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I came across this book to be especially reliable in conquering short-handed games. Harrington will an extensive job at researching and covering all the weather of short-handed cash games. It is obviously better than his previous works on cash games because he covers the more commonly played games that you should play against most people in the online world. I really do credit his approach as it works in my own game. Harrington may seem like a tight, nitty player, but he is actually increasing lots of pots when players are down to short-handed, and is combating for lots of containers. This book optimizes that approach and teaches the reader how to deal with most of the given scenarios you will run into at the tables. One last thing We would like to talk about as that book is very similar to Harrington on Modern Tournaments because the outline is generally the same on which hands to play, although this book goes into more coverage of how you should handle specific situations., I'm not a online poker expert and i also was looking at introductory level text messages to advance in the game and find out how to think about hands and strategy. This book is just what I was looking for.

It assumes only that you know the principles of the game and starts teaching basic analytical skills (odds, gamble dimensions, pre flop ranges, etc. ). It then progressess to a more detailed break down of the sport and talks about board smoothness, range equity calculations, types of players, etc. This is all basic and probably present in all good introductory poker books but I found Harrington to be very able at making concepts clear and at teaching not merely the numbers but what they mean and getting at them, basically how to think and reason about poker, which is actually the success in the game's about.

The later components of the book deal with the online aspect: a good rundown of how to use HUDs and an in depth exploration of the sort of game and players in several stakes levels (micro, small , medium, high), which I found very useful. I also loved the section with practical problems and hand situations to assess based on play and HUD statistics.

We fully recommend this book for anyone who desires to improve online poker actively playing., I've read a amount of poker books since I started learning to play. None taught myself more than the Harrington books. The tournament strategy books are the best there are for learning the fundamentals of competition play. This book will for cash games what those do for competitions.

I've heard many online poker players say that, since the Harrington books are so widely read, the strategy is no extended effective. While that may or might not exactly be true, the concepts outlined in the books are fundamental to finding out how to play. Whilst the tournament books do emphasize the tight intense style, he does acknowledge other styles, and understanding the basics taught in the books makes it much easier to make adjustments in one's personal playing style.

It is also interesting to take note that, even though the tournament books emphasize playing tight, the cash game books emphasize playing loose. You need to understand the reasoning behind this, and the books perform a very good job of explaining it., I have read at least fifty books on Hold'Em, and this barely beats out  Professional No-Limit Keep 'em: Volume I   for it of number one. While the gap between one and two might be small, the gap between 2 and 3 is large. After two disappointing amounts on live cash online games, Harrington comes correct with the right way to improve your game, by practicing for small buy-ins online. He gives you the tools to evaluate your opponents' play and exploit them if they happen to be poor, or if they are strong, avoid being used yourself. Emphasis is on equity against different hands ranges depending on fail texture. The most essentially sound analysis anywhere, put out clearly. Once you conquer small stakes games online, you'll crush medium buy-ins live., This book is very informative, if you are new to online poker you NEED to read this book. If you are already playing online and haven't read this book do it because probably all the people you're playing with already did. It has some very basic info that you can skip if you've played before, but I like the ideas in setting your HUD and how to learn to read HUDS and use it when you're actively playing., This book should cost more... something around 0 because the data it provides you can convert an absolute beginner to a good player and a good player can become a very dangerous player at the 6-max tables.

When Harrington's book would cost more, less people would buy it and We could win even more money on online online poker: ) however it's merely a business, I understand that a well price good product sells more than an expensive good product.

Anyways... There is no magic formula are available in this book. You want to study this guide, not merely read it through and hold out for a miracle. Should you be patient and willing to invest time it's needed, this is the only book you will need to buy to become a sucsessful online player at the 6-max furniture!

Good luck to you all!

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