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Wow wow, I LOVE this book. It so properly and eloquently answers the questions my lonely, longing soul begs to know. Humans need deep cable connections with each other, and this is a wonderful guide back again to our tribal human roots. I savor every word. When I end the book, I want to share my knowledge with others and hopefully even make a drastic life change. THANK YOU, Manitonquat., Wow! Packed full with practical insights inspiring us all to be the change we want to see, and shows us how! If everyone read this, our lives, our world, would shift for the better overnight!, Hope, and practical ways to improve what needs to be altered... urgently, gently. Our choosen "give it to all relatives and buddies gift" this year., Have You Lost Your Tribe? by Manitonquat (Medicine Story) is an e book that shows it's not only possible but also actually happening now around the globe in communities where thousands are now actively involved in creating the life of their dreams. It's about the people who have begun to leave a system to create free societies of men and women helping one another and living sustainably near the Earth, taking responsibility for making the best life for their children., Manitonquat thinks big. His book  Ending Violent Crime Cheaply and Permanently: A Vision Associated with A Society Free from Violence   doesn't just talk about incrementally handling a small portion of the population, no, it is closing violent crime, cheaply and permanently. This book is entitled Maybe you have Lost your Tribe? The Pleistocene, a time when humans lived in small tribes,   In Search of Ancient Ireland: The Roots of the Irish from Neolithic Times to the Coming of the British   notes this as one example among many- is still remembered as a sort of Golden Age, vaguely. Right now,   Journey to the Ancestral Self: The Native Lifeway Facts Residing in Harmony with our planet Mother (Bk. 1)   approaches this from the viewpoint of skills, of moving into the local way. That is useful, but not the focus of this author. Manitonquat will go straight to the primary, the heart of the matter, with very simple approaches, to moving into a healthy way in community. It's a short book, but nonetheless a powerful book, well worth getting, if you have an interest in this area. I myself would supplement what this individual says, with a publication such as  The Intenders Handbook; a Guideline to the Intention Procedure and the Conscious Local community , which addresses community circles in a slightly different way. Native American ideas about healthy community are slowly slipping into white man culture. The most powerful examples is Alcoholics Anonymous. Yes, AA is a healing circle, very much like a native circle, works in the same way. Native peoples were smart enough to have the circle first, and not go through the addiction, and then go to the circle. Well, traditionally in any case. Healthy community is the result of intent.   The Key towards the Secret: How to Express from the Heart   covers intent better than any other publication I've read to day, although  The Fact Creation Technique   is good, also, even if it doesn't have page numbers. A few of men and women on the Internet want to criticize this author. They will say he isn't Wampanoag! Well, one of his parents was, in fact , Wampanoag. He speaks at least some of the Wampanoag version of Algonkian. They have the theory of give-away, you bring in all the knowledge, awareness, whatever that you can, and then pass it freely to all who will receive. He lives his life that way. This particular book is part of that, and a precious chunk of wisdom it is. I sent a duplicate of all of Manitonquat's books to a friend, who has any in this stuff- that friend loved them also. Building Communities from the Inside Out: The Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community's Resources   is also useful, if you reside in white man culture, however that book needs the base of this publication. Everything comes from the heart. Some of his critics think he should give his stuff away for free. Well, okay, but we reside in this culture that costs money. Manitonquat is incredibly generous in any case. When Sitting Bull gone with Buffalo Bill's show, to England, having been utterly shocked to see weak children in the road, and he gave them money, all he had. This individual couldn't believe children could be deprived that way. Manitonquat thinks that way, this individual is always giving away- that is part of who he is, however, it is usually nice to be able to pay for groceries. I believe We have a copy of each and every book this guy published. There is certainly deep wisdom in his books, wisdom We sought for several years, and generally didn't find. I will be very glad he shares his knowledge. I put it to include in metropolis I work in. OK, my factor was small , but it was something. Something is better than nothing. With this author's critics- there usually are many- I would say, log off your duffs, and write something better. Consider everything that energy you put into negative stuff, and put it into supporting people. Critics bum to help others, as a rule. Zero, Manitonquat isn't perfect, but I'd trust him with my life, and We know that about few people., This guide presents unique concepts that are well-timed and thoughtful for our modern world. It addresses a new (but ancient) type of culture and sustainability that really works. This culture works together and supports all its members-exactly what we should need! An individual won't be disappointed!, Right now there is an old China proverb, that those who say it is impossible need to get out of the way of those already doing it. This person shows those who are already doing it. This book goes very well with Tony Burroughs' books, such as  The Intenders Handbook; a Guide to the Purpose Process and the Aware Community , and others including  The Law of Agreement: Discover the True Power of Purpose . Lynne Twist notes the 3 major limiting belief systems: scarcity, bigger is always better, and that's the way it is- in  Unleashing the Soul of Money: Find Sufficiency, Freedom, & Purpose Through Your Relationship with Money . Our entire monetary and political system is built on shortage. Remove scarcity, and everything shifts, overnight. This is a useful book, because once our current system falls apart, we will need to move into precisely the sort of supportive community described here., We aare not only in our thoughts. Mny others are trying to live what we frantically want: Making a safe atmosphere for all.
Find your tribe! Read this book!

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