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Really interesting and engaging story if some what short. It has inspired me to start out reading Moby Dick as I have a better understanding of the whaling culture. I had started Moby Dick several times before and it never employed my interest, i feel finding it quite as enjoyable as reading Dickens. The observations on the human condition have remaining me much to think about. But I am not done with it so enough of that. back again to the book at hand, For the price as a kindle book of the day it was more than well worth it., If you are into historical reality this is a story very well told and in the doing accurately informative of life in such times.

I also truly enjoy the movie somewhat based on the book (as Hollywood is inclined to do), but as is inherently true the book is so very much better than the movie/, It is hard to read about what these poor men endured. Sad to know that there fear of the unknown caused them sail in the wrong direction leading to many more deaths., Not a brick of a book w slow or very detailed narration. In it can writing style & space between words it is a simple read, reminds me of books for old kids. The information deals however with a tragedy & scenes of severe hardship, ever the more when one remembers this was history.

The author shows to be very well researched on the life span & ways of wallers in the early XIX century, something I found interesting in it's own right, the Nantucket of the era, the unlucky fortune of the Essex & it's cast-away crew.

After reading the book We began to view the movie. I stopped after about 40 minutes. The movie is a parody of the historic events represented in the book. Not honoring the real life struggle of the people involved. Pivoting instead on how Thor, the action main character, is such a protagonist., A great detailed description of an Historical Event that chronicles life that designed the future generations of an important part of exactly where we've been and how we got to the point we are today. Remarkedly the Sperm Whale has made it through to this day; a tribute to the diverse and mighty life within our oceans... Having experienced interactions with whales in Nantucket, the Sea of Cortez and the adjoining Pacific Ocean causes this read especially unique in my experience. It makes me want to return to the Whaling Museum almost certainly with a different and enriched perspective and gratitude in our past that has led us to where we are today., A new true story that motivated the Herman Melville novel Moby Dick. Never realized that Nantuecket whaleboats ranged all the way into the Pacific and were away for years each time. An Interesting and well told story. Recommended reading, Congratulations. The story is compelling and well informed. It not only included the Essex but additionally other tragedies at sea that were similar or even worse. It left me with a need to consider those other stories... while firmly on dry ground., In the Heart of the Sea and its friend The Whale Ship Essex, for younger readers, are fine books about whaling, Nantucket, survival at sea, but more importantly a case study in leadership and outcomes. Depending on your stage in life and desire for maritime history this is a persuasive read from your well deemed author.

The reader is taken for a detailed ride through New England Whaling industry of early 1800's, then the notorious and devilish journey from which not every return. Typically the author takes you into what it takes to survive, why men did not, the leadership distinctions that increased the chance of survival, and the key decision that allowed a small group within the crew to all survive.

Philbrick then details some of the leadership lessons and failures of the Captain and First Mate in future voyages. The leadership lessons, industry history, and character development are all well done and thoroughly and enjoyably explored. Sufficient details of the voyage, the industry past, and present-day Nantucket are supplemented by a few choice pictures for you to come away with a reasonable understanding of the Nantucket whaling industry and the consequences of indecision.

If you have a overdue summer read left in a shore community this one should be on your list.

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