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Didn't realize before I ordered that it was a tiny pocket version. Maybe We missed it in the descriptions but its weird that a book such as this is sold in the tiny form, Personal issue more than the companies issue., This is a book of reflections on life written by a rather unremarkable samurai just after Japan came into into an era of peace under the Tokugawa shogunate. This made the soldier class into a class of armed civil servants - not a fairly easy changeover, begging the question how to handle the two very razor-sharp objects tucked into their belts every waking instant of their lives. The particular interesting thing about this book is that as anyone who has been doing business in Japan for over 15 years, If only I got read it much earlier. That is because the current Japanese business mindset is very much an item of the two and a half centuries in which the country was run by a class of individuals who were armed to the teeth and got to follow bushido as a way of life, but in reality had office jobs and administered things such as rice production.

Some regions of the book will sound exceedingly misogynistic and odd to our ears, but those are the components you should pay attention to if you deal with the Japanese. Other people are rather entertaining, and yet other are off the wall.

In summary, if you are enthusiastic about an unfiltered glimpse into the mind of a samurai turned clerk and getting some insight into the way the Japanese view the world to this day, Hagakure is obviously well worth your time!, I failed to realize this was a literal pocket book. Is actually the size of a credit car, but about one. 5 inches thick., In times, I found this a difficult a read, in all fairness I'm approaching this from a Western viewpoint. It gives insight into what it means to become a samurai, and I think it would be useful to those are curious about the culture., The book is absolutely interesting and highly recommended for almost any fan of feudal The japanese. It's a collection of advice and stories, the main theme being the role of a samurai and how he must be devoted to his grasp above all else. The book can get grisly, deep and sometimes even absurd, which makes it an unpredictable book and very entertaining. The length is ideal. Just don't expect the type of quotable material you comes from a book like The Unfettered Mind by Takuan Soho or Bushido by Inazo Nitobe.

The particular reason I'm giving this edition of Hagakure 3 stars instead of 4 or 5 is that it has a lot of typos and translation errors. Adding to that it appears to shortage any footnotes to describe the more obscure terms used within the book.

The upside is, of course , the extremely low price. If you can look past the problems We mentioned above you should still have a good time. If something it might convince you to get one of the greater polished editions., This specific book honestly was not enjoyable whatsoever it essentially talks about how exactly the samurai were ruthless and chaotic people and would destroy others for the simplest things in order to protect their honor. All the book is around is essentially samurai killing others and how if their honor was blemished they would then commit suicide. We lost count how many people I read here that committed suicide. Beyond boring. Wouldn’t accept this guide even if it were given to me free in the future, Product was exactly as described... Shipping and delivery was great and We would recommend this product and service.
Thank You! A Must Read for Everyone, Several spelling errors. I feel like this was a knockoff even though it was only 99cents

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