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We were young Godless, by Deborah Mitchell, is a series of essays, a number of them quite short due to Mitchell’s personal directness, and others longer, abundant with anecdotes and characters from readers of Mitchell’s blog: raisingkidswithoutreligion. net. Her approach is not that of a confrontational manifesto, but rather the heartfelt reflections of any mommy raising her children to be respectful of the beliefs and traditions of others even as their own views are frequently not respected. However, this is not a book for atheists or agnostics only. Mitchell’s essays offer insights to people with a variety of starting points. Long-time non-believers may read Mitchell’s many personal activities and those of her readers and feel that they may not be alone in negotiating uncomfortable confrontations with believers. More modern religious drop-outs will benefit from Mitchell’s insights on raising children who are caring and self-employed thinkers. And for believers, Mitchell provides a window to the moral life of a non-believing family. Mitchell pushes herself and the woman children to be honest. There are lessons here for everyone – not to rush to judgment about others, to give back again to the community, to internalize goodness rather than play act at being good out of anxiety about hell or hope of bliss. One of my favorite of Mitchell’s ideas for parents is to ask back to children their own questions. When the woman child asked, “Can two boys marry? ” the lady responded, “Do you think two men should be allowed to marry? ” Sometimes as parents we forget that numerous times kids don’t need answers, but encouragement to believe things through on their own., This guide supplies a sensible, practical way for rationalist parents to deal with the difficulties that arise when their children have contact with religious beliefs of their peers, and others. It is helpful to know that many other parents have come to trust their own reason and that of our own scientists, and that no-one has to accept historic superstitions mindlessly anymore. Children are naturally rationalists, investigating and listening to advice from what they see, so this writer suggests steering them to continue thinking for on their own., The book arrived quickly and well-packaged.

After a few friendly exchanges with the author via Tweets I ordered this book and am so glad I did. I was happy to think it is is not so much a " guide" as it is a collection of documents and blog entries in which the author shares her insight, reflections, and activities as a luxurious parent moving into a really religious state. As part of the growing " Nones" demographic, this book helped myself imagine a world free from religious dogma and irrational belief. A world in which humans are driven not to seek favor or forgiveness from a deity but to be kind and good because it is inherent of us as a species. I have already recommended this book to many friends, some of which are religious because I actually think it can function as a bridge of understanding between us., It's a good book for dealing with religious freaks. I'll have to utilize some of the techniques. The following tips help you get rid of religious people without making them hate you. In person I don't care if people like me but my wife and kid do. I'd recommend to a pal., Great parenting guide for secular parents, especially those of us raised in religion and today raising children without religion. I like how the content of the book is broken into sections with short 2/3/4 page topics. The length of each makes is very doable for busy parents. When sitting down to read, I almost experienced as if I used to be reading my daily, secular devotional. I learned a lot and am sure to go back to it over and over again., Love this book so much. It's made some tough conversations much easier. I love her method to discussing the various religions. It's great for luxurious families who have religious family members and need help talking about faith honestly., Excellent book, Good read.

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