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As other reviewers have said, I really wanted to such as this book. I loved The Happiness Project, in addition to found it life-changing--in fact, I re-read it at least once a year. I purchased copies for family in addition to friends, I suggest it continuously to students in our college or university writing classes. We love the author in addition to her writing style, too--she is really refreshingly honest, along with a wonderfully accessible type.

But this guide, which I would eagerly anticipated since We pre-ordered it earlier this summer, feels more such as a diary or a The Life of Gretchen Rubin documentary than a self-help book. I really like detail, normally, but thus much of this book seemed to be "and then this happened to me, and then We did this. " Tough to say how that differs from the 1st book, but it did--maybe it was the dearth regarding new insights, or the particular inclusion of the apparently trivial (to me, from least). For example, We love scent, too, nevertheless the number of pages devoted to Rubin's search of smell, including generating a Shrine to Fragrance, just seemed like loads of00 attention spent trying to elevate the incredibly mundane.

I actually do understand that paying attention to the facts had been a big part of Rubin's prescription for happiness in her very successful 1st book, and it's hard to put my hand on what made this one less enjoyable. I assume in the finish it felt as though this one was rushed--that she put in the effort to record the details, nevertheless perhaps not the similar effort towards making those details add up to something relevant and beneficial to the reader. Sort of a "This is what I did" as opposed to "Here's things to do"--more of a memoir of nine a few months than the instructional, follow-this-path tone of The Joy Project. And I really like a great memoir--but this wasn't a great memoir, either. It can like she didn't have got much substantial to say, but still took up a lot of space stating it.

If this is your first Gretchen Rubin book, you might not exactly have the same problem with it that I did--I guess We just loved the initial book so much that We had very high anticipation. I can still do, and will look forward to her next project and her next book. But We probably will not be re-reading this one., I loved that! Lots of interesting stats rolled up in funny and honest stories. I came across her self-discovery thought-provoking and I was able to convert her experiences into programs for my own - pretty different - life. We even had individuals come up to me in public areas while I was reading and comment on their particular own good thoughts and opinions regarding the book., Now that I've purchased a Kindle fire Fire HD 8. 9" I wish that I experienced waited to buy the particular books. One for me personally and one as a gift.

She is an amazing woman who is a warrior for all women to get us closer to home and our inner homes.

The input that she shares about her two girls and spouse are funny and uplifting. That takes courage to share that much concerning the nearest and dearest to our hearts.

Way to move Gretchen it's another house run. Thanks!, This had been a fitting begin to the particular new year. I imply, who doesn't want to be happier, especially at home. Though I found the particular book started off sturdy and somewhat sputtered to an end, I used to be engaged throughout (even easily missed over a few regarding Rubin's more theoretical thoughts of happiness. Notes were taken; plans were put into action; and I recommend giving it a study., I used to be buying book that would help me stress fewer and help me locate happiness in the today. I found Happier from home as a true ideas on how to really enjoy daily life. This book is honest, fun, and energizing. I would recommend this to all the mothers stuck at home wondering what to do to make my life more exciting. In conclusion We love this guide and wish you all will give it a read., A very doable look from becoming happier at house with actual procedure for end up being taken. I loved each of the literary references and conclusions., Good book with a few suggestions to try at house for harmony., I need to re-read it so I can follow many of the particular ideas I need to make our life better. I acquire out of the routine of them.

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