes part of a bigger story, and the sexual intercourse becomes steamy erotica products and I loved it!

Thanks Archibald!, Anime beast girl Harem plot, done well enough it's still enjoyable. The Main Figure actually has a cool ability so it's not completely one sided, though it still kind of is. Still, I liked it. Kinda wish it was kindle unlimited though. Thank you alot for writing it!, I've read many stories involving Monster girls and erotica both combined and not and I write this story was the most effective I've read. Not only made it happen involve an genuine plot and am mean actually story line plot not the Ecchi anime or manga/light novel "plot" although it has that too. That is a well contructed story and am greatly enjoy the MC his gentle but steps up when needed. Just about all in all a great story. (I'll hunt down the author if I don't see a sequel soon. No seriously I will to a lot of have failed me. I am going to find you and tie you tons desk, glue a pen to your writing hand and feed you energy refreshments until you finish writing it. )

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