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First thing I need to say about this book is it needs getting used to. Modern day horror fiction is so different compared to earlier horror fiction and I tend to forget that sometimes. Particularly if it has been a long time since We read any older horror. That being said, once I was used to the writing style I have to say that I really enjoyed this guide. It wasn’t an outrageous, gory and frightening horror story. I would explain it more as moon like, suspenseful and supernatural. We found the writing to be more of any writing style and therefore it was a little while until longer for things to happen, but I did not mind. I know a lot of men and women seemed to have in issue with that but I think it really makes it a beautifully written horror story rather than a scary horror tale. The characters and their dialogue were quirky and funny and by the end they had be quirky and creepy (mainly Eleanor) which I LOVED. Readers need to keep in mind that this book was written in 1959 when there was a very different type of writing and different ideas of horror. You don’t choose this book up with the intention of being scared out of your mind, because that won’t happen. But when the scary parts of the book do arise they are quite creepy and wonderful. I think one of the primary things the book does so perfectly is show the decline of Eleanor’s mental state and how she is influenced by the haunting. There is just something to haunting about it. Overall We just think it was beautifully written and We do have to differ with all those that resented the ending. I thought it was a perfect ending for the tale and the decline of Eleanor., Some books require suspension of disbelief in order to be liked. The Haunting of Slope House, being a horror thriller, requires no such thing, but it can require a suspension of reasoning. It's not that the events captured in the pages of Shirley Jackson's novel are unbelievable - they are, but it never set out to be considered a realistic novel anyway - it's that sometimes things just don't seem to be to make sense.

There is a darkness in Slope House, one that extends much beyond its cruel-faced act and its dark détroit, where doors are never left ajar and windows never stay open. The particular evil that resides within the mad mansion - for isn't a rational one - dates again to its construction and the family who existed there soon after it was done. Years later, every time a group of three young people are asked to stay at Slope House by a teacher, horrible things happen.

We really enjoyed The Haunting of Hill House, mostly because of the dark atmospheric feel to it, but additionally credited to the sheer wit contained in its pages. Shirley Jackson managed to mash-up moments of horror with instances of joy, then wrapped them around with a cloak of madness and threw them at me as if I had created ever been good at catching things. Sometimes normal conversations would be occurring and then someone would go off on a insane-sounding tangent, and other people would act as if it weren't occurring. Other times, normally nice characters would suddenly turn into evil bickerers and converse with such cruelty I had to read such passages twice to be sure I wasn't proceeding crazy.

I don't think everyone would enjoy the Haunting of Hill Home, not because some usually are intelligent enough to know it, because it would be way too illogical for them. Yet , I rather liked it, and We look forward to reading more of Ms. Jackson's novels., There's ghostly tendency... or will there be? Hill Home is the setting for four individuals to trade witty banter, with a irritable housekeeper to serve them. The arrival of another character late in the book, dreadful though the girl with, adds a little of life.
I imagine it's spooky in the own way, but We failed to be entranced to the 5/5 level., I think this is one of the best haunted house textbooks. Shirley Jackson weaves a good, slim tale with no extraneous matter creeping in to mar the atmosphere.
In reality, and it's why it only gets four superstars rather than five, it is a little too slim on detail. The house is haunted surely in a mentally predatory way, but why? There appears to be no rhyme or reason behind the haunting. We don't mind a little ambiguity but in this case her reticence is stretched a little too much. There is virtually no backstory to the house, absolutely nothing is ever said about what prior tenants experienced or anything. Even one of the scary parts in the book we don't get to see what drives them back into the house.
As a personality study in a psychologically and emotionally undeveloped lady though it is incredible. The story stays securely in Eleanor's head and despite a few detours at first stays firmly there. So everything we see is filtered through her skewed perception and stunted emotions. Will be the people really as she sees them to be and/or our perceptions of them being colored by hers?
A phrase of caution to the kindle version, however. In case you are reading the story for the first time then I indicate skipping the introduction as it gives away several key plot moments and the closing to boot. It is an interesting introduction but if you are new to the book then I suggest leaving it until the end.
Happy haunting!, This is a good ghost story with great descriptions of the surrounding landscapes and people making the reader feel like they are in the displays with the characters. This is a quick read and keeps the readers entertained throughout the tale. The ending is a little abrupt, and the main one area of the book We would have liked the author to add a little more detail too. General it is a good ghost tale the other fun to read in the Halloween season.

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