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Becoming a middle aged woman, acquiring two horses within the last six months time and having been away from horses since the age of 20, I related so much to this creator. I did not have a happy horse as a teen and made so many mistakes with my first horse. I actually want to be a much better human to my horses and yet I reveal so many of the same fears the author did when the girl started out. (As well as more than a few sideways glances from family and friends when I told them I bought two horses. Clearly I was a bit touched! ). Her story felt very comfortable and gave me a certain optimistic outlook that perhaps this middle old woman could have happy horses and a good relationship with my horses - even though I actually am a novice. I will read this book over and over when I need reassurance that mine and the horses hard work through patience, baby steps, uniformity and understanding will reward all of us with mutually beneficial and happy relationships., I've never written a book review before, probably because I've never felt this strongly about a book before. Like others who may have written here before me, I too have read many books on horses -- how to work, train, trip and understand them. With few exceptions, most were not standouts. This publication (for me) is a standout.

The chapters are short and read like a conversation between friends. Ms. Kindersley mentions/quotes people I've come to enjoy but not always understood (Ray Hunt, Tom and Bill Dorrance, Buck Brannaman) and put their words in context for me in a way that helped me understand -- at least pointed me in the right way. That alone was really worth the cost of the book X 10. She also describes a fellow by the name of Warwick Schiller. Prior to the book, I got never heard of Schiller. I found him on the internet and as luck would have it, having been offering a center in Missouri, simply a 100 miles or so from where I live. Viewing him work with horses and their riders was the best 2 days I've spent in a long time. Needless to say, I'm hooked. Things about myself and horses became clear to me in a way that I had not experienced before. Her book and the Schiller Clinic were gifts that came out there of nowhere.

Tania Kindersley's book isn't for everyone but it sure spoke to me. Her words seem to be chosen with great care and while I haven't found many books that are worth reading twice, I actually can guarantee you i will be reading this one again.., It is an easy read and really makes you think about how exactly you interact with your horse and what makes them happy. I am enjoying reading this book., I absolutely enjoyed this book. This was just a little slow at times and repetitive but gives you a great deal of great information and sources, I'm also coming back to horses after years and could easily relate to the journey the creator has made., I have already been on a similar quest to the author's. My one advantage was several years of horsemanship training with a wonderful teacher before I got my first horse. She remains my teacher and mentor great my horses play an equal role in teaching me things I never thought of- about them, about me, about life. Is actually all been an amazing journey and am look forward to each new second of it, wish this was available as a book, since many my buddies do not use kindles. great book and very helpful, This book will invite you to visit places in your heart and mind that you might not exactly previously have associated with 'horsing'. This is not a 'how to do' book. As an alternative, it is a relaxing, illuminating and delightful exposition on 'being' -- specifically, on being the type of human being every horse should have., This guide speaks to my soul; the way in which I feel about my horses, my dogs, etc. We try so hard to make our animals happy by buying them the perfect things, when in reality, they don't value things. With regard to anyone who is looking for " the next new thing" be it a training technique or bridle, etc.. Read this and ensure YOU are the human your horse warrants. That's the most crucial step.

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