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Faithful to form, DeLeo tells some well integrated stories about the adventures of his hard-assed, no-mercy, covert team. And there's a little cage fighting again in this book - much appreciated!

The first couple of chapters are page turners, followed by a sluggish one where you can catch your breath. There's plenty of action to follow.

Most of the team's missions feature a sexy, sadistic, and fatal female knife fighter. The girl joins they as their master interrogator (torturer), with no holds barred.

The missions are compelling and hard-hitting, including breaking upward an engagement ring of preadolescent-girl servant traders, conning a agglomeration, thwarting a school bombing, and dismantling a vicious crime syndicate (none done exactly gently! ). Yet they also include an endearing but funny story about setting a worthy guy straight. And the most exciting mission of all is saved for last and ties in nicely with one of the early ones.

In the second half of the book anticipation of an illegal cage fight builds. When it happens, Jesse (John) goes up against a Goliath (Demetrius) financed by a Mideast bunch. DeLeo's at his best in describing these battles, and I'm not even going to hint about whether history repeats itself in the David and Goliath encounter. Nor will I divulge an aftermath involving a prior opponent, The top O.

While the book is very well composed, DeLeo and Parker should definitely thin away their highly repetitious information of guffaws after people get ragged - these are particularly dense in the very first part of the publication and become tedious. Plus it wouldn't hurt to include a listing of characters with one-line descriptions. (Psst - and the objective circumstance of I is me. )

One thing I particularly enjoy about DeLeo's writing is which he doesn't abruptly jerk you back again and forth at the high points of different subplots as so many authors do. Rather, he works with them seamlessly so that you're never cut off in the middle of some action to be erratically popped back in it after visiting other subplots. Plus I like happy being.

All in all, the book is a great addition to this series. And, by the way, it's a stand-alone read should you have had the misfortune to miss the sooner ones - you can return to them later., The Hard Situation books have been enjoyable for me. The good guys are flawed but love their country. The bad guys are actually, really bad and get what they deserve. I have read some reviews of this series that compare it in type to Dexter. I agree up to point. However, in hard Situation books there is no moral angst. They are monsters. They see on their own as monsters. They take the fact that these are different and probably not acceptable to society if their true nature were known. But, these are comfortable with it and confident of the ability to destroy the enemies of the USA. There is not any ambiguity in monsters. They may be monsters. Plus I'm damn glad these particular monsters take our side!, I chose this rating due to entertainment and the non stop action. MY recommendation probably is just not mean much since physical violence doesn't bother me. Thus read with caution., This team is something collectively. Another adventures because it was several. Each web page is exciting. Ready for the next Hard Situation rumble., The " HardCase" series is the best read I've had in a long time. Mister. DeLeo combines gut wrenching action with humor in a way that no other author in my knowledge has ever before done. Do you like Robert Parker's " Spenser" series due to smart ass Spenser discussion? Then you'll love the " Hard Case" series. The characters are extremely beautifully shaped and you will undoubtedly become attached and proper care about them although they are monsters. Special kudos to the author for " Lynn". Just thinking about her and the girl loving husband gives me the chills. I hope Mister. DeLeo continues this series for as long as his imagination holds out. If you enjoy action, physical violence, humor, and a great story, start this series with book number one and you won't be let down., This is maybe the sixth book I have read by this creator and I enjoyed each one. They have all the excitement you could want and i also love his attitude in the direction of people that hate America and show off our justice system.
I hope there are more Hard Situation books in the future., Fast moving and easy flowing. If you haven't read the other textbooks in the series I recommend you read them in order. The crew has finally mellowed to the finely tuned professionals these are. This book runs easily, which speaks well for the authors. Fantastic read with greatly interlaced sub-plots. I'm waiting on a sequel that takes the fight to Europe and a Sea Wolf cruise up the Rhine. A UFC fight against a Russian mafia struck man fronting international money laundering and Samir's messages stirring up discontent among the European Muslims. The Russian's Interpol connection produces the action and interior deception. Just a plot idea from a fan., I threw in the towel after the 3 rd reference to the iphone as an " iThingy. " I mean, really?

What hardcase talks like that? Too distractingly pretty for me.

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