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Typically de-tox involves purges & withdrawal & suffering, however, not so this book. That is actually a pleasant, and often amusing, restorative from the relentless rhetoric of 'divinely inspired framers. ' With a full bibliography, old skool footnotes you can actually comprehend, and citations you can actually research without fear. Misters Asner and Weinberger present very human, fallible, self-serving And dedicated, committed, solemn framers of the Metabolism, including some bios några but brutal. The progression of an evolutionary timeline of our most cherished document’s growing pains and inevitable bend, fold and mutilate to suit the need of the moment is balanced: wit with a scalpel of examples that leeches the far, and not so far right rhetoric of its false-power. The Grouchy Historian liberates our Metabolism from the manacles of divine authority returning to its original intent [forgive the phrase] as a document to establish the basis for a *functioning and practical* more perfect union. It wasn't perfect itself, nor did it cover everything but it was obviously a foundation to build on once we grew, advanced and advanced from colony to a united by a commitment to each other nation. How refreshing it is to once again anticipate the Constitution will grow with us, not keep us back or keep us under the cruelty of divine rights of the few.

My favorite part was the refresher on the origin of the check of Rights few of us probably bear in mind from that two paragraphs of high school history. Devised as a means to avoid a second convention with deliberate strategy, this chapter is a reminder of how delicate those rights continue to be. No, the Metabolism and Bill of Legal rights wasn't written For that people, that is the person citizens, it was written by and then for the well-to-do, the landed, the investors, legal professionals and businessmen of the day to form a Union of Says with a powerful federal government. That We the Individuals have claimed that Metabolism and the ones Rights, made it our own, is what offers this document its residing, breathing voice on the planet. *That* is the origin from the divinity, not its writers, framers, or infusion of 'christianity' where none been with us - except to separate it from the state.

In my opinion, Grouchy Historian is more than worth the time to read, if only to start to form an answer for trolls, bots and media as they slur our most vital defense against ourselves to an excuse to eliminate what progress we’ve made as a nation and a people. Bonus includes: The Constitution and Costs of Rights to refer to without having to flip through tiny printing versions or break free to look up; an intensive reference set of “go look it up for yourself if you don’t think me”; as well as Supreme Court Cases with file numbers., Loved it! Easy read and many laugh out loud occasions. A fantastic balance to the craziness that we are experiencing in Washington!, A perfect antidote for the current political times, Humorous. Insightful. The perfect amount of facts, statistics and humor., I didn’t buy this book... yet. I have it through the area library, and it is spot on! (And humorous as hell! ) The historically ignorant will dislike it of course, but it is a outspoken, candid discussion about the Founding Fathers who couldn’t stand each other, and were in fact, the 1% of their day. Many thanks Ed Asner!, Best guide I have read in years! Very revealing information and hilarious., Just started out it. I admire Male impotence and was looking ahead to his view. Yet he starts with all the liberal talking details from the DNC playbook. I may change my rating along the way. Was hoping that he would make clear his views rather than suggest I was an idiot on the opening pages. I really believe there is a need for a book that looks at the big picture. He might have written to his liberal bottom. If so, exactly what a waste. He should use his fame to make clear his views to most of the country who are mostly in the middle., I have read this book and written a review THREE times. Amazon . com is deliberately deleting my reviews because I feel giving it a low rating and it is a generous agenda book. This guide is illogical and not based off of any truth just pointless insults. The reason why is it ok for Amazon to do this? Freedom of speech is slowly becoming a thing of earlier times.

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