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Sophisticated, adroit and clever. Mentor Antippas knows the Quarter like the proverbial back
of his hand. I haven't visited New Orleans in a long time. Reading this erudite little guide made
me remember the scent of sweet olives and a lot, much more. A great absolutely essential guide
for newcomers and old hands. I couldn't put it down., insightful, informative and interesting. My husband loves this book, Great reference., I'm surprised and a little disappointed by this book. It might be more appropriate to call it "A Walk Down Historic Regal Street" because that's mainly what it covers. Virtually the entire book is a tour of Royal Streets in french Quarter from conclusion to conclusion with a few side journeys that take you a block or two away from Royal Street. Some other than that, the only exceptions are a very short chapter of the parish lantern Stroll and another short part at the conclusion of the book about Boardwalks to the U. T. Mint and French Industry. That leaves the vast majority of the French Quarter completely unmentioned, which is a pity, in my opinion. The title of the book is misleading, to put it mildly. If you are looking for a book about the entire French Quarter, look in other places. I'm still looking for such a book. Will be certainly so much more of interest in french Quarter than Royal Street.

I'm a little bewildered by the positive reviews here because none of those testers seemed to have noticed that this book only addresses a very small section of the French Quarter.

BTW, there are numerous errors in the guide but not enough that it's a major issue. A minumum of one address is listed that never existed and never performed exist. I have no idea how that error crept into the book because that address follows and existing address that he or she mentions so it's not a typo. The prevent ends before it every reaches the number the author mentions as a building of interest. But anyone using this book while visiting french Quarter is probably thinking about historical accuracy so they should realize. Tiny errors occur frequently in the book. As just one example, on web page 65, the author says that Jackson Square was named in Andrew Jackson's honor in 1851. In fact, it was named in the honor in 1815. Typically the statue of Jackson was positioned in Jackson Sq . in 1851. No big deal but I like to be able to trust information in textbooks like this.

It would also have been nice if more of a physical description of the properties was included to help the reader identify the buildings now because many buildings in the FQ do not have their addresses marked. In one case, the author explains a building as being one of the only real properties in the FQ that is set back from the street with the courtyard in front and yet the building is built right on the street like every other building on the block and there is no courtyard in front. This could cause some head-scratching for the tourist using this guide as they walk Regal Street. The one thing I can think of is the fact that an aerial view implies that there is a building arranged behind the building on the street but the building on the street appears to be very old. Visitors can't see the rear building from the street if that is the actual author is mentioning to. It almost seems as if the author never actually saw the building he is talking about but rather read some bank account of a building that is behind the building that visitors will see. He never mentions the buildings you will actually see at that address. Which just another example of errors available. For a tiny book like this, there really is no excuse for these types of errors, in my opinion. I found several of them when I first received the book and quickly perused the webpages before reading it. A new quick proof-read by someone who lives in the FQ would have captured the errors. If I actually can spot numerous mistakes just while scanning over the book before reading it in detail, that is not a good signal, especially since i have know very little about the FQ and stay in northern The state of illinois., This is a wonderful book. It's a combination of a very precise walking tour guide of New Orleans' French Quarter and a truly accurate historical account as well. Typically the text is smooth and easy to read. Typically the details for a self-walk through the region are so very useful and complete. No getting lost with these directions! Being an ex-business person in the center of the French Quarter for quite some time I dealt daily with befuddled and misinformed visitors. I wish I experienced been able to recommend the purchase of this book, back then. If I actually have any complaint it is that there is quite a little of back-story on the 500 prevent of Royal, which is not in the guide. Yet , that makes for another enticing reason to buy the book and do some " self-digging" of that area. Buy the book! This may not be a tour guide which will become obsolete in a couple of years. It can be an asset for your book collection., Getting this with me when I actually visit New Orleans next month. Very interesting and informative (without being dry)., Nice publication!, Awesome..,. love it. I simply took it on a trip and it worked out perfectly. It was adequate for my make up jewelry and toiletries. It is also heavily padded so that your make up will not get smashed during transit.

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