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We listened to the audio tracks version a few chapters in and though the book held my interest, the characters seemed off with the narrators voice. It wasn't anything nice. However, reading the guide the characters seemed more alive. I rated this read 3 stars because Mara ruined the read for me. Her figure was dysfunctional and impolite. I did not like her at all. Neil was way too good for her. She was crazy in every single way., As the daughter of spiritualists, Mara has spent the last four years distancing herself from her parents and firmly denying the existence of ghosts. But when she falls in love with and then purchases Blackwood House, does the purported haunted house make her change her mind. Creepy story with interesting characters. Mara is not just a particularly a great character, prickly and often insulting to her patient boyfriend, Neil, but her upbringing could account for some of it, as well as the atmosphere of the house. Enjoyable spooky story., I liked the property and haunting within. I would've liked to have the ghosts appear more often than they did with a little more background to them. But I would have liked much more background on the great-great-grandfather. The main character, Mara, was a little hard to swallow though. Her independence was overblown and her boyfriend Neil was extremely accepting and forgiving of her attitudes. Where can We find one of your pet???? I gave it four stars cause I didn't like Mara. For the haunted house book lovers, you'll enjoy it., 2 stars for the bookcover, scary looking also feels good to the touch. We found this story very predictable and repeating though easy to read. We didn't like the primary figure Mara. Mara was impolite, bitchy, paranoid, spoiled, self-entitled... just so annoying. Her bf Neil just an idiot. Perhaps had the characters been different We could have relate with the spookiness that has been intended to be in the book., Really wanted to like this one. Believed the pace was pathetically slow. To me, the first 8 chapters could've recently been eliminated. The author's effort to prove the MC was a sassy impartial type, got old fast. Predictable and disappointing closing. Sorry. I plan on reading another Darcy Coates book to give the author a fair move. Keeping fingers crossed., 1st, let me start by saying that Darcy Coates is a great author. Her writing is always sharp and refreshing, and at least two of her novels (The HAUNTING OF GILLESPIE HOUSE and DEAD LAKE) actually creeped me personally out, a very rare emotion for me regarding horror fiction (unless a message is Adam Nevill). And though THE PARTICULAR HAUNTING OF BLACKWOOD MANOR contains her usual clean, trademark writing style, BLACKWOOD MANOR eventually does not deliver on many levels for me.

First, I had a problem with the two main characters of Mara and Neil. With Mara, she was very annoying and unlikeable. Have you ever watched horror videos and screamed at the screen: "Hey! You fool! Stay away from that door! " Well, with Mara, I used to be constantly itching my head at her clear refusal to open her eyes and see the reality of her situation. Now, I am fully aware that the author meant to write the character of Mara like this, a stubborn women set in her ways, and sure, she does change by the story's end, but who wants to read a story where you don't like the smoothness? Not really me. And then there's Neil. A very, very sweet guy, but that's all he is. He or she is one dimensional. Once again, I understand why the author wrote him like this: as the stability, the calm, the skills for Mara when she truly needs your pet. But he is a cardboard cutout at best. In fact, the figure of Damien (near the ending of the story) has more depth in his short appearance then Neil throughout the complete novel.

Secondly, I became tired of the story about three-quarters of the way through and quite a few gave it upwards. The same haunted house stuff happens again and again: the same creaky, unseen tones, the same ghostly footsteps in the attic, the same empty rocking chair moving, the same snuggle-snuggle, kissy-kiss between Mara and Neil. Combine this with my dislike of the primary character and the author almost lost me. The storyplot, for me, became mundane and uninteresting. But then the ghost hunting couple comes, and saves the guide. By the final act, things finally crank up and lead to a (almost) satisfactory conclusion. You find out why the author wrote Mara and Neil like she performed, and the story's secret is wrapped program a nice pretty bow. But...

... that (almost) satisfactory conclusion. In short, it had WAY too many commonalities to THE HAUNTING OF GILLESPIE HOUSE conclusion for my taste. I won't get into detail about it here (for vender factor), but hopefully you will discover what I imply, with the primary protagonist battling the baddie.

In summary, though Darcy Coates provides another well-written piece, THE HAUNTING OF BLACKWOOD MANOR is far inferior to her previously works. It is a good supernatural, haunted house story, but not great one. And though for me personally it was a misstep for the author, We will without doubt continue supporting the author, anxiously waiting for her next story.

Take note: I reread the review I formerly posted and realized that I ought not to judge a book dependent on the dislike of the character (s). For me to dislike a character so much, well, that shows the author's true skill in breathing life into her characters. And the personslities of Mara and Neil did transform a lot by the publications end., This needs to be one of the scariest publications I have ever read. If it were a movie I really could handle the suspense. Don't read it late through the night in an old house if you are alone. Mara totally discounts ghosts and buying this home that was the place a serial murderer killed five children and hung himself. There is more violence and death in the history of the house but she won't pay attention, until it is almost in its final stages. Presented in such a way that it could be believable., We enjoyed reading in regards to a couple who actually love each other, even though there are no sex scenes. The descriptions allow me personally to feel part of the story; I could almost start to see the house because the writer is very good. We liked the characters & story. I don't usually obtain the creeps while reading in regards to a haunted house, but I did while reading this. I recommend it.

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