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Received the Kindle version last night and stayed up till 3am finishing it. Clarifies so much about the FBI investigation and Comey.

That i knew the Obama's and Clintons hated each other but not how deep it went. Obama also hates Comey (" worst mistake of his Presidency" ) and at first wanted FBI to recommend indictment... Yet he couldn't convince Biden to run. Thus the flip and reluctant artificial endorsement for Hillary. Now BO is campaigning for her as if your dog is running for a third term.

Hillary cusses like a drunken sailor in private and the publication reveals the dysfunctional Clinton family and the real characteristics of Chelsea - Whoa. And of course there's Hillary's weird relationship with

It's been quite a long time since I actually read a book in a single day. Seeing what Overcome is up against (Trump covered briefly), it will be a miracle if he gets elected. Yet I still believe in miracles..., I started this book yesterday, and completed it this morning. Once you start it, you will find yourself not wanting to put it down.
I wanted not only answers, but what proceeded behind the scenes as to " WHY" no indictment.
I actually was one of many who watched James Comey make his case in listing everything his team of investigators found out during the year long investigation of Hillary's home server, and her reckless mishandling of some of our Country's most very sensitive Classified info, along with her personal stuff.
When Comey concluded that there would be no indictment, my oral cavity totally dropped. I wanted to know how could he reach this summary??
When you read this book, the author lays out accurate interviews of those near the Clintons, and occasions as they unfolded.
I was so angry at Comey, and thought he lacked the courage and " other" things (ahem) to appear as to not position up for the Regulations, and caving in to political pressure. By reading this book, you will find out exactly " who" and " why" Comey had to do a total 180 and allow Hillary a pass.
I'm still angry at Comey for not doing the right thing, and standing for the Regulations and not Politics! Hillary brought this on herself, and it isn't a right -wing conspiracy, personal theater, or waste of taxpayers money, to get to the truth. We require answers, and not have those near Hillary taking the " 5th", Anytime, I hear that, I actually can't help but think " what are they hiding? "
Anyone who doesn't acknowledge, has to see how dangerous it is made for America to go down this road. It shouldn't matter if you are a Democrat,
NO 1 SHOULD BE ABOVE THE PARTICULAR LAW!!!!!, As a voter in the United Says, I believe this publication tells a story of the corruption present within our political system today. While the major focus of this work is spotlighting those things of a few individuals, it shines a light on the pervasiveness of immorality which rules our news almost every day., First of all, I read this publication in one evening/night. That is a truly compelling book that brings together all the issues surrounding Hillary Clinton's problems with showing the truth, focusing mainly on the FBI's lack of recommending charges against her in the email scandal. I'm no fan of Donald Trump and see him as a flawed prospect but the thought of a raging megalomaniac likely Clinton in the White House is truly frightening. Coupled with an utter lack of integrity and apparent serious health problems it makes the woman candidacy a recipe for disaster. Never have I actually felt so concerned for the well-being of our country. What makes this publication even more compelling is the detail that Klein spells out at the end of the publication about his use of " sources" and the efforts of many to cast his writing as a pack of lies. I acquired this publication today not realizing he had written " Blood vessels Feud" which is an expose of the problems between the Clintons and Obamas. " Guilty... " says like a newspaper article that you hope will be a wake up call for voters to take a truly long, hard look at this prospect and realize that her obama administration will in the end being a nightmare that will have a devastating effect on our country for decades. I hope in the coming weeks before the selection Klein will have a shot at the discuss shows to present his view of Clinton.

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