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It had been only after I was in my 50's that I discovered I had formed ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), a variation of INCLUDE, Attention Deficit Disorder. Wow, I knew I had been always doing something, as well as in my head I could be considering three things at the same time, but I could not completely understand why I experienced to strive very hard to be organized or why it was really easy for me to multitask as a manager/administrator.

Finally, I actually married someone whose child have been treated for INCLUDE for 15 of the woman two decades, and in learning about ADD, and so i could be the stepfather, I actually read too many textbooks on the subject. I actually say I read " too many books" because I found myself starting to take a cynical strategy towards the author before I was halfway through their book. Most announced that " THEY GOT THE ANSWER" or " THEY GUARANTEED RESULTS, " as well as in some limited instances, I am certain they did have an answer, but I actually found, as I discovered more children and older people identified as having ADD and ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER, it cannot and, quite frankly, should not, be dealt with with a " biscuit cutter" approach. Otherwise you will have everyone overmedicated with Ritalin or Adderrall, when maybe neither is needed.

Then, I came across Dr. Daniel Amen's book HEALING ADD, the previous release (yellow cover), as well as in it, Dr. Amen has given you a detailed description of how he developed the SPECT immaging process in diagnosing ADD. This new release, which was published before this month, isn't just an updating of a few references, as I have seen when other textbooks come out with a revision. To begin with, like its predecessor it's a thick book 464 plus pages, and this latest addition (blue cover) does something the first didn't: it begins saying, and I paraphrase, " Listen, you have ADD or ADHD, and I know you're not going to be able to be sit down and read the event, so here's the primary factors, " which I found realistic. Secondly, more than the previous edition, this book didn't just jump-in and tell you to do this, and you, or your loved one, was cured. It stresses a thorough approach towards getting a handle on ones ADD by doing a complete assessment of your life and lifestyle. I actually found from this book benefited from several others he's written, most remarkably CHANGE YOUR BRAIN, MODIFY YOUR LIFE  Make Brain, Change Your Existence: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness   and his work with ADD at his treatment centers, especially in the advice he provides to those who work with, and are around, those who have ADD. In that advice, you can sense his compassion he has for his patients and others.

Perhaps the most notable addition to this modification is the identification of a 7th type of INCLUDE, " The Anxious INCLUDE, " a type where anxiety over tests, social interaction sometimes contributes to physical stress, headaches and belly issues. One of the most helpful regions of the previous edition was a self-test for ADD that the person and some one who knows them could take. In this revised release, the self-test is no longer included, also it appears a test is constantly being updated. As of 11-2015, I really could only find a short test here: http://addfull.amenclinics.com/. In the first edition of HEALING INCLUDE, a questionnaire could be found in the chapter beginning on page 67.   Healing ADD: The Breakthrough Program That Permits You to See and Heal the 6 Forms of ADD

HEALING INCLUDE is a book I actually have shared with many since I first bought it in 2004. In my own case, I found what it proposes to be a thoughtful and logical approach towards solving a complex and, quite often, health issue whose solution, more often than not, is very unique to the individual being diagnosed. It cannot completely treatment a person with a influx of a wand, but it can give one insights that other journals never even consider. In our own case, it helped us keep seeking until we found a doctor that didn't just throw Ritalin at the patient and say, help you in two weeks, may forget to pay the nurse before you leave. Within our case, stimulates were unable needed, as aren't in most types of INCLUDE.

Whether you are the sufferer with ADD or one who has to live with one, HEALING ADD by Dr. Daniel Amen will help you understand the condition and help you deal by it., I've possessed Dr. Amen's original version of "Healing ADD" since 2005 and contains been life changing. After seeing his PBS special and learning there was an update to the first "Healing ADD, " I had formed to have it - and I purchased it tonight at the bookstore. (I entered the bookstore with the intention to see the new additions and then order off of Amazon for the best price, but there were so many great new additions to the updated version, I actually went ahead and purchased it - and no, it wasn't an INCLUDE impulse buy! I thought it through, and decided I actually wanted to read it tonight and have it on-hand. )

I'm thirty-five and I've had INCLUDE (Inattentive, Type 2) all my life - and didn't realize it until I first read Dr. Amen's first edition of this book in 2005, at the age of 26. I immediately found the best psychiatrist I actually could find in my area (via a suggestion of Dr. Amen's clinic) and my life started to improve for the best very quickly. After a month of obtaining treatment, I actually was inside my first partnership (and I'm a good looking guy! I recently could never follow through, and my brain simply was not wired effectively to even fathom forging a partnership with a woman before I received treatment).

Here's the one thing though - for around my life instantly changed on taking a stimulant medication after my initial diagnosis, having INCLUDE is an on-going fight. I don't mean to make it sound like it's something terrible - as Dr. Amen points out, individuals with ADD have many advantages - we're creative, spontaneous and fun. I've often thought if I'd "trade" not having ADD with someone who's never experienced it, and I'm uncertain I would if I actually could - in some ways, having ADD lets you see the world differently than other non-ADD world sees it, and there are some fun aspects of having ADD. On the other hand, the drawbacks of having ADD make life impossible to manage, and dealing with it gives you the best of both sides. I've found my creativity hasn't gone away after treating my ADD, it's only become more constant.

Certainly one of the most important things I actually took from this updated version is essential diet is, and how vital it is to eat the right foods for my type. As Dr. Amen highlights, high protein diets are essential to certain types (but not all, and can be harmful to Type 3, Overfocused ADD). I had been particularly thankful for Dr . Amen's listed foods that boost dopamine, and listed foods that boost serotonin.

If I actually had only one sidestep with this book, it's Dr . Amen's recommended medications for Type 7, Restless ADD. In the very beginning of the book, he lists Strattera as a recommended medication just for this type; he also advises the medications desipramine and impipramine. However, in the chapter on Type seven, he doesn't list Strattera as a recommended medication, instead opting for Neurontin (plus a stimulant); and recommends desipramine and impipramine as he does in the beginning of the book; I found that a tad discordant in presentation.

I also wondered why Dr. Amen did not recommend Wellbutrin for Sort 7, Anxious ADD. In his book "Healing Anxiety and Depression, " Dr. Soit states that Wellbutrin "helps to activate the prefrontal cortex and calm the basal ganglia and heavy limbic areas. " While there is often too much activity in the basal ganglia with Anxious ADD, and Wellbutrin helps calm the basal ganglia, it seems in my opinion like Wellubrin would be a nice option for Anxious ADD. (Wellubrin addresses dopamine, also to a smaller extent, norepinephrine. )

Since norepinephrine appears to be such an important brain chemical - especially in regards to anxiety and INCLUDE, much more me wonder why pharmaceutical companies haven't made more NSRIs. The only NSRI currently available in the United States is Strattera - or the other options are the more mature TCAs. Of course, you can address norepinephrine via an SNRI (such as Effexor or Cymbalta), but Dr . Amen doesn't recommend those medications for Sort 7 in his book (which is practical in regards to Type 7, as my research indicates that a lot of SNRIs work on serotonin more than they tackle norepinephrine; addressing serotonin is helpful for Type 3, Overfocused ADD).

As you can see, I find Dr . Amen's work exciting - and it makes me ask questions. And if you couldn't tell, Also i suffer from Type seven ADD as well.: )

I believe Dr. Amen is by far the most knowledgable person in the world when it comes to INCLUDE - and possibly more important, he truly cares, and it shows in his writing. His first wife suffered with ADD, and some of his children were diagnosed with ADD as well. His voice is that of a medical doctor, a father and a friend.

I wish you all the best in your remedying of ADD - and I encourage everyone to own a copy of this book, and refer to this a guide whenever necessary on your journey with ADD., Give thanks to you, dr. Amen, for taking your time and " translating " such a complicated topic into very easy to read book... This is the best book a on INCLUDE that I read!!!!!!
For those of you, who are not certain if you need this book, watch YouTube video clip on hour long display (same name), that really summarizes this book, then choose if you would like to go into details.
Possibly, there is an advertising of his clinic, but dr. Soit offers " in level " explanation of the issue for THOSE, who would like to know. Don't miss that!.,,
Last, I do believe the name is right! Healing ADD, that's right, healing!!! Because it's not " one pill will fix it all", it is a very complex problem, that involves body, mind and spirit... By causing some major changes in life... Must read for those who is looking for answers. Greatest wishes to you all!!..., Excellent daughter with ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER. Before reading this book, I had a lot of skepticism with the condition and method of treatment. We will be honest, I actually felt as though it was a joke to help make the pharma companies money.
After seeing the brain scans and have Dr Amen describe the different types, I suddenly felt like I understood far more about her condition and was more comfortable with the diagnosis. My wife and I plan on either finding an Amen center or a similar one to have our child tested. We would love to get her off medication - but using the diagnosis, I'd be ok with the doctor prescribed as long as it fit her needs.
I wish I actually would have read this book a few years ago. If you have someone in your life by it (or might have it), see the book.

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