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An excellent read..... while an infantry soldier in Vietnam, I often envied the heli-copter pilots with their cool beer and clean??? bedding. My outlook changed while convalescing at Brooke Armed service Medical Center after getting wounded. Most of the burn ward fellow patients were chopper pilots, plus the horror of their experience stays with me nowadays. There is no braver group of people than Vietnam chopper pilots... Mark is right on target with his " youthful, dumb. and fearless" explanation. They always gave us (Infantry) their best, and their actions will never be neglected as long as Vietnam Infantry soldiers are continue to around. As a disclaimer, despite the fact that I haven't seen him since, I attended grade school and high institution with Mark, and was one of the numerous from that group that ended up in Vietnam. I was commissioned since an Infantry Officer a couple of weeks after Mark was discharged, and started my tour inside Vietnam in 1971. The war that resulted in on offering......! If you have any kind of interest in the Vietnam War from the point of view of a combat heli-copter pilot, buy this book: is actually the real deal!!!, I was a doortuner on a UH1-C with all the twenty fifth Infantry Division at Cu Chi just North regarding Saigon. I very much enjoyed the earlier parts regarding Mark's book. As I had once aspired in order to Warrant Officer Flight School I enjoyed his telling of that a part of his experience. It was likewise great to read typically the description of his learning curve as a clever pilot and later a " croc". Also i enjoyed reading through about the descriptions regarding different types of quests he flew, nearly all of that i experienced as well along with some variation. Mark's composing is pretty good and his description of the cynicism most of us developed about typically the war felt authentic. I started losing interest a lttle bit when the book looked to become a series of war stories where every pilot was superb and brave and just about all the missions seemed heroic.

At one point he or she tells the story of having the ship's rocket pod hit. I had typically the actual thing happen in order to me in the later days of the '68 Tet Offensive. I took some shrapnel from the explosion. The pilot with myself that day later published a book about his experience including the incident. His account was far a lot more heroic than I remember it; especially his part. Mark's book is way better as compared to that one but towards the end it felt a little similar in that regard and am had to by pass parts.

Mark also characteristics all the action in order to the NVA only sometimes mentioning the " Viet Cong" or VC. I suppose in the Central Highlands the NVA was a lot more prevalent but in our own area, and I think everywhere, the VC was a major factor. I rarely saw troops well-known as NVA. We usually wondered what intelligence Japanese employees on our base might be relaying to the people who rocketed or mortared us from night.

When Mark delivered home he recounts another incident of being attacked as a " baby killer" and being spat on. Perhaps this was a lttle bit of poetic license as Vietnam vets were certainly not appreciated. I will get a whole lot of flack from vets telling me otherwise yet I think these stories are largely urban legend.

For vets as well as for anybody who wants to get a feel for what typically the helicopter war was like, they may enjoy Mark's book. Thanks for putting your history down Mark. I have got written some but that is hard to recreate scenes so many yrs later. Thanks for arriving home alive., I absolutely enjoyed the story generally because guy started his visit while I was already half way through mine. I was pleasantly surprised about exactly how secure some regions got become by the moment he started his visit.
I admired these guys not only for their ability to fly the aircraft but typically the way nearly all of them held their cool under fire to extract ground troops.
We was involved in numerous union, and the Huey team always orbited the region to make certain i was okay.
I can only suggest another book, " When Minutes Appeared like Hours" by simply Dominick Russo - he or she remains a pal today!, This specific was a good learn about an aspect of typically the Vietnam War that's received scant attention. There usually are lots of books regarding grunts in the rainforest, but Mark Garrison offers given us a vibrant, realistic picture of exactly what it was like as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. And the book is usually not merely the perspective regarding a helicopter pilot, yet that of Charlie design gunship driver. It ain't perfect. Some of typically the writing is a little cliched but it is lifeless solid accurate. You can smell the gunpowder and hear the chainsaw mill from the miniguns. I highly recommend it., He claims right off that your dog is not a trained article writer, and it shows a little. Nevertheless, I found the book really interesting and I'm glad I study it. Back in 1965 I enlisted for Armed service aviation to avoid getting drafted and with typically the intention of trying for W. O. flight institution, but decided to not necessarily sign up for any kind of more time during simple. I ended up getting trained for CH-47 servicing. Therefore it was interesting in order to see what it might have got been like if I did go the initial route. I had been assigned in order to the 1st Cav inside An Khe, from essentially Easter to Easter 1966 to '67, and finished up as a flight industrial engineer / crew chief on a Chinook. So I have flown a lot inside the same areas which he did, but with different sorts of missions, and thankfully with not since much getting shot from. I have huge respect for the type of traveling he did there, would like to thank him for telling us about that., Phenomenal read. I enjoyed the explanations, humor and loss that Mark got to say. In Iraq I was one regarding the ground pounders battling through metropolis of ramadi in the 101st airborne. Warefare has remained typically the same. We worked carefully and often had cas or close air help with the cobra gunships. They're better than airplane and often sent hellfires into vehicles that were correct about to ambush us from 50_100 ft previously mentioned my head. Mark and people like him that travelled these dangerous missions delivered us home and for that I am eternally grateful. Mark, if you study this and are ever before in the Raleigh nc area I would love to hear and tell an individual some stories. MIKE

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