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Mr. Jelbert has introduced me personally to a multi-dimensional being called the Happiness Animal. Like anything else we are responsible for, our Happiness Pet needs exercise, food, and love. Honesty, Kindness, Tolerance, Awareness, and Courage are individual muscles of the Happiness Animal that have to have a training workout schedule. Becoming an extreme introvert and thinking I am a happy person in my solitude, I was made aware of the need for us Humans to have meaningful relationships with one another, long-lasting deep connections that require nurturing. Social interaction happens to be difficult for me, but the way the creator explains the correlations between happiness and social connection has opened my eyes to the value of having lasting relationships in my life. However, it should take effort on my part to spread out upward and trust others.
The book makes me understand I can feel alive and enjoy my time in the present by working the 5 muscles of the Pleasure Animal regularly. Neither money, luxurious things, fame, or appearances will do the job because happiness comes from the soul. There are multiple exercises presented, and We recommend you do them to get the most from this book. It is a reference manual you may want to use when feeling a little lost, as we all do from time to time. You might discover something totally new about yourself, as I did. You might uncover your Essence, the heartbeat of your spirit. You might meet your higher self., When We started reading the first page of “The Pleasure Animal: A Fantastic Backed by Five Muscles of Happiness”, I was mildly confused by the serious tone. The title indicated a more whimsical read. This book is a complete experience, chock packed with in-depth research in the pursuit of happiness. Will Jelbert stocks his painstaking journey as he studies philosophers, journeys the world, and lookups within himself for his truth of “What is happiness? ” Interestingly, after reading the introduction, I had been convinced to continue reading. Will Jelbert was well guided on paper this book by some his role models of philosophy and thought: Seneca, Einstein, Haidt, and Daniel Gilbert. The Pleasure Animal is a guide to pleasure with many anecdotes and exercises to aid the reader independently happiness way. Impressive research. Impressive writing…especially in a time of excessive self-help book areas., Every human being is born with a Pleasure Animal. It truly is our obligation to make it strong, by exercising these 5 muscles - honesty, kindness, tolerance, awareness, and courage. Such an enlightening book. I truly love the useful examples and exercises between chapters. Everything like interpersonal media like Facebook and celebrity culture sends out there misinformation, that everyone out there there is having this wonderfully happy life that you don’t get to experience. Make you commence to associate happiness with exterior things like fame, money, etc. HOWEVER, what you think will make you cheerful, often is different from what actually makes you happy. This type of truthful assertion. We are all browsing for happiness in an incorrect places. Thinking that substance things will finally bring happiness is a fantasy. Happiness in internal, you cannot create it with external “furniture”. Once you accept that statement. That is the first phase towards change.

The creator has many wonderful quotes that really pulls everything together. I really adored this one “greatness is not present in possessions, power, position or prestige. It is uncovered in goodness, humbleness, service and character. ” I really enjoyed this book and took my time reading it. I possess so many sections that I highlight and will like to come back to re-read. The author explained he published the book as a reference guide for themself. It really is a reference guide that you will come back to as you strengthen your happiness animal. Definitely a Keeper!, Everyone I know has a different definition of happiness. Happiness is one thing that most of us seek in life. We didn’t read this because Im unhappy, but more so because I wanted reassurance that what I was doing would make me happy. I enjoyed reading The Happiness Animal. In the book, I uncovered options to ‘unhappy days’ and exercises at the conclusion of each chapter to assist reach my desired happiness level.
I enjoy that this book focuses on honesty. In reading, I found that I haven’t been honest with myself. I was able to use things from this book to ensure self-honesty and honesty with others. The book also focuses on kindness, tolerance, awareness, and courage. Adopting the guidelines and exercises available will lead to a happier life if done effectively and wholeheartedly.
All in all, I found this book to be extremely helpful. That wasn’t difficult to read. Readers can relate to the material because the creator has had similar life experience and is sharing them in a common way. I highly recommend this book.

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