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I will be a certified psychotherapist, and am know several people (patients, family members, and friends) who will be struggling to package with arthritis, so I was very pleased to find this book that is packed with specific information and detailed plans for coping with arthritis.

Doctor Blum shares with her visitors that she herself is using this material with the girl patients, as well as for herself as well. The information and plans offered here are quite detailed and, and well worth reading. The data about how diet can affect arthritis was eye-opening, to say the the very least.

I would suggest this book to anyone dealing with arthritis. But in view of the caveats that Doctor Blum herself offers, We would lawyer the reader to present these materials to their physician before undertaking any self-directed action, in the interests of best practice for every single individual patient. For those able to avail themselves of the services of Doctor Blum’s program directly, We would think that to be the best course of action. I cannot in good conscience recommend medical treatment for anyone, as that is outside my area of expertise. But Dr. Blum surely provides food for thought and substance worth serious consideration.

Our thanks to author, publisher, and NetGalley for providing an advance copy to read and review., It seems like many of us conclusion program one form of arthritis or another by the time we are elderly. Instead of being one of those statistics, this book could help change those probabilities. Healing Arthritis: A 3-Step Process to Conquering Joint disease Naturally by Doctor Susan Blum, a leading expert in functional medicine, offers a much better approach to recovery arthritis permanently. Even more inspiring to me, she shares her own personal recovery story in this book along with her expertise.

I use osteoarthritis in an ankle joint i broke when I was in my earlier 20s. I didn't really feel the arthritis until the last couple of years due to a combination of stress and a tendon tear in the same ankle. I avoid want to take a lot of medication so I decided to read Dr. Blum's book to see if I could make a difference naturally.

Doctor Blum gives a lot details in an easy to read format. She first clarifies the many types of arthritis that one may contract. She also shares stories of real people who have those types of arthritis and exactly how this program helped their lives improve and helped them to heal. As with many health issues, she shares how this issue is best helped by healing the gut first. In my experience, this makes sense, as I can tell that I have had some digestive issues this past year or two after facing so much stress. I especially like how her 3-step program includes a holistic program. Dr. Blum tells us how we can help ourselves holistically by changing our diet, better handling our stress through various natural methods that she covers, and by moving more. I like that this program looks at the person's whole lifestyle to make changes. This program she offers patients and contains used herself also runs on the variety of supplements. We would add that she also sells those supplements but does not require that you purchase hers for the program. For me that is something I will have to budget into our household budget. Thankfully, I have a supportive spouse who wants to see me succeed.

I have not gone through the Healing Arthritis program in the book yet. Nevertheless, I assume that it will be helpful. I avoid, however, think it can be extremely easy. It will take time and discipline on my part to help make the program work. At the same time, I do believe my health is worth it. Dr. Blum shares in Healing Joint disease her own challenges in making the program work through some large tensions in her life and how she worked through those challenges to do it. The girl tenacity in working the girl own program, sharing reports from other patients who have done the program, and her complete outline of what to do, give me hope that I can also do this for myself and help me personally to feel much better in the long run. I would suggest anyone with arthritis read the book and give it a try too.

I received a copy of Healing Joint disease by Doctor Susan Blum from the publisher and NetGalley. I used to be not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book. I also pre-ordered a book from Amazon so I could have a hard copy for myself., I used to be disappointed in this book. It had been really geared more towards rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune issues. Diet and healthy residing emphasized, reduce stress. This specific is nothing new. I have heard a little about gut health, but it was interesting reading the investigation done and the correlation to arthritis. The average person, particularly the older, would not be able to spend the money for supplements advised., This is comprehensive and informative look at arthritis. It is a revolutionary new thought process about the condition and moves past the hype to discuss the everyday changes we can make to live much healthier, more active lives. This is a game changer for those who have been written off by the medical community and the ones who are looking for help.

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