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I wish I could share in his passion the majority of reviewers have expressed for this book. The tale just didn't work for me for a variety of reasons, which I'll do my best to clarify without termes conseillés.

First, I think you need to note that this is far more of the 'undead' theme than a haunted house or ghost tale. I love ghost stories, but zombies and the undead don't interest me. Had the title and description better reflected the content, I wouldn't have read the book in any way.

I felt the pace was painfully slow. All of us walk around the house with Adrienne, open a cupboard, find a cup, boil water in the kettle, make tea, walk around some more. Inside other words, we spend a lot of time doing uninteresting things in a house that should have held all sorts of allure.

And that brings me to another issue. Adrienne had so little curiosity about the house she'd inherited that I found myself internally yelling for the girl to look around and discover what might be behind all those entry doors and inside those compartments she never opened. The girl claim in the fréquentation was that she didn't want to invade Edith's level of privacy. An absurd claim, to me, at least. Typically the woman - whom Adrienne hadn't even known existed - was dead and the house belonged to Adrienne now, yet she didn't seem at all enthusiastic about the contents. All of us were well beyond the 3/4 point before Adrienne even looked in Edith's room.

The entire story is told from Adrienne's viewpoint. We spend most of our time with her, in that house, alone with her cat, yet I never got much sense of Adrienne as a person. She was apparently a freelance writer, but I have no idea what types of articles she wrote or what subjects appealed to the girl. She sat around at night doing absolutely nothing, yet barely acknowledged all the old books Edith had left behind. I found her timid and uninteresting. Her character was missing depth. The only real character I found all all interesting or likable was Wolfgang, Adrienne's cat.

Little details also bothered me throughout. For instance, she experienced nothing but time on her hands, complained constantly that the windows were so grimy she could not see outside, yet she never once thought to wash them. She experienced an attic full of candles, yet complained about without having light and never considered bringing some of those candles down and dispersing them throughout the rooms. She also managed to transfer to a home with working electricity and operating water, while never placing utilities in her own name or showing any kind of resistant of ownership. This might work differently in Britain, but there is no way you could do that (legally) here in the ALL OF US.

The detail that most irritated me was your second floor hallway's lineup of portraits hanging on the wall. Adrienne hated those portraits, mentioning how they creeped her out every single time she gone upstairs, yet she do not do the simple, logical, intelligent thing a person would do in a home she now lived in and owned or operated, which would be to take those portraits off the wall.

A little beyond the halfway point, when things actually started to happen, it all became too silly and predictable. I did like the cat and the intriguing setting, but the rest never came collectively in a way I possibly could enjoy., I received a duplicate of this book in return for leaving an honest review.
One thing is certain, the description of this book doesn't undertake it rights. Its kinda like the kindergarten Cliffs Notes. Nevertheless it works because anything more would give to much away. I loved Adrienne aka Addy right away. She is super relatable to all of all of us kinda loner folks. The girl cat Wolfgang is extremely awesome and not only does he play a reasonably large role in this story but he also seems like the type of feline you would want to curl up with and read. This book experienced me going back and forth on trying to figure out if the recently departed Great Aunt Edith was the big bad of the guide or not. And after that of course trying to identify precisely what the big bad was exactly. Darcy retained me guessing and failed to let the picture be complete until she was ready. I had been close but I still got it wrong. I feel the key figures of the book are Addy and Wolfgang. Edith of course plays a pretty big role both in the beginning and towards the end. We get to learn about her quirks throughout the whole tale. Just don't be quick to judge. The subwoofer characters are of similar importance as the key characters. Rather than being filler, each and every one of those play important roles in completing the picture. One of my other favorite things about this book, and all of her books as an example, is that you can't discount some of the small details. They are all important. In addition to when the story lastly reaches the super weather end, it's all those little details that bring it all together. I absolutely adored the ending of this book. It was wrapped up nicely even though I could defiantly find out more about Ashburn House. So woo-hoo for no cliffhangers. Also, I love this cover pretty hard. This house is incredibly spot on for how I pictured Ashburn House in my brain., Part light read, part mystery, part ghost tale, Ashburn house was a great book for an all-day, lazy read on a rainy day. Pleased I didn't read it alone, at night when it was both creepy and, in parts, gory.

Adrienne is aged alone, with the exemption of a brave and loyal cat named Wolfgang, when she inherits a vintage house from a lady distantly related to himself. The home is rumored to be haunted and the townspeople have plenty to tell Adrienne about the mysterious and grisly past of the house. The majority of the book describes how Adrienne finds out about these details and lives through the strange happenings of the house. Initially mostly in defensive setting, Adrienne finally figures out to take the attack and save herself and the house from the evil that wants to claim it.

This book retained my interest and retained me turning pages all day long to determine what happened next. If you want horror fiction, this is a good guide for you.

P. S. Just so you know, no animals die in this book, which appears to be a common question I've seen on a few sites. Hope that's not feature of Coates' books...... I don't do dead animals. Dead people are a bummer but dead animals I simply don't do...., The majority of the book was interesting, although the key character's infatuation over whether she was liked or not by the town residents used thin after a while. Good build-up to what, exactly was actually going on, and why. But the key to resolving the attacks on the key character seemed merely a little too pat, especially since it was found just in the nick of time, in an unlikely location, and resolved everything just like a Disney movie. This almost seemed like Coates was bored with the guide and wanted to finish writing it ASAP.

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