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The Mental Health Chapter is Bizarre. The authors admit five steps must be followed for assessment. They are as follows

This requires making a definitive diagnosis, hold the analysis of an explanatory characteristics, objective findings, scientifically authenticated diagnosis. They say that nothing of these criteria can settle for DSM-IV-TR. They say that definitive diagnosis can not be made because 1. It can not be definitively determined if someone is mentally sick. 2. The diagnoses are not well defined one from the other. These types of arguments are silly. just one. If someone has symptoms, irregular mental state examination, deterioration in functioning and collateral background, i quickly would be happy that they have a mental disease. The degree of proof required is balance of probabilities, not definitive proof. 2. That does not matter that you diagnosis shares features with another. If you can describe in my experience the variation between recurrent myoclonic jerks and mild simple clonic seizures without secondary generalisation, then you are doing a lot better than me. Can you always say which people have constrictive lung disease and which ones have restrictive disease. Or sugar intolerance vs diabetes? Nope. You can't.

They say that a diagnosis must be of an informative nature, and that in medicine, they are. Nicely, wrong. First, PTSD will have causation within the analysis, and idiopathic hypertension will not. Likewise, premature time does not have causing as part of the diagnosis - it just is. They of psychological illness, " None of them are real illness". Good. If you have schizophrenia, you are healed!

They say that there are no objective features of diagnosis of mental illness. This is silly. If someone provides with symptoms that fit a pattern, that is objective. If they have mental state findings, that is goal. If someone stopped going to work, that is objective and independently identifiable. Stated differently, Skinner insisted that behaviour was the only thing that considered and that thoughts were unimportant. Well, Skinner would be able to inform if someone a new psychological illness. They said that psychological testing was brought to have objective findings released, well, that means that there are objective was to assess - psychological testing.

These people say that 75 to 90% of individuals who will be traumatised experience posttraumatic growth. And severe psychological disturbance in reply to the persistent life-threatening stress is rare. More people report positive effects than negative outcomes. My answer is that PTG is an interesting concept and I will look at the references. I have not explored what they mean by " rare".

They mention that most mental illness does not have any well-known cause. I say what exactly, we are dealing with specific cases.

They reviewed the literature and found that nothing of it was any good, pretty much. These people excluded literature that do not use DSM-IV conditions. Their rationale was that the construct had changed. I feel that that that decision was just strange. The diagnostic criteria for PTSD and MDD have not changed very much since 1980. That is simply a silly out.

In addition they make a complaint that the assessments were done on community samples and that DSM-IV claims that clinical samples should be used. That is a good laugh. Of which means that you actually can not do epidemiological studies of DSM-IV because the rules of DSM-IV guideline them out. This stance ignores the fact that field trials were used in developing DSM-IV.

My final take note is that Thomas Szasz actually hated his patients. Look at his previous book, Psychiatry Science of Lies, and you will see what he claims about people who have gone public with their illness. Also, the biology of serious mental disease is being elucidated a lot more., The book has an agenda which is clear in its biased findings. Its fronting being an AMA approved publication, but a legal disclaim on the first page states " should not be construed as the policy of the AMA. "

The best example is the following conclusion: "[t]here is insufficient evidence for heavy work as a chance factor for mid back pain. " at page 201. The entire 11 paragraphs prior to the author's conclusion are cited studies showing heavy work is a risk factor (from weak to significant) for predicting low again symptoms. Immediately following the author's conclusion (after webpages of tables referencing studies) is the following quotation " A scientific review of the recent literature by Heneweer concluded that the occurrence of low again pain relates to the characteristics and intensity of the physical activities undertaken. " The section ends with a twin study displaying a statistically substantial relationship was discovered... with regard to reported heavy physical work.

The disconnect between the evidence and the conclusion only makes sense when you follow the amount of money. If you smell the publication deeply, you can smell the big money insurance industry; this book is the modern day equivalent of a man on TV in a white coat telling you you can trust him 'cigarettes are safe. ', If you are a biased, lazy defense medical examiner who lacks time between your twenty-five insurance exams a day, this book's for you!

Med school in Mexico? Never actually practiced medicine? Haven't cracked an e book since college? These guys have you covered! Not only is this book not actually endorsed by the AMA, but the authors get to pretend it is! You don't even have to read the real studies! Design? Methodology? Analysis? Heck no! You just want to know what to say!

You failed to go to med college and become a CIME just to have to keep abreast of important advancements in your profession. Check out this book so you don't have to do the work! In the end, these companies don't pay you to think.

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