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It is great! Some parts of the book were very good, and i also performed finish reading it. Right now there are some holes in the storyline and plot though which were not explained or resolved. The hero's mommy goes missing and nobody hunts for her. The heroine's brother is lacking, but I did get that this issue was resolved, if you read carefully you'll understand what happened with him. However, I think he would turn upwards before the epilogue. Some other than those issues, I enjoyed the story. I did think excessive time was spent on the woman bath water several times. We get the fact that she liked her bathing. The love between the hero and heroine was well done and that is this book's greatest strength. There were times those when the heroine retained saying she could never let him know how much she loved your pet, and I didn't get that. I thought the girl should let him know. There wasn't a whole lot about the Civil Battle other than both main characters trying to get a message to someone, but I enjoy the era and read and write it, and so i still enjoyed the story. Need to wonder if it is because the author has a series that she left slots, but even with a string, it was a little too much. You can have a cliffhanger and still tie up lose finishes. I didn't notice a cliffhanger ending in this though. It is not the worse Civil Battle book I've read, but neither could it be the best. All in all, that is a good story and something different. If you're a real history buff, this one might not be for you. If you love reading books set in the Civil War period, you should enjoy it if you enjoy historical romances. This does not deserve a one, and I is just not look a gift idea equine in the mouth. Just because an author is not the best you've ever read, doesn't mean an e book should get a one. I'm sure, this will be more careful of holes in the future and fill them in if the girl reads her reviews., After reading some of the reviews, I felt it important to voice my opinion. I have always loved that particular time period and reading books about it are stimulating to me. I like learning something at the same time new about the time period with the books, also, and because of this one I learned about the cave-dwelling that took place. I had no idea this would occur and felt empathy towards those who had to stay in them for their safety after their land had been seized.

The characters are interesting and even though other reviews explained that there were slots in the storyline regarding some, all of the situations she mentioned were came to the conclusion.

Excellent book... worth you a chance to read!, This is a love story within battle savaged Civil War areas. There are scenes in Vicksburg and right down to New Orleans which is quite a distance. Alexandra Bubbly and her brother live with their Grandfather on a plantation over the Mississippi River. It is 1863 so the war is severe in some areas. There are so many events in this book, it moves quickly from one thing to a new. I did get confused in a couple places and at one point I thought the war was over when, I believe, only a battle was over. Troops seemed to have moved away and released by the Union with papers to travel to the south but then in a couple chapters, the battle was still on. Jones was her rescuer in numerous parts of the book as Alexandra became involved in one thing or another assisting her Grandfather. The storyline is good and I felt engaged in the fight to stay alive. There were a couple things I would like to have seen resolved a little more plainly but overall the book is enjoyable. The Civil Battle was hard on countless numbers and it becomes even more apparent when you read this book., A good change from most of the historical romances that appear to be set in England. Takes place along the Mississippi River throughout the siege of Vicksburg. From supporting the students research the battle the information about the civilians in grotte throughout the siege is accurate. Several interesting twist help make for a very interesting story. Good portrayal and plot twist, Wonderful story. Very hard to put the book down. Lots of turn of events. This is a story of the personal family life swept up in the civil war. Fear surrounded them as family and friends loose contact with one another. Not knowing when or if they would return home., I loved this history, I suggest everyone to read this book. I think it was well written. Completely a lot of action
You go girl. A job well done. I anticipate reading more of your books. 1/23/17. Kattie., This maintains your interest from page one until the end. A person have it all history, romance and inspiration. Give it a try you is just not regret it. I couldn't put it down, There are several reasons for why I rate this so low. The characters themselves are a little blah. There was inconsistencies in the formatting (words with no areas, sentances in wrong places, etc). There was no clear definition in the time frame the entire book was supposed to include. And then there was a sex scene.
Definitely not an enjoyable read for me.

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