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No ghost writer here. I really could hear Groucho's voice speaking every single word. Not so much a resource as it is a series of wonderful reports that occurred throughout his life.

If you're a Groucho fan you'll enjoy this book. Once began, it's hard to put down until finished., A fine book. Learn about his early life and much more. One of the biggest comedians of the age. We enjoyed this book so much, I am reading other books authored by the one and the only GROUCHO., A hilarious Groucho old fart... The literary references by yourself are a revelation and very worthwhile small price... On the other hand, in case you are ISO dirt (and surely there is plenty of it), Julius turns out to be way too classy to dis the many in his range of work who deserve it. Makes me ponder how much of Minnie's Boys was fiction?, A beloved and hilarious man. I've loved the Marx Brothers ever since We was a child. This book helps to fill in the blanks as to who Groucho Marx was off stage., I take pleasure in seeing pictures from and reading something about circa early 19 hundreds. Groucho tells of a time when you might make good clean fun out of dirt, or anything else for that matter. Out of being born dirt poor 1 day and then with 15 years of hard key comedic work be dirty rich the next. Your dog is telling stories of all the amusing circumstances along his way to the most notable. He shows how things have not change in the stock market; the mafia buys into to market, every person gets rich on paper and because they don't know when to sell they lose it all, in Groucho's case 0, 000. In his enchanting way he pokes fun of everything, narrating wonderful "true story" lessons in history from that time period. If you like Groucho and stories about the Marx Brothers of Vaudeville, Broadway, Movies, and TV SET; stories about the show business industry from this time period then you will enjoy this book., I'm still laughing., Odd that a book written by someone I look at the Funniest Guy In The World, my single favourite comedian of all time, should be such a disappointment. Published in 1959 at the height of his popularity on the comedy-quiz radio and TV SET program Without a doubt Your Existence, this is more of your anti-autobiography, Groucho Marx characteristically doing his anarchic thing by telling only quickly of his youth and early stage successes in vaudeville and on Broadway and then veering off constantly (and unsteadily) into meditations on love, sex, marriage, Hollywood and even the poor souls at the publishing company who actually expect him to write a "straight" accounts of himself, which this individual of course will not do.

Groucho Marx, novice said, had a natural inborn greatness that defied research (but I'll still try! ). There was something about his silly walk, his nasal whine, his defiance, his sudden punning broadsides, and sheer anarchic occurrence that just was Funny Incarnate. He is famous for a long stream of clever, provocative one-liners and for just saying such random, improvisational things onstage as "Pardon me when i have a strange interlude", or, "You're very fortunate even now, Guild isn't putting this on. And so is the Guild".

Just looking at those isolated lines in an Amazon. com review you already see it; this is a form of funny that's probably not so excellent on paper.
Dick Cavett always says Groucho was "a great writer", but I differ. I do believe Cavett's appraisal is colored by his personal fondness for his old friend, the irresistibly playful and sneaky sound of Groucho's voice, and this is what Cavett really cherishes and misses. In my opinion a great deal of what made Groucho humorous was thus performance; unlike Peter Cook, Woody Allen, Monty Python, or Bob & Ray, whose materials was funny just to read. Groucho and the Marx Brothers benefitted significantly off their writers, George T. Kaufman, Morrie Ryskind, T. J. Perelman, Arthur Sheekman, Nat Perrin, etc. Basically they provided the construction and the brothers would polish and embellish. Is actually possible that Groucho's, dare I say it, disadvantages, are less noticeable in the Marx Brothers' many wonderful movies; flanked when he was by brother Chico's malapropisms, illogic, and ridiculous piano playing, plus Harpo's madcap pantomime and harp playing. The Marx Friends as a unit are as strong and interesting a comedy team as I probably will imagine. Their originality and talent continue to be stunning, their mark on comedy great course marked. But by himself, Groucho always seemed too meandering, which is what Steve Allen might have been getting at (in his book Funny People's chapter on Groucho) about not considering Groucho's own "act" as being very secure. There is some truth into it; after the Marx Brothers amicably broke up Groucho never even tried to be a regular stand-up amusing in nightclubs, which was wise. He was obviously at his very best in impromptu conversation, something his producers on You Bet Your Life seemed to know better than Groucho himself.

Ultimately he's a good writer because he's enchanting. The reason he isn't a great writer is his disregard of construction. That's why The GrouchoPhile, his later autobiography, is so much better; the structure. And, tellingly, it was written by Groucho and Someone Else.

Groucho and Me, by comparison, is good but not great. Still, I love and cherish my 1960 paperback copy of it... because it's got that iconic Groucho Marx rolled-eye, chin-on-fist-holding-cigar-pose and a imitation of his signature on the cover. Pathetic fan-boy that I am. ☺, nice!

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