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We became a low-fat vegetarian several years back, which, depending on one's food choices, can be a diet quite high in fibers. I understand now I was eating excessive fiber, and eating it late at night as well.

Unsurprisingly (I understand this after reading this book), I developed a severe case of GERD and reflux laryngitis, often being without a voice for the at a time. My doc prescribed Prevacid for 2 a few months which helped, but this failed to address the core cause. When I ceased the meds, the laryngitis returned, and am was not able to talk for many several weeks.

Wanting to address the actual cause of my GERD & laryngitis (as compared with to just treating symptoms), I acquired this publication, thinking I had nothing to lose to try the diet for a few days. Within forty-eight hours of eating only low-FP (vegan in my case) foods, I had my voice back, and the GERD was almost immediately improved. That was 1-1/2 years ago, and though I don't limit personally now to only low FP foods, I do avoid high FP foods, and rarely if ever have a reoccurrence of GERD or voice problems.

I'll admit it's somewhat more challenging to do this as a vegan, but We believe it's a small price to pay not to have to take PPI's the relax of my life.

What helped me was to make a list from Appendix C of " safe (low-FP)" vegan foods, and also a list of foods I really could have occasionally. My go-to vegan low FP list (when We had severe GERD) incorporated almonds, avocados, beets, spargelkohl, butternut squash, brussels sprouts, celery, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, dates, watermelon, jasmine rice (with it's negative FP), hummus, pretzels, kale, mushrooms, pecans, snow peas, peaches, popcorn, pineapple, rice cakes/crackers, strawberries, tofu, seitan, boca burgers, walnuts, tomatoes and many more low-FP veggies and fruit. I never feel deprived by limiting the FP of my foods selections.

My maintenance diet includes many of the reasonable FP foods, and We keep my list of foods convenient in the kitchen. I use portion control and also jasmine rice with it's " negative FP" rating to countertop the effects of an occasional higher FP meal.

BTW, I'm 68 years old, being a less fat vegan has improved my energy level amazingly, and resolved an extended standing cardio problem... therefore i don't recommend eating the low-FP high fat animal protein foods that are listed... but in my case, if you're vegan or flexitarian, We highly recommend trying Robillard's Fast Tract diet, particularly when you're unable/unwilling to tolerate the effects of long lasting PPI use., This publication provided some missing parts of info for myself that along with listening to my figure helped myself find a diet treatment for GERD. My mommy and uncles have been on PPIs for years and my GERD was steadily getting worse as I was getting older. We didn't want to go on PPIs and We knew there had to be a diet treatment. I had figured out on my own that oats, bread and corn products were trigger foods. Yet even without those We was having symptoms. We tried Whole30 and my GERD got worse. We read about gut-healing diets like SCD and SPACES nevertheless they required very rigid elimination of a big number of foods. Those did a lot of good for a few very sick people nevertheless they weren't for myself. Thankfully I discovered the Quick Tract Diet book. It's all about limiting foods that ferment in the gut but you do not have to strictly eliminate any one food. And you avoid have to go very low carb because certain carbohydrates are OK. In the past month by implementing the basic principles of FTD my bloating and reflux have gotten much better, and I was thrilled that I can eat a fairly diverse diet. It might not exactly work for everyone, but it's worth a try! Just 10 bucks for the Kindle edition., I got been on PPI medication for over 10 years and tried from time to time to get off of these. But the acid reflux that came back was excruciating. I found this guide, followed its advice and was so pleasantly surprised how well it works. Haven't taken a PPI in per month. The book is straightforward to read and understand and the recipes are really good. The charts in the publication also allow it to be easy to keep track of what and exactly how much you can eat. I'd recommend this book to anyone who has GERD, takes medication for it and desires to get off of PPI's., I'm just at the beginning of the process, but it is apparently working. I do not eat anything house maid of flour, rice, potatoes, etc. for 3 times and I almost free of even light GERD issues. I had 3 terrible days before We started my diet.
So I'm happy with the final results. Thanks for the valuable information with this book.: ), I avoid write reviews often, because i don't speak the english language well enough. But it is necessary for this exceptional book!
Dr. Robillard made a huge job by proposing the new way to heal GERD.

He suggests that difficulties with digestion like heartburn are linked to bad bacterias that promoting a great deal of intestinal gas.
So the key for healing is a special diet that reduces bacterias.
Being a microbiologist Dr. Robillard knows very well how to manage this little creatures that poison our lives.

But the dietary plan is not low-carb which is very important to mention for those who practice sport for example. You will find a special measurement developped by Dr. Robillard that helps to determinate if the food is bacteria-safe or not.

This publication is very important for everybody who suffers from GERD. It is very informative and it can give you a tool to manage your overall health condition.

With regard to me the diet is not a quick solution unfortunately and i still struggle my GERD after a month roughly after the beginnig of this diet changing. But i have difficulties with gallbladder and biliary reflux - so it is more complicated condition wich doesn; t quit easy.

This book became my table-book and i beleive in effectiveness of this diet approach. So i go on with it, but with some alterations giving my health problems.

Also i recommend a site of Dr. Robillard [... ]where he blogposts very interesting articles and also a forum now. You can also make an paye with the writer to have a special opinion for your particular health problem.

I hope, my review will be helpfull.
Thank you for reading and health to all!, Noticed an enhancement in LPR symptoms within a day of starting this regimen. Was already on max dosage of pantoprazole and Gaviscon and still had symptoms, so this has been a life-changing discovery. Have been on it now for three weeks (still with meds) and am grateful to have this additional improvement. Am hoping to someday manage to eliminate the meds.

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