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Very first: This Dictionary does NOT REALLY work for the Open fire. And, claims so in one of the descriptions that you read before purchasing this Dictionary. I actually hope that that situation will be fixed, and fairly soon!

Second: On your other Kindles, delete the other default book (on the touch models, hold your finger over the title until it disappears), and then go to the Menu, change the device on/connect, download the German dictionary? HarperCollins German-English dictionary. Then, go to Menu, and select Options. At the bottom of the page it will permit you to go to another page where you should see the HarperCollins Book listed, and that will be your new arrears dictionary for your Kindle.

It didn't workout that easily when I first tried it, And I actually in the end determined that I actually would have to delete the "other" dictionary because the Kindle wouldn't let me reset my default book. After I deleted the other dictionary from my Kindle, it worked. I actually haven't gone back to try to reload the British language dictionary, so I actually don't know very well what other troubles might happen if I actually were to do that.

Third: It works. Which the good news. The bad news is that it turn up useful info some/most of the time, based on the word that you want.

It seems to have trouble identifying some compound nouns, and also some verbs whe they aren't in the infinitive. (which I believe it ought to be able to do. ) Also i think that the process of identifying the phrase to be translated, and bringing up a description can be quite slow.

Fourth: Is actually faster to look up words with this (imperfect) dictionary than it is to go to a book on the side. Still, I actually was very disappointed that so many words were unavailable.

I how to start yet if another version of another dictionary will work better, I actually suppose I'll have to keep the search. Inside the meanwhile, I'm happy to have this book because I hope that being able to find a definition while reading, as opposed to stopping, putting the Kindle besides, and by using a separate document dictionary, is will be less distracting than other ways to look up vocabulary., I have already been attempting to improve my German by reading. I actually acquired this therefore i more than likely have to lug around a dictionary with my kindle. It actually works surprisingly well considering that it is a GERMAN language dictionary. It cannot give you the proper translation if what you are looking at is part of a separtable verb. You can also get problems with some compound words. With regard to instance, the book I used to be reading had a passage with regards to a garden show and was talking about raised beds. The translator put two words together for that concept (Hochbeeten) and, of course, the book could not translate this word. For what it can do, it does great. For what it can't do, I blame the chinese language it is trying to translate., I've tried both this and the PONS one, with Kindle for Android. They both work, but this one seems to work just a little better. The PONS one has the issue that oftentimes the translation doesn't actually can be found in the little pop-up windows, so then you need to go to the full definition. This won't happen just as much with the Harper Collins dictionary. It also does a good job recognizing conjugated forms, and lists the most frequent terms you might find the word in., Bought this to read German text on the Kindle with rapid translation of words I did not understand. Simply put the cursor in front of the word and a pop up comes right away. After that for further studying of the word press the small arrow button and you get to see that word used in various different German terms and contexts. It is simply an awesome way to help your The german language comprehension! Worth every cent if you're trying to learn The german language., Bingo... I held off on downloading this because of its price, but it's worth every penny. Completely all but one noun (some kind of modern financial entity) I actually looked up in a newly released interview with Paul Volcker in Die Zeit. I place it in the Reference file and it linked itself to the German every week.
(Did not purchase the separate English to German volume. ) One more two-language Kindle dictionary I actually purchased for under 10 dollars did not have a large enough word list., Typically the kindle isn't flexible enough to use this as a dictionary and read a book (flipping between the two would be painful), and since this didn't work as a primary book it seems pretty useless. I'm returning it, since it is too expensive just to sit on my shelf. I'm not sure why it works for some and not others, I'm using the Kindle 3. 1 software so maybe that has something to do with it. I suppose this is a use at your own risk. I tried out it with two different german texts, one I actually copied to the kindle using Calibre, and the other was a sample text from amazon. It could not identify even simple words such as sowie. I repeatedly set and reset the dictionary as the primary dictionary.

I leave the original rating because it failed to work for the amazon book, but for the Calibre converted book, make sure the language in the mobi file's metadata is set to German, or else it will not use the right dictionary. You can do this in three ways, the commandline version of the program, switch calibre from english to german, or open the metadata file in a text editor and change the language tag to de.

Edit 2:
I raised the amount of superstars because of comments from the publisher. I may have the dictionary since it wasn't working for me, but I do appreciate the responsiveness of the publisher., I have not used this extensively, but so far it has been a good value. Anywhere around for the Kindle version as compared to or more for a new hard form, and it works very nicely with the Kindle. I'm trying to relearn German and a The german language language dictionary came with the Kindle free of charge (i. e. words and definitions all in German); ideally I would use that, but usually I prefer just to have the description in English.

Generally I actually do prefer a imprinted dictionary, but when reading on the Kindle it IS very nice in order to touch a word and get the definition (I have a Paperwhite). Makes it possible to read while commuting, which I sometimes do a few several hours per day.

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