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The particular Gum Disease Cure is a realistic TAKE ACTION guide with pretty much every possible counter attack for gum disease on the planet. The particular author will do a nice job connecting with the audience through personal experience. This individual talks about his issues with gum disease, the research he did, and various action steps he took for treatment.

The things i really like about this publication is Guy isn't afraid to talk about what worked for him. In other words he's not seeking to please everyone, which many authors attempt today. This one's just about as real as it gets. And for that reason I recommend you read this short book and let the author know what you learned. Nicely done!, The book provides step by step description of what the author did to cure his gum disease, in this case periodontal ailment that had advanced to the stage where his periodontist recommended gum surgery. There are numerous techniques and products suggested, of which the Perio Protect and using power hair brushes with ORA-MD seem to be to be the bedrock of the program used.

Also, there is an interesting viewpoint on using anti-inflammatory supplements, mainly antioxidants such as Astaxanthin and CoQ10, to help with the periodontal disease and also for overall physical health. Remedies and products from both conventional treatment world (i. e., Antibiotics, power brushes, floss) and natural curing worlds (ORA-MD, Oil Drawing using Sesame and Coconut Oil, Vitamin C and antioxidant supplements)

There are numerous links to articles with Clinical Research from places like the National Institutes of health.

Important thing, there is a wealth of useful information in the book that could have an excellent impact on the health of my gums., The author describes how he overcome his gum disease in a not surgical way. The publication not only describes all the methods used, but also provides many useful links for further reading. Many dentists tend to suggest surgery without enough regards to the consequences or any other alternatives, if you ever get into that situation this book is a must read to explore the alternatives., Great book which can put you on other tracks of research.. but love it.... skimmed the book in 12 mins together a great deal of useful product suggestions to pursue. Highly suggested. This guide just get's right to the idea., This is an okay book. Not necessarily what I was looking for. I wanted an all natural home remedy. The author relies on mechanics, professional services, and produced products., This book is simply to market expensive products, This publication is very informative. I was following many of the suggestions including the Perio Protect. We will do an up-date once I see how my pockets change., A person may find some good information in this publication.. I did not however - nothing new to me.

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