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This was definitely entertaining. Of course it was but there was so much going on in this. I used to be curious with the serial criminals and kind of wanted (instead of so many different stories/events taking place back to back) the plot had been centered read more about those serial criminals and building a complete story surrounding them especially with the FBI being included. With that being said this was a complete on in your face action packed read.

Clint and Lynn are characters are amazing and annoying but I might absolutely wish to read a novel of their own. How they met, how they fell in love, their background. A history about them could just be filled with gruesome bloody action wrapped in a love story. -sigh-, I actually have turn into a true fan of John Harding and this book just tones up my need for more. There were a lot of other smaller incidents that happened, all were good, but I would have liked to have more about the key history also. I had built up so much 'torture' in my imagination for the trio of monsters that I took my time reading this book in anticipation for the last meet up. I wish Mr. DeLeo had given more chapters to this event.
I was not sure how I would like the idea of a women do gooder but the creator sure did make Lynn a very interesting character. I look forward to reading more about Lynn, along with Clint and Tonto.
In other words, I really liked this book as well as Hard Case I and recommend it for anyone who wishes vigilante rights could be exactly like this., This book tracks Book 1 of Tough Case, about which I actually wrote:
"This book has everything: clentching fight scenes, rich character development, thrilling plots, good composition, and even ingesting romance. I'm going right on to DeLeo's next one, Hard Case #2. inch

Hard Case Book #2 almost lives up to its predecessor. The first chapter is a bit rocky as new characters with yet unexplained plots are introduced in a blizzard. However, that's all unraveled on pp. 46 ff. The new players and the associated plots make this book much different than a follow-on extension of Book 1, although that would have been made welcome. There is less "cage fighting" in favor of other types of deadly confrontation.

The new "bad guys" are too numerous, ergo hard to remember; and the attempt to place their loose ends in the final chapter is hectic.

Hard Case Book #2 is a stand-alone read, but you'll enjoy it far more if you first read Hard Situation, Book 1. In particular, all the previous characters return. And another hopes both they and the new ones will be back soon for an e book 3. A Book 3 seems highly likely as a brand new mission is introduced but not yet undertaken., A fairly cruel book (in content) intertwined with trying to be funny with the dialogue and byplay between characters. An excellent history and an interesting plot/timeline, as the author has its own small plots within the one history, each being brought to a conclusion within a few pages or a chapter. It is clear that Mr DeLeo firmly believes in torture of terrorists and the conclusion justifies the means. Some viewers will not agree with this.
It could have been 5 stars other than the funny dialogue (the Dark Lord interplay) gets done way too often and carries through a whole lot worse in the third guide in the series.
Great characters and based on reading the first book, I acquired the next two in the series and can try the 4th., From time to time I actually had to take a break while reading this one. There is no playing around in this history. Intense does not identify it. Exactly what a story., I actually have to say that there are few books which have so much deviation and different plots and still kept to the rightful conclusion., This is my first book by this author and I actually really enjoyed it, there is plenty of action and interesting characters. I really hope there is a guide three already out, I actually don't want to wait. I like the way these characters feel about the injustice in our justice system, political correctness is not part of their thinking.
If you like action packed books you aren't go wrong with this., A good read at times quite fast if i have a dessert is that the name changes or nicknames work white misleading of time and as much i wasn't sure where i was with who they were talking about. it was enjoyable and i will read your say again. it was certainly quite ruthless and entertainment give thanks to you

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