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Listed here are set of things I tried before I found Noah:

3 plus years of weekly therapy
Yoga/exercise/clean eating
Cognitive treatment (positive thinking/affirmations)
Tremendous grief recovery class
Countless self help publications, videos, podcasts

NONE of the above has helped me even a tiny bit as much as Noah. First, when i did learn a lot about myself through those other methods, I could never bridge the distance from " I now understand WHY I was just how I am" to How you can change the way I felt. If you have frequently said " easier said than done" about changing any negative emotion, this book is for you. Along my search, others have carressed on what Noah details on (Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie), but none of them with the extreme quality and logical appeal. In case you are able to think rationally, but have allowed any negative feelings to ever result you, this book is for you. You literally can't lose. While I was still learning to practice Noah's ideas, I was measurably happier. That took in regards to a day. What otherwise ever gave you that relief? For me, it has been nothing. Wherever you are Noah, thank you., Simply easy to understand, I am getting a lot from this book. It's a blessing to see things in a new way., This is a book to remind all of us of what really settings our attitude / feelings in life. The complete guide discusses how important it is for us to question our feelings whenever we experience any type of animosity / remorse / anger / despair. Our minds tend to automatically jump to results / judge people and make us feel a certain way, and sometime whenever we just take a second to stop and question whether there is a reason we may feel this way, it will help us change our feelings towards a subject. I think what is important to remember the next time there is a strong feeling towards a topic is just question your feeling and ask if there is a reason why someone did this action. Occasionally questioning yourself allows you to observe that maybe you were overreacting / misinterpreting something and you will ultimately feel much better. Our feelings have a mind of their own and unless we question them, they are sometimes uncontrollable., A Guide to The Current Moment by Noah Elkrief is a good guide that details some ways to help us all deal better with panic, shame, unworthiness, depression, rage, guilt, sadness, worry, and fear. The author really does a good job with this book helping the reader try to dissolve the negative thoughts inside our heads that create our struggling, and in so make us happier in life. I would definitely recommend this book. This Publication also covers the next subject areas in depth:

- Encounter peace in case of that used to be filled with stress.
- Lose the sense of lack in your life, and live with a sense of a wholeness, worthiness, and completeness.
- Enjoy less arguments, bitterness, and disappointment in your relationships with others.
- Experience the freedom to act how you feel without worrying about others' opinions.
- Live in the moment or live the power of now (i. e. spiritual awakening).
- Encounter the fulfillment you have always been searching for.

Thank you for reading my review., Very well put together gives you some ideas on do it yourself improvement. Worthy of reading., Extremely good book for those who resided traumas in their past and they are clogged in every area of your life for those with depression ( depression for me is nothing that believing negative thoughts and attachment to those thoughts). For me nothing worked as this book. I apply those methods all day long when I feel cought in a negative spirale and a get release every time., AWESOME HELP FOR CLEAR THINKING., In case you really put an effort in to it the relief you feel is so strong. You'll naturally find yourself asking these questions. To really have the full benefit for this guide It is good to say watched some of his YouTube videos and I highly recommend every do the same. At the beginning of the book I did feel a bit of extra panic, but I actually do suffer from severe anxiety, by the ending of the guide when I was dealing with the actual steps We felt so much more calm than when I started. I've already recommended this book to loved ones.

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