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Increasing Gills is a Jessica Abel course in guide form. You will start with owning that you have a desire to create (otherwise you would not be thinking about the book) and then Jessica walks you through how to make that want into reality. From accumulating your opinions to making a plan, Growing Gills will help you build creating into your life. Jessica's advice is practical, hands on, and sincere. I have spent years fretting about all the barriers to my creative work. Jessica's approach shattered my mental log jam, and I'm now seeking my creative work in a good, sustainable way that works for the life I have right now. If you have always wanted to [insert your creative work here], Growing Gills will help you make it happen., If you want to organize your life so you can make more art, this book is a support system you need. Abel's voice is engaging, pragmatic and personable. The activities help you break down the steps of your project. I'm going to use chapter 15 to plan backward from my deadline for my new book project. The ideas and strategies in this book have allowed me to so much, and they will help you too!, If you know inside that you have a creative vision that you *must* pursue to stay sane and possess a fulfilling life, but you haven't figured out exactly how to put that vision into practice and create a life around it,   Growing Gills: How to Find Innovative Focus When You're Drowning in Your Daily Life   is the guide for you.

In a systematic, no-nonsense, yet compassionate way, Jessica Abel offers specific strategies for conquering procrastination and disorganization, getting unstuck, and starting the work. It will be beneficial to writers, artists, composers, filmmakers, podcasters, and many more.

I'm a committed Jessica Abel groupie, and here's why: as a journalist and budding audio tracks producer thinking about starting my own podcast, I benefited *enormously* from Jessica's previous book  From the Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the Fresh Masters of Radio , and from her friend podcast and online workgroup. I couldn't have obtained started as fast without the ideas, approaches, and morale boost I found in those places. I have also met Jessica, and I know that she's a terrific, insightful, humorous, generous person—qualities that come through in her writing and art.

As a successful comic creator, creator, and podcaster, Jessica has experienced the highs and lows of focusing on creative projects, and she really knows what she's talking about. This new book consolidates, polishes, and extends the smart tips and strategies for creative success that the girl developed and shared in the earlier work, as well as in her Creative Focus workshops. Buy it now! It deserves to go on your shelf close to books like  Big Magic: Innovative Living Beyond Fear   by Elizabeth Gilbert,   The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Stressing and Let People Help   by Amanda Palmer,   Chicken by Bird: Some Guidelines on Writing and Life   by Bea Lamott, and, naturally , Away On the Wire by Jessica herself., As somebody who has followed Jessica Abel for a long while, enjoying her various textbooks, I was excited to hear about her new work. However, not only had I done her worksheets before, I also am pretty on track with my creative focus, and so i wasn’t sure that I really needed this guide. I was quickly proven wrong. Just a web page or two in, I was struck by the vivid and painfully accurate explanations of art life! Although I didn’t identify with everything, there was an over-all feeling of solidarity and I always appreciate that.

This is a very hands on book. Even having done the activities previously, I found myself having to do them again, just to keep reading along. I’ll admit that I completed the activities much better and more thoughtfully than before! The strategies presented here are sound, and it’s nice to have another strong, supportive voice in the creative business world. Right now I’m off to continue “downloading my brain! ”, This is a book for creative people, but not just for creative professionals. Jessica Abel writes about the process of making work when you have other important things in your life. She appreciates the difficulties of carving out time and energy for projects that are meaningful to you but, frankly, no person else may care about. And after that the girl gets down to specific ways of organising your life to do creative things.

Which strong dose of inspiration in this book. Abel discusses the responsibility of making work and the need to not ignore the thing that you need to make. She also incorporates the ideas from your bunch of other people making interesting work like radio manufacturer Ira Glass, writer Leslie Olding, comics author Kazu Kibuishi – people who just by talking about how exactly they work make me want to make stuff. But of course ideas and wanting aren't enough when it's the finish of another long week and all you want to do is negotiate down on the sofa with a beer and TV and not think about all the modifying on that personal video clip project that you've deferred for another week.

Just what Growing Gills does is offer a host of specific activities and things to do that will clarify how to clear space to work also to push that work along in order that it gets done. There are big-picture ideas to consider. Are you a professional or a excited amateur? Each way comes with a different set of choices and priorities. And after that there are small ways to help keep you working. For example , success markers are important to your progress, but so are development markers, the simple steps that you do regularly that push the project along but don't actually signal the completion of anything.

This is a book helps you orient your creative life in practical ways. It's not something just to read but to use. It can not a complete experience without doing the activities within it. There's a collection of worksheets to download and write as well as get the hands and brain and heart moving. Add Increasing Gills to your established of tools for making things.

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