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Life is super busy right now and I'd wish to create a little blurb on each individual novella but I'm running from location to place. If I get a chance I'll return and add more.

I love this new Happily Ever After Series that has been extra to the Timeless Love line. What a great group of authors to get started on it off with. I am a lover of fairy tales and these 6 novella retellings did not disappoint at all. I absolutely loved Black Fern, a Attractiveness and the Beast retelling and Scarlet, a Small Red Riding Hood retelling. Now those are just two of the six clearly but were my two favorites. Every one of them were very cleverly written and construed. I never would have thought to add some of the twists that the authors did. Properly done!

Scarlet... oh heavens. It started off dark and mysterious and kept heading. I wanted to instantly reread it as soon as I finished. Plenty of chemistry and glumness wolves in this one.

Black Fern... a dukun twist on Beauty and the Beast that worked well perfectly!

Mail-Order Princess... I can't remember the name of the fairytale it is retelling but it is the one that I've really enjoyed through the years. The sister whose brothers are cursed and flipped into swans and she must be silent while breaking the curse. This was a fun distort placed in America and a sweet love story too!

The Miller's Daughter... I have always loved Rumpelstiltskin and let me say this one didn't disappoint. Who would have thought to twist it and make the characters work as they did for this retelling? I liked it... a lot! Rumpel was probably my favorite figure! With a very plucky Isa!

The pebbled Way... Hansel and Gretel. Oh yea I liked it. Jenni James' version puts these two characters not as siblings but as love interests and Sarah Eden did exactly the same thing. The witch was intensive but still not outsmarted by Hansel and Gretel.

So Unusual a Power... A Snowfall Queen retelling. I've actually only read one maybe two retellings of this fairytale. It's not my favorite fairytale, generally speaking. Yet I will say that I liked this take on it. Cold and Frozen but true love can thaw anything!!!

Definitely one I enjoyed a lot and highly recommend for fairytale lovers.

Content: Clean throughout the whole collection. Scarlet was a little more intensive than the others and had a little bit more kissing, maybe a spicy clean rating for that one. Some paranormal and some magic throughout the series.

I received a backup from the publisher. Almost all thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.

Happy Reading!!!, Mail-Order Princess by Jessica Day George
Elise has left behind her home, her country, and her wicked stepmother to become a mail-order bride to a count-turned-farmer in the Oughout. S. She takes her seven brothers--who have been turned into swans by their stepmother--with her and is also determined to find a way to turn them back into men. Typically the man she marries passes away before she gets a possiblity to really become familiar with him, and she spends the next year preparing to break the spell on her brothers, aided by her departed husband's farm hand, Daniel, who seems to understand what she's up to even though she cannot speak of it.

If only the romance had been a little more developed but the fairy tale was fun to read.

The Miller's Daughter by Julie Wright
Isa first meets Thomas Rumple as he's fixing up her grandmother's door, and she's touched by his attention to a old woman. Whilst she'd like to be able to discover read more about him or her, she has to concentrate on the more practical concerns showing how to pay the king's tax collectors. When her father, who has spent all their money at the tavern, irritates the king, he tries to cover his mistake by telling him his child can spin straw into gold. Isa soon discovers herself locked up in the king's tower with the impossible task of spinning straw into precious metal or losing her life. As she tries to face her impending loss of life, Thomas comes to her support.

This was a super cool twist on Rumplestiltskin. Jones was a sweetheart; I loved seeing how he came to Isa's support. And Isa was a spitfire; I loved her strength and her fermetures. This story hooked me personally straight away.

The Pebbled Way by Sarah M. Eden
When Gretel's father is trapped by an enchantress, Gretel agrees to serve the witch if she will let her father go. Typically the witch agrees and Gretel begins a lifetime of servitude. The girl is determined to find a way to break the spell that binds her to the enchantress' service, and her resolve becomes even stronger when she fulfills Hansel, a young carpenter she encounters in the woods. As her emotions for Hansel grow, so does her worry that he will try to follow her and wind up ensnared by the enchantress as well.

This specific is obviously the best Hansel and Gretel fairy tale I have ever read; the initial tale hasn't ever appealed to me that much, but that one was really interesting and interesting. I enjoyed seeing how Gretel and Hansel worked together to defeat the enchantress.

Dark-colored Fern by Julie Daines
With more effective sisters and an suffering father to aid, Ró s is desperate to find work, desperate enough that she goes to Black Fern Manor to face whomever might be there to be able to petition for a career. While the master at first declines, she is able to persuade him or her to employ her. The girl soon finds out that he is deeply scarred and blind and used to being in the dark, but she's decided on bring light to his home. As she works for him, she comes to know him and look after him, but when she discovers that her family is ill, he emits her from her promise to stay until the harvest moon and she leaves to help them, even though it pains her to go.

This was another fantastic retelling. Typically the Irish elements of the tale were really interesting. Ró s was awesome; I loved how she wasn't the type to cower but would speak upward and say what needed to be said.

Scarlet by Heather B. Moore
Scarlet prevents August, the local stonecutter, as much as she can, but one summer season night, the night time of a full moon, she comes across August as she sets out to the local apothecary's home to get a cure for a woman near death after giving birth. August, who was charged by his father before his loss of life to keep their village safe from the wolves nearby, knows that the wolves will be especially anxious for blood this night, and vows to keep Scarlet safe. His father warned him that the wolves would attack anything August loved, so he's never allowed himself to love anyone, but as he accompanies Scarlet on her errand--and fights the wolves with her--he finds that he cannot keep his heart hidden any longer.

This is a great Little Red Riding Engine retelling. August is pretty dang hot, and Scarlet is fiesty and strong. Seeing them come together, at their relationship and to protect their village, made for a great story.

Therefore Rare a Power by Annette Lyon
Although her family would certainly object with her emotions for someone below her station, Stella has dropped in love with her neighbors' servant, Patrick, and she loves the instances when they work together on their rose garden. Some day, however, Patrick is kidnapped by the Snow California king who wants his energy, and Stella must arranged out to save him or her before it's in its final stages.

Typically the Snow Queen was totally creepy! This is a not a fairy tale I'm very knowledgeable about so it was fun to read this retelling. I wish there was been able to see more interaction between Stella and Patrick, but it would still be a sweet tale.

I really like this anthologies, and this one didn't disappoint. These are engaging stories, with likable characters, interesting plots, and sweet relationships. I love fairy tales, so this was extra fun to read.

I received a no cost copy. Almost all opinions are my own.

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