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I really love how in depth this book goes. You may find a whole lot of basic info when you google search, nevertheless , this book takes this to the next level and puts this all in one location. I am someone who lives with hypothyroidism in addition to needed a " ok, now what" as the doctor wish to just retain increasing my medications. This particular book gives straightforward, useful help for healing. I highly recommend this publication., This book brought more comfort into my life as compared to I could have dreamed. Dr. Rasa has collected information from symptoms in addition to causes to appropriate testing and diet and set it in to a clear, effortless to understand and follow format. She offers the place to begin the healing procedure and procedure for follow because healing progresses. I am grateful to Doctor Rasa and for this publication. Already recommending it to be able to friends!, Very informative, effortless to understand and properly written. Enlightening even for someone who has lived together with low thyroid for yrs. Many aha moments while reading this book. Adored it. Celeste, This book was so informative! I loved how Dr. Rasa is exploring the mind-gut connections. I learned that one regarding my asthma medications is usually probably causing my gluten intolerance that began last year - mystery resolved! Thank you, Dr. Rasa!, I really enjoyed the particular way the book was written. Easier to go through and to relate to be able to. There were lots of advice for sites to continue research and recipes. I love that this author received into oils as well. It can something I felt I could benefit from., Doctor. Rasa, I am therefore excited to have had the chance to read your publication. I’m blown away by your understanding of how a body’s “systems” (e. g., the thyroid and the particular gut) work - lower to a cellular stage. I’ve never known the doctor to go to be able to that level of diagnosis! I realize how frequently the particular doctors I’ve gone to be able to have been treating symptoms… not necessarily seeking the root cause regarding the trouble. I wish health care schools taught them to search further. But, I advise myself that the goal (the “health business”) would be to sell pills to allow us to live together with our chronic diseases in addition to make us dependent upon those pills for the particular rest of our lifestyles - not to make us healthy again (no profits in this! ).

I don’t know if the thyroid is 100% healthful, but I do knowledge a number of signs you listed. I understand that doesn’t necessarily mean my thyroid isn’t functioning properly, but because the function (and my gut’s function) is critical to be able to my health, I’d just like to know that this IS healthy. As the survivor of advanced in addition to aggressive cancer, I try to be as aggressive as possible - I need to avoid illness. Getting gone through chemo in addition to radiation, I learned that on some levels, the particular “cure” is worse as compared to the disease.

I realize several people who have got been diagnosed with thyroid gland problems, and they’re getting pills for years to come. Now I know it may not necessarily be necessary! It isn’t correcting the problem. I need to run out in addition to tell all my friends and family about the particular revelation I now have got because of you. (When your book arrives inside soft cover, I will be providing it as a present to many people. ) Say thanks to you!

I am hoping you’ll write a book containing a few of your healthy meals techniques for us – for those who are ill and for those who want to fuel their particular bodies with GOOD nutrition to help stay because healthy as possible. I am intrigued with your “bone soups” (I need to know more regarding them).
Say thanks to you for sharing your current invaluable work with all of us. God bless you in addition to keep you safe in addition to keep you well therefore you can continue to be able to educate us. It’s plainly God’s plan., still functioning on the protocol! Book was very useful., Too very much personal history and not enough information on what to be able to prepare meal wise. Generally pointing some other resources for more information.

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