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Helpful and credible., Not much to state other than: go read this book!, My Health Upgraded, Bertalan Mesko's latest book, and I have read all his works, is brilliant. It brings you three things in a: 1) a didactic overview of digital health today and come 2) an affordable " how-to" guide for managing your own health self-tracking 3) responses to questions from real people. Without question daunts Bercy. While I see many digital health books and articles, they are generally repeats of exactly what is already out there. My Health Upgraded is absolutely really worth your time and efforts., In the age of Digital Health we are all searching for answers on how to accessibility and get the perfect treatment for ourselves and our family. Charting a course is Dr Bertalan Meskó a longstanding leader and innovator in health care who offers readers a peek into the future. Filled with details of the current state of healthcare technology and insights into technology that will revolutionize our approach to treating patients.
The items apply to a wide range of viewers - everyone form the parent of children, child of aging parents or even individuals thinking about their health and the struggle with staying fit and healthy in our transforming world. For those in the healthcare industry either as clinical providers or working in the support and technology areas this guide may help expand the boundaries of your pondering and open your eyes to the opportunities that exist today and that are rapidly entering our world changing the way we think about healthcare and medicine.

If a very important factor is certain - change is inevitable and with this guide you will consider ahead to it happening in healthcare faster and more exciting than ever before - this book will open your mind broaden your thinking and help guide you into the new age of Digital Well being, A very insightful and delightful book, I found it particularly useful as I work in the healthcare industry, but it could indeed be useful for everyone who is interested in understanding the considerable transformation that is happening in this field. The book illustrates numerous interesting cases that show how digital disruption is impacting the practice of medicine.
Hats off to the writer for a job very well done, I hope to see more works published soon., Only few have the gift penalized transformative á nd using it; Dr. Bertalan Mesko any of them. This guide bridges Hype, Hope & reality in a way that fits both the world of technology and medicine. Definitely a must read if you're on the intersection of technology & medicine., To me personally, eHealth or mHealth is something mysterious and nerdy, vague and massive data-ish. Very the oxymoron, but please let me explain. Because Berci Mesko MD asked me to review his book « My Health Upgraded », I recalled one of the sci-fi novels from « Twelve Tomorrows » 2016 (sci-fi written by MIT, USA): « Boxes », by Nick Harkaway. " Neural cells grown on mesh, kept alive in boxes, helping you get decades more function out there of your brain. Plus the hype. 'It was medieval to rely on regular, old, dying neurons! There was clearly always an upgrade holding out next year, a better bridge or Box, and brilliant applications you could get that tuned your creativeness and stimulated your blah blah and your neural blah… Real technology never worked like the hype, so they were always debating about the next model. ' »
As someone that did a lot of ballet dancing with harsh professors inhaling down my neck and always telling us to eat less (so We ended up with severe anorexia at the age of 16), the last thing I would want is an app spying on my fitness program and letting every person know about the data, my performance or the kind of audio I am listening to. But I am aware people need to transform their humdrum exercice routine into something more exciting and gratifying, and fitness applications or devices have the prospective to do exactly that. Sure thing, the Apple smartphone and watch are helpful: at the twelve-monthly conference of developers in California, they conveyed the message that a marathon professional was relying on that Apple watch. When it’s good enough for a professional, the non-professionals should be able to take benefit of it, right? Smartphone is good; smart-ass phone is despicable (would help remind me of some entracte profs). We are on the cusp of a digital revolution in medication, where it is said that there should be no conflicts between patients and doctors. But what are we talking about here? Are we talking about fitness, or health treatment? In the case of fitness, Berci might be right. Doctors don’t give a dime about fitness. If their patients are using applications or devices to exercice, good for them. Physicians will not perceive this digital approach of health being an intrusion. But let us discuss health care. That’s a whole other issue. Information is energy, and doctors are not willing to give upwards on that. Will they have to be pressured from power by popular protests? We desire a learning health care system, we don’t have it.

Are « our devices and applications (…) pushing people away? »— quoting Cynthia Lynn Breazeal, an Associate Professor of Media Arts and Savoir at the Massachusetts Start of Technology, where the lady is the director of the Personal Robots Group (formerly the Robotic Lifestyle Group) at the ÜBER Media Laboratory.

Be warned: this is an extremely dense guide, mentioning many devices and applications in fitness/prevention, dermatology (iDoc), cardiology (AliveCor ECG bracket on smartphone), health, ways to deal with mood shifts, enhance concentration, meditation, determine oxygen saturation, pulse, stress, or record an electrocardiogram (and send it to your GP in PDF FILE format), improve your attention by piloting a Puzzlebox orbit drone etc. My personal favorite part is when Berci shows the devices he could be using personally and what purposes. It is a whole new approach of medicine, and people will need time and energy to discover it, to try it out. Inside US TV show Huge Bang Theory, if Leonard had a twin brother who studied medicine and genomics, it would be Berci.

What I like best about the guide is that it provides a global perspective: medication as a continuum, with the digital « revolution » and its purposes being built-in in the whole thing, so in my opinion, « My Well being Upgraded » is providing a great hype filter. It is packed with scientific facts from yesterday, today and even tomorrow. « A automatic robot can clean 70% of bacteria from a hospital room in 10 minutes using ultraviolet light », « IBM’s Watson can analyze over 1, 000 data points per second per patient ».

« A society more interested in and demanding more from medical innovation is needed. » This book is unquestionably a great contributor to the cause and will finish up creating such a society. Having worked well with surgeons and researched genomics at MIT (MOOCs), I find the overall portrait of health treatment as depicted by Berci quite accurate. « The way technology will truly change medicine hasn’t even revealed itself yet. But change is rushing in soon. » Could not agree more. Until now, we had organ-based medication. How crucial is the ownership of medical data by patients in that scientific context? It is of little relevance. No patient is a trained body organ specialist, and « 1. 0 medicine » is built around this assumption. Now, here comes genomic « precision » medication (« 2. 0 medicine », including mHealth or eHealth), dependent on the knowledge of the human cell; not the human vital body organ. At MIT I noticed ways to digitize pretty much anything in biology. So if medicine is about the digitized cell as well as its genome, let me ask again: how crucial is the ownership of medical data by patients in such a scientific context? Essential. »Changing medicine is gonna be dangerous » (p. 63).
Geocentric and Heliocentric Systems, rings a bell? Shifting from the vital organ to the human cell could trigger conflict (doesn’t it already? ) Will the key change come from the truth that billions of people, who have never already been online, will finally be able to get an online connection? " Democratization of ideas hasn't yet took place. " Democratization of medication hasn't either.

And my favorite (p. 85): « Patients should sit in the driver’s seat, but the car should be automatic. By this, I am talking about that patients should control what happens to them. They should own their medical data. But what the patient goes through while acquiring care should depend none on human error or luck. It should be well-designed and automated by smart algorithms and similar techniques. Where is the physician’s devote this example? Sitting next to the patient. »

My only feel dissapointed about is that the part about sci-fi movies (Berci seems to have seen them all) is actually compacted. I would have liked to read what he considers « Her »: « The main character began to have feelings for the cognitive computer as well as its voice. No surprise, given that Scarlett Johanson was that voice. » But why this choice? In addition to, if you flip the situation round: perfection is boring. So maybe the key figure is the one who should have put an finish to the relationship, as opposed to « Her »? How many women will have a crush on IBM’s Watson? How many had a crush for Star Trek’s Mister Spock? (Quite a lot). But Mister Spock was half human, so having been not perfect. Berci, nevertheless , tells us that in 2015 he « had to stay away to drop for the lead automatic robot in Ex Machina. »

Revolution or Evolution? Exactly what revolution??

In traditional medication, there was little room (if any) for digital players. But in the era of genomic « precision » medicine, new players will appear: parents cracking the code to get a diagnosis for their son, doing some mouse building of the disease with CRISPR genome editing (trying to find a cure) and building a platform to cure a whole number of diseases, like Objective Massimo, or Salvatore Iaconesi, Italian brain cancer patient and computer programmer, establishing up new ways of brain storming, keeping upwards up to now, researching and interacting — website La Cura. Such new players (also present in type I and type II diabetes) will be the Linux (open access) of genomics, or medicine, while Californian biotech company Illumina is often more like the IBM of genomics or medicine. In « The Patient Will See You Now », Eric Topol MARYLAND was writing about the Tommy lee jones « case ». People might want to imitate proactive stars, fair enough, but who knows who will drive the « (r)evolution »? Might be you, dear reader…

Berci, May The Force Become With You.

Disclaimer: The program promises a free copy of the book by the author., Doctor Mesko has done it. His new book " My Well being Upgraded" is a must read. His paradigm to health is the one which anyone can and everyone should follow. A fantastic read, We am inspired by Doctor. Mesko, ability to connect and engage the readers
Dr. Joshua Kaplan
# 1 Bestselling Author, " The 5 Minute Motivator"

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