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I will start with this: Stephen King does not only write horror. This is a good example. Yes, there are several horrible things that happen in this book, but it is not necessarily a horror storia. It is a tightly written, beautiful book about what it can like maturing. It's about good or evil (and making the right options to keep one and also the other at bay). It truly is about the gray areas of life -- options made and the effects that come with them. It truly is fantastical, to be sure. But it also nails Stephen King's capability to create characters that happen to be children that are incredibly complex. When I picked up this guide, I didn't know a thing about the other author listed -- and I'm not sure how much he was involved in the writing of the book, but I'm going to check his work out based about how much I liked this., A good uncomplicated and different history from the Master of the Macabre, with only a frisson of the supernatural to give it a little do its stuff the jeans. I thought the storyplot was much more about options made for good or ill, about growing upwards, maturing, really, and working with what might have been an unfortunate obsession than any kind of " horror story. " And as always, King presents another spot-on teen character to like and remember.

Gwendy, whose name is perfect for her and as comforting as mac-n-cheese, is given a package with buttons on it--a lot of buttons, some of them whose uses are beyond weird, and eventually dangerous. How is a teen girl to handle such a responsibility? How can she resist the all too human urge to create the record straight, replace the outcome, make a distinction, by pushing a button? Or another? And then another? As she battles to overcome her regrettable sobriquet " Goodyear Blimp" with a daunting jogging program and rapid ascension of the Suicide Stairs, losing pounds and inches while gaining confidence, the button box remains firmly grown in her mind. Yet the exercise and concomitant intellectual maturity results in the box finding itself buried in the cellar, and absent from Gwendy's mind for longer and longer swatches of time. Until...

If anything, this novella reminds me of the first 3 rd of King's Hearts in Atlantis, where the menace is simply under the surface while the emphasis is simply on surviving childhood. A rewarding read on several levels., I started out to give this storia three stars, but the information for that rating says " it's okay. " The description for four stars says " I love it. " Those about three words describe my sensation toward this slight and yet meaningful story. Stephen King is one of my favorite authors, mostly because I enjoy the rich details and well-developed characters that make the reports come alive. in this collaboration with Richard Chizmar, his tendency to go big has been controlled. This is a simple tale that poses something for the reader to ponder. I think of it as a parable or a morality tale. Gwendy receives a unexplainable present from a unexplainable person that challenges her in her developmental years to reflect on strength and its use. Gwendy is a wonderful personality whose development is filled with challenges and dilemmas. The girl struggles with her love of the great things that the box produces in her and the potential for issues that it poses. That will to me is the center of the story - what price are we ready to pay for the good things we crave? It's only toward the finish that the strength of the story diminishes. I believe the authors wanted to leave the question open-ended for you. But to me it seemed the drive behind the events in Gwendy's life just fizzled out. I loved the concept. I loved reading the story. We think it is a good one for young readers. It just could have used a lttle bit more " punch" towards the end,, This is a quick little story occur Castle Stone Maine. King fans should recognize the location. I've read almost all of the Castle Stone saga. I do believe there are a couple short reports I might have skipped, however they have been some of my top features from King's work.

This didn't fail. There is perhaps not as much horror in it as I would loved to have seen. The lot of it is simply watching Gwendy increase up, of course, forever in the shadow of her button box. I'm surprised two men wrote a teenage girl as well as they did, but I really enjoyed her personality.

The writing felt very classic King. All the details were there, a poster of the Silver eagles in front Hotel California. Olive has ISSUES. We was actually surprised to learn there is a second author when I reached the end.

I avoid think this works well as a standalone, as it's incredibly short. We think it would be better off published in a collection with other Castle Rock stories, but this is a small complaint.

Would recommend to fans of King or anyone who enjoyed his Castle Rock books. There is even a mention of Sheriff Bannerman (though it can Walt, not George? ) which I loved., A unusual and wonderful book that has an interesting again story. This book is surely an example of what comes about when two creators collaborate... and another of those authors is Stephen King. (The other, incidentally, is one of the web publishers of Cemetary Dance, a company that has had a relationship with King. ) Unlike some of King's other works, you will fly through this one is a good strong afternoon of reading or over a few days.

The scares are still there, like all of King's textbooks, but the atmosphere this book sets (kind of like Colorado Kid) creates much of the tension. Also a good guide for exploring some challenging ethical questions., A active novella that left me with many unanswered questions. The story had the opportunity of more in-depth exploration of its fantastic themes, but as a Constant Viewer, I enjoyed the joy enough to give it 4 stars. I cherished the mystery of the box and wished to know about those buttons. Heaven help me--I wanted her to push that dark-colored one just to see what would happen! I also wished for some blurb to clarify about the collaboration between the creators beyond the bios.

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