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This guide really hit the spot to me. College romances are one of my favorite genres and it's been a little bit since I've read a good one. This guide had some angst. When you love enemies to lovers genre of textbooks, then this will be for you. There is a great deal to this story that gets revealed at a really good rate and I didn't lose interest whatsoever. There are so many interesting figures in this book besides the primary ones. I will tell you this. You can fall in love with Shay Coleman. He is the ultimate book boyfriend. Kennedy is a no BS kind of heroine and I found the girl completely refreshing. She's not one to pull punches or take crap from anyone. And these two together are crazy! < 3, 3. 5
Gah! This guide had such promise. The title, the blurb, the cover, the author but it just chop down short. I kept awaiting the connection to the story and or characters to happen but it merely requires never did.

The writing was confusing at times, mainly towards the beginning. The transition into dialogue and who was speaking and or the point of the thought/conversation were ambiguous. Everything I could neglect with a great story. The characters were heading through the motions, but to what? What was the point? There seemed to be lack of goal and the writing seemed stalled.

Was this a book about trust? A guide about moving forward? A new book about overcoming worry -physical or emotional? All of the above? Rather of the characters being developed things happened to them. Even the hate pretense was weak, the author were required to make clear it several times throughout the story.

Do people use you for who you are and or who you know? Are you treated differently when they find out who you are? Yes and yes but for me this premise alone wasn't sufficiently strong to carry a story. The love story would've been more powerful if we'd experienced more character development. That almost seemed like the storyline became like Groundhog Day time - wash, rinse, repeat.

Why such a harsh review for a 3-3. 5 rating? There's absolutely nothing that equates to the emotional disappointment when reading a book with such promise, by a much loved and talented author, an extremely anticipated book to only possess the story fall flat.

Tijan, even when it's not her best work, always provides an enjoyable read, Kennedy Clark was punished in high school over her brothers. Girls and guys used the girl, mistreated her, and tricked her to get near her brothers or to get back at them. She was deeply damage and built up tall walls to keep it from happening again. Any time she got to college, she had a plan; keep who her brothers were hidden, fly under the radar, study hard, and NO DRAMA. Shay Coleman, star quarterback, BMOC, blew that plan out of the water. Kennedy caught his attention their first day of class. She hated him or her initially. However, by not encouraging him, flirting with him or succumbing to his charm; by being defensive, even rude, she kept his interest. Class kept throwing them with each other until the inevitable took place. Kennedy might hate him or her, but her body likes him. The two attempt a hidden affair until a horrible event makes Shay lose control and go public. From that point on, the pair are an item, but there are still issues to be worked out and hazards to their happiness.

Kennedy was a lttle bit too prickly for me. I recognized her hurt, and the desire to be recognized for herself and never as an extension of the girl brothers. Wasn't she smart and gorgeous herself? Was not she worthy of men and women wanting to use others to get closer to her? We miss why she didn't have merits all on her own, why she needed to be so isolated. I don't believe she needed to be so harsh to everyone and she didn't need to deny her friends. College is not high school graduation. Her brothers are not the only real good looking guys around! And am hope that we females aren't all so desperate that we are constantly trying to damage one another to get a cute guy's attention. Back to Kennedy, she could have cut off the users whilst still being been nice to the public. They held talking about her gooey insides, all bark, no bite. I never found the inner sweetness. In addition to Shay was superficial. This individual existed more as a lovely, sexy image than someone with depth. No deep conversations until forced for this guy. Kennedy didn't trust people out of worry, Shay didn't see the need to get close enough to even need trust. The side characters were not much better. I performed love Linde, but the girls were only somewhat developed and Gage was a terrible brother/guy at times.

There were a few parts I cherished; Kennedy's humor when she let her guard down, when Shay called Kennedy - Clarke, the notecard scene, Shay's reaction at a healthcare facility, almost every connection with Linde, Kennedy's mother. Her mother was hysterically original! There were a few things I didn't like. Kennedy's temper and chaotic streak seemed overblown. A new two week concussion, then all better? Doubtful with what happened. Missy, friend, and cousin. Sabrina's ongoing feelings. And I didn't like the ending. Any time Shay couldn't be reached and didn't return telephone calls, I assumed he was with Sabrina. That felt like it was building into something that will need to be addressed. We felt uneasy with how the scene went. We need all concerns set to rest.

I performed love this particular book, but found it predictable. I performed have the usual times of angst that I feel with all Tijan textbooks, but was also a little disappointed. There was little originality. This one discussed many of the same charateristics of her other books. Tijan fans will love it and We did like it, but hoped for more., This particular was a good story, I did like the characters and the expansion.
College romances are hard for me as I get ify when the characters become to premature. I was a little conflicted here, I experienced quite a few questions like what’s with Competition? Why was he such a huge deal? And what actually happened and where did he go? Rofl yeah just a little confused, then with The whole Phoebe part. I didn’t get it, HOWEVER the story in itself had realistic times that I’m sure is handled in real life, that part was great. The chemistry build upward between Shay and Kennedy I loved. She’s a great character, she’s strong and independent. I cherished her. As for Shay, I loved hi. As well I just wish We saw a tad bit more in him or her. All in all it’s a good book. I just wasn’t all feely with it., Shortly after I done Tijan's other series, Fallen Crest (which is much beloved by me), We jumped right into the brand new world that she created and loved it. Kennedy has spunk and durability and determination to stick to her rules in university. But sometimes life can blindside you and make you break those guidelines. Kennedy discovers that busting her rules is a chance worth taking. I will always love my Fallen Crest family but I am glad I took this chance on this guide., I literally just started out this book. I'm on Chapter 4. It is not starting off well. The l, Kennedy?, is already annoying the hell out of me personally. Could this character be more of any whiner? Hmm. She's a legitimate bi$ch to her brother, too! The girl is sounding like a complete and total fool. I'll have to force myself to read this one which is actually distressing because I usually ADORE Tijan. Maybe when I am done I can up-date with a better review? Not holding my breath, though.

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