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Nadine, a " recovering" chiropractor can write. She creates from finding a pleasure she has a passion to share. She writes with humor and honesty. I actually enjoyed this book for the stories, the style of the writer, and the courage with this couple. And I love that the girl did this being an impartial author! I just purchased the rest of the girl books. Well done Nadine!, Now i'm thinking of living part time in Costa Sana so bought this book. The author is amusing and she gives the straight story: The good, the bad and the beautiful. I'm going to look for further books by Nadine Hays Pasina. I actually want to know if they got their house built and exactly how their life progressed after their first 12 months in Costa Rica., While in Costa Rica earlier this week scouting places to pay my winters in pension eight years down the road a pal of mine messaged me on Facebook about Nadine's book. Well, since my wife and I had down time and night and she had a book to see I decided to download Happier Than a Billionaire.... My wife wasn't too happy at first because as I was reading We would start having a laugh which caused her to put her book down and ask me the thing that was so funny. I would then re-read her the section I had just read and would get her laughing. She'd then go back to the girl book and after a few times of preventing and starting she lastly put her book down and took out a Sudoku puzzle book as I went from silently reading to reading the book aloud. For someone who has been researching a move as a " snowbird" for the winter seasons the past few years Nadine's book gives a real life account of the joys and worries of adapting to life in a new country. Nadine and her hubby, Rob, left their careers and all the fast paced life of the United States behind in their 30's and moved to Costa Rica. Exactly what follows is an adventure worthwhile of a movie follow up to Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carrel. Nadine shares the practical aspects of surviving in a foreign country and shares some of the many aspects that are required in the transition. I actually would recommend to anyone who has thoughts of doing the same. Along with your other serious information here is a great companion piece to help keep things in viewpoint., I have never chuckled so hard when reading a book! Nadine has a feeling of humor like I actually do! I could see personally in her shoes while reading this book. I actually am so glad I actually have been at home while reading her textbooks because I would have never been able to ready this book while in public because of my out bursts of laughter! I actually am currently reading the girl 2nd book right now and I am seeking hard not read it so fast because I actually don't want it to end..... Thank you Nadine for making me chuckle, I will definately recommend it for all my friends. Merely so you know, I actually found this book by seeing her Facebook pictures & posts on a friend Facebook page.
We recently vacationed in Lahina (Maui), The hawaiian islands and would want to retire in a few years to an island or at least a year around warm climate, we are sick and tired of the midwest weather, yet , I am not brave enough to move to another country that speaks a different terminology! I admire your strength and humor! I desire you are planning on writing another book soon!, Read all three textbooks with the author's favorite drink, Orange Fanta, in hand, and chapstick on your lips so your lips don't suffer too much from chronic HTAB perma-grin. Nadine's one-liners and funny " think out loud" blurbs will have you grinning from ear to ear, oftentimes reeling over in side stitches. I have read and shared all three of her textbooks, and cannot stand to even miss a single passage for fear of missing out on a clever, quick-witted side note. I almost overlooked a mere two pages of her third book (because I'm not travelling to that part of Costa Rica this winter), but decided smartly to see them, anyway. There became 3 laugh out loud times I would have or else missed. Read these textbooks, each sentence, even if you AVOID currently ever plan to travel to or move to Costa Rica or your own dream destination. Nadine's so honest and sincere and non-sarcastic. Her humor is not going to rub you the wrong way with sarcasm, as is often the case with comedy, because the girl humor is gentle and on the verge of unsuspecting... not sarcastic in character. Nadine is like that cute kid you adored sometime ago who, innocently, always had reason to make you to take another glance at... to make certain the funny thing the girl actually just said the girl said, and she said it with a straight face. That said, I am visiting Costa Rica this winter, and will be all the more appreciative of whatever I will experience after having read these textbooks. Nadine and her hubby, whom you learn to imagine is funny in a macho, Vin Deisel way, really SHOULD create a movie for Hollywood and the world to view their crazy and dead-pan funny scenarios... from years as a child tales of growing upward in NYC and Brand new Jersey with or without horses, to Pennsylvania careers worn thin, to health experts in hospitals recommending you to purposefully improve your health, like, yesterday... to official documents seeked in DC, to Swiss bank important people giving you the evil eye, to Compact country of panama and Nicaragua border patrols playing you like a puppet, last but not least and most importantly, to Nadine's and Rob's Pura Vida life of hilarious ridiculousness and beauty in Panama and nicaragua ,. Give thanks to you, you two, for cracking me up. I actually needed it., Nadine fingernails it in this book. As an American who came to Costa Sana with my Tico hubby 16 years I existed through so many of the same experiences. Met the same crazy people, waited in line at the clinic's, found the " Tang" unlimited flavors..... yes been there done that. She puts a great spin on hard to believe but is actually just the way it is. ( I call it Ticoism) I keep in mind saying for about a year, " you can't do that in the US" then one day I actually woke up and said OH yeah! I'm not in the USA anymore. Nadine did make me open my eyes to the simple life here. I actually think I be thankful more after reading her book. Very fun to see and what is better then a book that can make you laugh at yourself and your crazy neighbors!

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