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I enjoy a good menage plus especially an excellent RH, wherever all the love plus all the interest (romantic and sexual) is entirely on the h w/a good and interesting story line...
Nevertheless here while I valued the job that went into making this, I did not really enjoy the h who is one second complaining about deficiency of attention and compassion Poseidon displays towards her and then yet, turns around and displays a total lack of it towards a science tecnistions and his crew so 1 of which are begging regarding mercy, yet she provides none...
Merely like Poseidon w/her, today Poseidon is a massive monstrous D-bag of impressive proportions but our h acts a lot like him in the beginning of the story w/those humans, I could have felt regarding her is she'd been forced to go there against her will plus then when punished it had been about the woman mercy towards the people not the lack there of doing something she hadn't even been advised to do...
I didn't enjoy discovering her hurt, but I didn't see her being a victim either, she we hadn't even been told to look, she just assumed it, and did soo roughly...
Then when she starts to fulfill her men, sighs, truthfully while Jayson seemed good and of course very handsome, I just wasn't feeling it, it just about all felt shallow and vacant, especially she didn't actually feel anything for him or her just gratitude for their rare kindness and consideration and even worried about the repercussions, she simply thought "what the hell" m I may in no way get this chance again and had sex w/him...
And truthfully that's al, it felt like, just sex nothing more, no chemistry nothing and it bored me...
Same w/Damaris, he's hot and into it, "what the hell", lets chance it and have sex, again no real connection or chemistry, just may never get this chance soo why not, right after lots boring angsty internal monologue,... just more vacant shallow sex..
But w/out any actual build-up or connects or perhaps anything it's just sex and that is just boring plus empty... I don't proceed clean "romance", that won't feel right and I don't see the point but w/no building of the relationship or connections, w/out chemistry and at least some time to make it into something, again exactly what is the point?
Wether it's just a couple of ppl involved or 3 or 4 or 5 or more their should be more in order to it that just arbitrary sexual encounters as well as at the end that's all this felt like to me personally....
I wished at times when I skipped around looking regarding something good I'd sense some depth or connection, but no when I see her meeting w/Orion at the end when she tells him she actually is "found her purpose", will be certainly nothing... felt like simply too ppl getting together to discuss something no suggestions of affection or closeness or perhaps anything...
Or even like w/Petra the last scene is a sex picture, you'd miss if you blinked, where I do believe he loses his virginity, plus yet it barely endures to pages and right after he thanks her plus claims it was rather enjoyable...
Ok, I know Petra is rather different, kinda the magic based logical Sheldon esque type, it still appeared very boring and blah..
W/a joyful for now ending...
Give me correct romance, whether it is paranormal, historical, contemporary, time travel, w/monsters or minions, or Fae, light or dark, along with just two ppl or perhaps 10 but give me personally true connections and hormone balance and a story in order to balance out everything have have it make sense believable enough because of its genre...
Produce some reason w/my romance and offer me KU soo our only true disappointment is time wasted not funds..
Interesting thought, sadly for me that was all it was..., I chose this rating in spite of a number of grammatical errors that I encountered. I feel this book was fast paced and i also wish it had been longer but find of which the story was twisted up quite nicely at the conclusion; I hope to see more of Naiyah plus her "boys".
It was definitely a perspective that I haven't really encountered before possessing the story told coming from the view of the slave. I think this particular makes the reader sense, in this story, a little more attached in order to Naiyah when she actually is seeking to get out coming from under the chains set on her by Poseidon. The men she runs into did a marvelous career of helping her see her potential as something apart from a slave, plus they all have their particular special "niche" that satisfies a need for the woman and themselves. I aren't wait to determine what takes place next. Great job Mia Church!, Poseidon and their oldest son Kapaneus had been beyond redemption. Cruel plus thoughtless, selfish and strenuous. Naiyah was lovely. Her power and her wish to be greater than a servant were touching. I could not pick a favorite person. They were all described, but I would have liked additional time with each. It was slightly hurried with the insta-lust plus insta-love. Jayson the soft healer; Damaris the serios tattoo artist; Petra, the powerful, yet incredibly odd sorcerer; Calix, the superficial, entertainment coordinator to the demi-gods, and mighty Orion, the thoughtful, intelligent Warrior. The final character had been the ocean herself. I loved the personification from the ocean. Naiyah's relationship with her was beautiful.

This book was better than Harem of Chaos. It had been definitely entertaining, but I still think it was a lttle bit rushed. There was so much story here left unblemished. I hope that Mia Church continues to enhance and strengthen with each story., **DISCLAIMER: I had been given an advanced copy of this book regarding an honest review of the author's work. **

I like the thought of Harem of Mayhem. I loved Harem of the Seas. The prevailing theme of prideful, inappropriate, unfeeling gods and empress and the demigods plus " lower" beings of which serve them still set the tone of Harem from the Seas, but along with a new host of characters. Mia Church tells a compelling yet steamy (read smoking) story along with themes of social rights and basic decency. The reader is drug into Naiyah's struggle for identification and freedom. You sense her hatred at the woman circumstances, but you also recognize her loneliness despite her outward demeanor.

The care and concern of Jayson, Damaris, Petra, Calix, and Orion help Naiyah to know all gods and demigods aren't poor, and through the adore of a good guy or 5, a center can be mended.

I expect more great wprl coming from Mia and really aren't wait to see wherever her next Harem will certainly crop up., I really liked reading this book, I thought book one had been good but this 1 was better. Naiyah had been created by Poseidon, a siren from the sea. After getting punished for carrying out her job too nicely she is delivered to healer Jayson and thingall modify from there.

I adore watching her relationships create with all the guys, and I love how the guys personalities are so various and I have a real soft spot for Petra

Together with twists and turns, enjoyment, danger and romance I thought his was an awesome read and I can't wait to study more, I really like the premise of this collection. Greek mythology has constantly been some of my personal favorite mythology to explore, plus this is definitely a interesting consider on the legends.
Harem of Oceans is a much better novel compared to the first, Harem of Chaos, in my thoughts and opinions. The main character, Naiyah, has more of a personality, I feel just like, and the other figures, like Poseidon, Kapaneus, plus Naiyah's boys are definitely more nicely thought out and are just better characters in general.
I also really liked the plot! All in just about all it was a great add-on to the series and i also can't wait for the next release!, I actually enjoyed this book.: ) i like the key character and her connection along with the men ans nicely as her bond in order to the ocean. It got a lttle bit of everything plus i def recommend it.

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