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We liked the start of this story, the basic idea of the tale, a hangman searching for the reality. I enjoy historical novels. I love mysteries. Typically the start of this history was interesting and carefully constructed. My main problem with this novel? What will the hangman's daughter have to do with this story? Sure, the hangman has a daughter. She's in this story as a small character. The title of this story implies this daughter has a major role, but quite frankly she doesn't. In reality, the hangman's daughter is such a minor figure, she could be removed completely from the storyline and the novel would be nearly the same. Typically the daughter could be replaced with a potted plant without much difference.

This publication isn't about the hangman's daughter, it's a mystery novel starring a hangman and a doctor partner, both male characters. Therefore what's the deal with identifying this story The Hangman's Daughter? Since she's tossed in almost as an afterthought, I can only guess she's there so women will buy this publication. She has a scene towards the conclusion of the book where she's taken as a hostage, but it's so forced and unnecessary, it's more like a "women in refrigerators" moment. In fact, ALL of the minor female characters are put in danger. Why? So they can be rescued? In the interim, if you're a small figure moving into this historical world, it seems like your only purpose is to be to chased, tortured, threatened with rape, or face being burnt alive as a witch. Indeed, the hangman's daughter manages to escape, but the scene adds nothing to the novel. In reality, if the scene were removed, the writing would have been tighter. Typically the core of the history is a murder mystery. Who is killing the orphans of the village and why? There's already one woman, falsely accused and in danger, held in the prison. Why torture another woman? The other woman, the hangman's daughter, taken and threatened, was an unnecessary cliché. Negative one star for false advertising. If you're going to label a book, Typically the Hangman's Daughter, then let the book be about the hangman's daughter.

Typically the ending of this history was sloppy and confusing. The last third of the book had tangents that didn't go together with the core of the story. Did something get lost during modifying? Instead of tying up free ends, there's more episode, then everything is incredibly solved behind the displays. The end. I'm never going to lie, considering the quality of the writing, We was disappointed that the ending wasn't better. Typically the author had a good plan. It's evident he's a talented writer. He just couldn't seem to draw everything together. Too much "pantsing, " not enough plotting at the conclusion of the book. Typically the characters reacted in a realistic way in the beginning, not so much by the conclusion of the novel. I reluctantly removed another star.

That isn't a bad book, it's just misleading. Title it The Hangman or something else, and I'd like it better. I wouldn't have been looking for the history that wasn't there. Explain the ending a little more and this would be a five star publication. I'd say this book is written for adults. The female characters could be changed with potted plants, so I can't see personally recommending it to any of the women in my life. Guys might like it more. The key figure was interesting and fun. I wanted to such as this book more than Used to do., Well, I'm glad We don't are now living in the seventeenth century, but it is a fascinating and so is this (real) town and the characters inside it, some of whom are loosely based on genuine ancestors of the writer. The plot has intrigue, meddling neighbors, any witch, hangings, pushing local business men, mean soldiers, local competition, and plenty of interesting history. If possible, it reads like a seventeenth century thriller in which the good guys and the bad guys are not always evident and which brings many plot changes and surprising events.

We read this as part of my wish to read some modern German novels (in English translation) before doing a presentation for a German class. I have no been disappointed!, Alright so as the title to my review declares, i am not proceeding to summarize the history in this book. If you need a summary there are plenty of others that have done that for me and also you, and of course you can simply read the overall descprition in the selling area.

Now, having said that, let me notify that there may be some mention of the storyline that some may consider spoilers, so be careful. You have been warned.

I want to get started on this by saying that the core/foundation of the storyline is fantastic and contains roots in actual history: during the time of the salem witchcraft studies, the idea actually started out overseas. In that, many people (including children) were accused of being werewolves. I am sure you could be aware that the idea was that if people suspected you were a witch, you were to be burned at the stake. The 'floating' idea went that if they were put in normal water and floated they were a witch and if they drowned, well, guess they weren't. Either way problem solved, approximately it went.

This whole idea permeates the storyline, where a woman is falsely accused penalized a witch and the following investigation to clear her name. (ok, a little summary i assume, sorry for the false advertising).

Anyway, the story comes after along this road of the attempt to prove the woman innocence, and we meet various people with various elements to play that generally play minor roles in the grand scheme of things, with those pick main characters obviously enjoying intregal parts.

First, Need to say that there is a lack of fluidity to the story-telling. It prods along, sputters and stops before continuing on, and provides only a tiny amount of relief with some action. It is analagous to typical stephen king (sorry to all his enthusiasts.. but you know it's true): he can keep the story going with great alacrity, and then stops abruptly just like a insane roller coaster, to simply stop and tell a 20-page story about dirt, or a flower, or some hard-on-their-luck person who requires a full genealogy to be "understood, " even if it does not really ultimately matter. Now, as the descriptions and continuous stops do eventually more or less tie into the story, the prose is so constant in the inconsistency, it is both boring and arduous to see through. IT was REALLY prodding and, at times, very hard to continue.

Finally, the ending forced me NUTS. I PRODDED through this book and we receive and finishing that, while ultimately makes sense through whatever we know about previous characters, was seemingly pulled mostly out there of thin air. It is contrived, annoying, and all together unecessarily long. It could have concluded 20 pages before it actually did (that quantity of pages is probably an exxageration in. I think you get the idea.

We put this out there: be prepared for the slow as mollasses, crawling storytelling ability and almost incredulous ending, and go into the story only expecting some interest most for the history of it all, and you will be fine. This is not to state you should leave the human brain "at the door", but don't expect to strain the brain cells much., Well written story regarding life in a German born village in the 1500's. Life was difficult during that time, and the storyline revolves around the life of a hangman, the son of the town doctor, and a midwife accused of being a witch. There was plenty of mystery, action, and suspense, all woven collectively to keep your interest. The Hangman's daughter was a love interest of the town doctor's son, and was in the story enough to supply a splash of romantic spice. The lady helped the storyline move together and supplied an insight as to how the several levels of society were treated, but I feel still are you wondering why they known as the book The Hangman' s Daughter., Based in part on real persons and events an interesting blend of fact and fictional. Will hold your interest since the story twists and turns and leaves the reader wanting to solve the mystery presented.. who of the many guilty is the leader of the pack of liars, We enjoyed this book very much. I plan on starting book number two immediately. I only hope that the saga continues in the same form as the first book.

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