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I go to Haiti a number of times per year so I was happy to find this newly published guideline book about Haiti. It is extremely helpful for a foreign visitor who would like to get away and see some regions. The descriptions are precise and helpful. My Haitian friends now say that will I "now more regarding their country than they will do. " My simply complaint, which the book has no control over, is that some of the cell phone numbers and prices are usually wrong. Regarding the cell phone numbers, they change and are out of support regularly in Haiti therefore it is best to find as many possible numbers as possible to contact a place. As for the rates, there is not a lot of competition inside Haiti, inflation is large, and everything is brought in, so prices are remarkably high. Because of thess things, prices often rise. regardless, I'd buy this guide book again., I read this ahead of moving to Haiti... wow am I pleased I did so! Clearly written as his descriptions are proper on! Can be a must read for everyone traveling in order to Haiti no matter typically the reason. Unlike other " travel books", just how this specific is written, you could tell he has genuinely been here and strolled the walk he writes about. Very interesting to learn the history as nicely. The Haitian Art Job is amazing and must be able to be easily purchased almost all over the world. Regional coffee excellent, US espresso stores should carry (if in Hoboken, NJ search for the one coffee shop that does serve it). I am now reading typically the book again and enjoying even more., I would absolutely recommend this Travel Guide. I spent 5 weeks in Haiti, and each and every time I used guide, this was correct and useful. My good friend that lived in Haiti with regard to 2 years also approved this guide. The only real downside was the commentary. Sometimes, there seemed to become one a lot of personal opinions for my taste. Yet otherwise, I might highly advise this travel guide., All of us were visiting Haiti on a dental aid mission, and I was getting contradictory and alarmist info on the region, not to mention what I heard in the news. This specific book is a comprehensive and also handed guide in order to the country as well as historical past. There was so very much to see in the region that I didn't have any knowledge of that will the the very next time we go to we will spend a few extra days to go to a few of these sites of outstanding natural beauty and historical importance. He does not necessarily downplay the difficulties in typically the country, and the hazards that face travel right now there, but at the similar time he does not necessarily exaggerate it. His historical background is masterful and essential in understanding typically the country and its people., I ordered this book with curiosity, and my curiosity was satisfied.
This is typically the bible for planing a trip to Haiti's best corners. Paul Clammer knows the country nicely, you can tell. Typically the restaurants he listed are usually the best, he's got very clear knowledge of the hotels, and especially, his connection with and understand of Haitian culture are what guideline his writing of this specific book. His description regarding the land and regarding the individuals and their custom is not just accurate, yet it is insightful. This specific is the best foreigner's perspective of the region I have read therefore far. I am a Haitian expat who right now refuses to visit home with out this travel guide. I will definitely depend on this guideline to explore and discover elements unknown of my region., I apologize for typically the duration of this review which usually is not a legitimate evaluation but a very important warning about hiking inside the mountains of Haiti. I sent Paul Clammer this report via their editors which they acknowledged yet so far I possess not necessarily heard from him. I believe the info on climbing Photo La Selle in their guide book needs major rethinking and felt that will those who buy typically the book from Amazon ought to know this. Below will be the e-mail that I sent to Mr. Clammer.

Typically the Irresponsible Nature of Brian Eisenbaum's " Climbing Photo La Selle" in Paul Clammer's Haiti
Attempt to climb Photo La Selle from 28-29 November, 2013
I read Brian Eisenbaum's one page description of how to climb Haiti's highest mountain inside Paul Clammer's guide in order to Haiti. At the ending of November, 2013, whenever I was in Haiti for the first moment, I decided that their description of how in order to climb the mountain manufactured it appear simple enough for someone with a lot of experience hiking and climbing in mountains worldwide to take on Photo La Selle by me personally. This is a very poor decision ?nternet site ended up being robbed twice and was lucky not in order to are actually seriously injured in order to say the least.
From my experience this is not necessarily an area of Haiti that individuals with zero knowledge of creole should venture in by themselves. This was flawlessly okay trekking along the trail from Gwo Cheval, but as soon as I going up to the long area that contributes to the maximum I met teenage boys that were very threatening. They demanded to be my guide telling me that will I would meet thieves and could have my throat cut. In retrospection I should have flipped back at that level, and was going in order to do so but wonder when they would not have conned me at that level anyway. Instead, I ended up hiring two fellows who seemed more sensible to be my instructions. I thought the plan was that we would proceed to their house and spend the night which I thought will be safe enough with lots of folks around, and then continue up to the peak typically the next day. This did not happen and all of us continued up the area until it got dark. It was hard for me to question what was happening during my limited France, and in the end when it got dark they demanded repayment even though there were not necessarily reached the top of the mountain. I realized I had developed to do something and started to pay them. They now contains four instructions! Two of them were youngsters we had picked up along the trail and had obviously joined inside with the promise regarding loot. One of more mature guides them grabbed my money pouch, and whenever I attempted to hang upon it he cut typically the string with his hacha and they all ran off back down typically the trail. I had been planning upon traveling on after climbing Pic la Selle and had a fair amount of cash within the pouch. It contained about 0 dollars and the comparative of about 0 inside Haitian gourdes as nicely as a credit cards, an ATM card, a driver's license and a well being insurance card.
I was worried that they would come back for my pack and ran into typically the scrub above the path and hid for typically the rest of the night time. Thankfully they did not come back and very early inside the morning, still worried that I might come across them again, I decided not to go down typically the trail there were come up and instead took a circuitous path around several peaks we had approved. The master plan then was in order to locate a parallel valley that will would take me back again to Gwo Cheval. I did so manage to find my way with the scrub in order to the head of the main valley but after very much searching realized that there was no other way straight down to Gwo Cheval compared to to go down the main valley I had come up.
I hiked back away to the trail and met a man trimming firewood with an responsable. He wished to accompany myself to Gwo Cheval, yet I probably made typically the mistake of telling him that I had necessary to pay him as I had been robbed. Right now there were two other guys local and they emerged running up, one using a machete and very agitated. He demanded that I stop and take away from my pack. To create their point he was sharpening his machete on gemstones in the path. I obviously complied and they will then had me empty my pack. The many other with the machete showed me his empty basket and pointed out just how much it was in comparison to my full pack, and they then started taking items that captured their fancy. The many other with the axe was typically the most rapacious. He got a pair of gortex overpants, a LED headlamp, a long sleeve tee shirt, jersey and he was going in order to take my gortex coat as well. I pointed out to him how cool it could get inside the mountains and he relented. The third fellow, very young, was almost polite and asked me with regard to my Swiss army knife. Under the circumstances, I had no choice but to concur to this. The agitated fellow with the hacha was rather amazingly quite happy with my French-English pocket book! This seemed so bizarre that it was nearly funny.
They then allowed myself to put my staying stuff back in typically the pack and continue. I was worried that I would operate into another group who would also want some goodies, but though I did meet individuals on typically the trail out I mentioned nothing more to these people than bonjour. Eventually I did get back in order to Gwo Cheval without the a lot more confrontations and reported typically the thefts to the local agente. He charged me two hundred and fifty gourdes for writing up a report around the thefts.
This specific was obviously a disastrous introduction to Haiti and I was seriously thinking about whether I wanted to keep on or go home. Thankfully, I had hidden several money in my pack therefore I could get to Port-au-Prince. Also, I had left another ATM cards in addition to my passport at the guesthouse in Port-au-Prince where I had developed stayed whenever I arrived in Haiti. I am glad that will I failed to give up and went on to spend three fascinating weeks traveling around the country without the such similar unpleasant experiences. A very important factor that I did make sure of was going to never be in locations where I used to be really only and could meet groups of folks like I had developed upon Pic La Selle.
In retrospection I think David Eisenbaum's climbing Pic La Selle is highly irresponsible and the " real adventure" that he promises could ending even more sadly than mine did. All the thieves I met were armed with knives or machetes and if I had made the mistake regarding offering resistance, like a Haitian suggested I should did, I probably would not necessarily be sending you this specific e-mail.
I think the Pic La Selle area is sufficiently remote to be unlike other areas in Haiti where there are enough people/police around to control robbers. As the fellow with the machete put this to me " these were the gendarmerie. " Initially I thought that typically the thieves I had developed run in to were the exception, yet by the ending of the trip I had begun to realize that inside this remote area, as a lone blan, I was fair game for anyone, male or female.
Roger Gocking
! 5 State Streets, Saranac Lake, NY 12983, USA
rgocking@roadrunner. com
30 January 2014, Good affiliate book. Pretty accurate, Is actually hard to find good tourist books on Haiti. We take a healthcare mission to rural Haiti, and six of all of us decided to stay a great extra week and check out Haiti. The book presented lots of good concepts of top places to visit, as nicely as hotels, restaurants. All of us loved our time inside South at Port Salut with beautiful beaches, and in North at Cap Hatien with lovely hotel, old city, both very much quieter than Port au Prince.

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