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Jane Hirshfield's  Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry , a series of deep but approachable, gentle but commanding essays on poetry, is my favorite publication on literature of them all. We am not a poet myself, but a life long admirer of poetry. Hirshfield illuminates the poet's mind and experience with the authority of your completed poet, but with a total lack of self-importance or contrivance. She brings that same wonderful depth of knowledge for this piece - a must for anyone who loves the haiku form - or wants to publish better tweets! Hirshfield never disappoints, and I can't recommend this short piece highly enough for anyone fascinated by one of the most intricate and deceptively simple poetic forms, the haiku., I have absolutely no background in poetry, or in arts of any kind. As a sporadic dabbler in all things cast in verse, We find this book arresting.

The gathering of verses in this book, for someone who otherwise does not have a knowledge of haiku, is both overwhelming & leaves you seeking more. Overwhelming as a result of opportunities & suppleness of the verse, the beauty of the visual imagery, & the perceptions that penetrate your senses. The symbolism is sometimes inscrutable. In kind of a zen like way, like the way you cannot clutch normal water from a stream. Typically the threads of acceptance - another zen like feature with this style, or perhaps, Basho's style - run deep.

In addition Hirshfield's textual content. I reckon the term "explains" is rather small for what she is able to do. Illuminates is more apt. The girl lights up a veritable mess of mystic mumblings & teaches us to see the whole the way we want to see it & experience it. She sets framework, but hardly analyzes. The girl records history, but seldom opines. She takes us all through a mollifying trip of the poet's life & points out how his circumstance changed affected his verse. She, like Basho, stays away from the dramatic & displays remarkable composure in sewing this story of remarkable beauty & pathos.

I would recommend this book very highly.

@souvikstweets, Breath-taking and profound! I've been reading Basho & other Haiku masters for years, but Hirshfield in this composition has created an lighting of Basho much as Basho's haiku poems illumine the occasions & places where they came to relax.
I came across the translations exceptional, but greatly appreciated the introduction of the Japanese. We was reading both the English translation & the Japanese original to myself aloud... and found that the former was increased by these... as I'm certain Hirshfield intended.
Most of what Hirshfield "accuses" Basho of doing, you also find in her work.
In contextualizing Basho in his place & times she uses analogies with online gaming areas such as Dungeons & Dragons & more recently the rise of Facebook. I think you will find this exploration delightful & memorable & difficult to neglect; hence helping you understand how haiku evolved from older forms of renga & tanka.
If Hirshfield & We were friends, I would have said: Hey, Jane, discover a way to add Cloud Computing to the analogy! In addition to I don't doubt that she would have!
I started out reading this book around 3am, planning to read a few pages & off to sleep... but Hirshfield were able to make a must read cliff-hanger away of Basho's life & development as one of the world's greatest poets.
Therefore proceed with fair alert. This is one you might find yourself reading in one sitting. But the insights & images will stay with you., This really is one of the most wonderful blood pressure measurements I have had in a long time. Is like coming into to the heart of thoughts and even more to the the center itself of the poet, and in him We find myself. It's unavoidable to don't conclusion caring deeply to Bashō and feel a calmness to enter a spirit so kind that talks to us all intimately.

I know that without the reading of this book I experienced read Bashō's words in a hasty way, tricked by the conciseness. Thanks quite definitely, Jane., A little book, it is just a window to the art, life, and essence of Bashō, a poet eternally tied to haiku form. It really is adoring without being maudlin, educational without being didactic, it is humorous and sad, with no longer than need be. True to the spirit of haiku, the graceful form central to this book and Bashō's life, Hirshfield's book is short, simple, but leaves me with thoughts to consider for a lifetime., This particular authoritative yet unpretentious and engaging introduction to haiku, especially the work of Basho, is a gem. This is written with caring care, and even if all you know about haiku is the fact that it's some form of Japanese poetry, you'll immediately find yourself engrossed. It has the brevity, clarity, and depth of--well, a haiku., This particular is a well-written, analytical essay on Bashu's haiku. As an author of haiku myself (I have some
in my poetry collection  Carry On Dancing   and some in Leap ) I'm always seeking to learn how the Great haiku artists treat the genre, and exactly what we can learn from haiku. This was a good instruction on Bashu's haiku for the contemporary viewer, nevertheless , I was expecting for more types of haiku within it, plus more variety. If you're looking for a number of pages of haiku from various writers, you'll be disappointed. However, it's a strong essay and We learned from it., A riveting biography of Basho and a brilliant exam of a history and character of haiku, this short book contains more than most books ten times longer. The translations of Basho's haiku and haibun are among the best. Entertaining and enlightening in equal calculate.

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