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Sure, I am a hockey fan, but much more so a devoted reader (at least an e book a week). My bar is high when it comes to quality writing. - Outstanding book, I read it in one sitting. Baseball fans will love it as it truly gives a fresh, serious, yet interesting view of the game. I can recommend this guide to sports fans generally and, also < non-fan> readers who enjoy moving into another world to which we would normally never have access. This specific is not a common rah-rah baseball book. That truly focuses on The particular Grind. Its a really well written excellent book- no need to add a " baseball" qualifier., Were I not a regular listener of the podcast of the Tony adamowicz Kornheiser Radio Show, I would not be aware of Washington Post hockey writer Barry Svrluga, a regular guest on the show, neither would I know about his new book, " The particular Grind", released earlier this week and that would be too bad, because it is a book well well worth reading for every baseball enthusiast. I read it in two days.

Svrluga comes after the Washington Nationals throughout " the grind" of the 2014 baseball season, by covering certain people of the Nationals and certain people within and around the organization who are all involved in what goes into and around a baseball season: The Veteran, The Wife, The Scout,
The Starter, The Twenty-sixth Man, The Glue (this is two people: the traveling secretary and the clubhouse manager), The Reliever, and The General Supervisor. And if you are planning, " I don't want to read a guide about the Washington Nationals" consider this passage from Svrluga's introduction:

" This specific book, it would seem, is about the Wa Nationals. But the characters in it and those around them will almost always agree: It could be about any of the thirty major league groups. In baseball, these themes are universal. "

Actually wonder about the life of any baseball wife with two young children and a third one on the way goes through? Chelsey Desmond, wife of infielder Ian Desmond will let you know.

Any time does " the season" start for a golf ball player? For Ryan Zimmerman, it starts before the Christmas holidays.

Ever ponder exactly what a starting pitcher will between starts? For Doug Fister, preparation for the next start actually starts before he leaves the clubhouse after his current start.

How about touring and moving equipment on road trips? in 2014, the Nats' travel schedule included thirty-three flights, 2 train outings, and 5 bus charters. From the book: " The very last of the Nationals' 12 road trips (in 2014) would go through 3 cities and involve one train ride, 3 flights, 46 bus rides, 78 passengers, 25 equipment trunks, 6 sets of golf clubs, 70 equipment hand bags, 1 massage table, a hundred and twenty-five pieces of luggage, including 2 guitars. What could fail? " As Thomas Zimmerman said of the clubhouse/travel staff: " He is have to deal with 25 prima donnas that get paid a lot of money that want everything that they want, and he's got to make them all happy. That can't be easy. "

And when will " next season" become " this season" for the typical Manager? For Nats' GM Mike Rizzo, it started on the plane ride back to Washington after the Nats were eradicated from the playoffs by the Giants.

No, I am not going to feel sorry for golf ball players making millions of dollars while putting up with " the grind", but I actually do have a new stage of respect for them - and for every one within an organization - after reading this guide.

And when you are still thinking that this book is just about the Nationals, consider this post-season quote from Zimmerman when he contemplates the near future:

" After this year, the landscape can change. If a handful of guys are gone, the goal would be the same again, however the situation would be different. It's almost much more emotional for the fans than for all of us. If it was upwards in my experience, I'd keep everyone and pay everyone and have the same team for ten years, but we understand that that's just not how it works. You can't keep everyone. "

As a Buccaneers fan this season when the long term futures of fixtures like Neil Walker and Pedro Alvarez have been subject areas of dialogue, that quote hits home.

Really good book., Baseball may be a non-contact sport, but it will take a toll figure and the mind. Svrluga, a sportswriter for the Wa Post, uses the 2014 Washington Nationals to humanize players, their families, scouts, the " 26th man" on the roster who is seemingly on a shuttle between the big league club and AAA, and more. From spring training to the playoffs, players and staff can go as long as 9 directly months working 6- and 7-day weeks. A very good read for hockey fans., I absolutely adored this book, mainly because I am such an enormous hockey fan. I thought all of it was extremely interesting as this is such an inside look at all that goes on within a major league season. The family, the job of playing, the travel, the pressure, the roles other than being a player within the organization, and I could just on. Everyone outdoors the game thinks that playing in easy and is what the players like to do, but i quickly found out it is not that easy. For a baseball fan, like me personally, I do believe you will find this a very enjoyable and informative read. I will be glad i made this selection., Fascinating look behind the scenes of Main League Baseball. Svrluga will a great job showing visitors what the baseball season is like from multiple perspectives, from the GM to Equipment Manager.

This can be a great read for any baseball fan. Provides a fresh perspective on the game., The Grind allows one an appreciation of the physical and mental demands of playing hockey at the major league level. One also values the off field needs on one's family and the role of the wives in supporting their husbands who are away from home a great offer.

Not great writing but covers the fundamental type questions one might wish to have answered relative to the subject matter., I thought it was a little unevenly written, but it has some very interesting information, especially about Mike Rizzo and the 2014-2015 off-season. Other chapters seemed a little perfunctory - however that includes almost all of the chapters about the players. Perhaps the scouts and logistics team were a little more accessible to the author. Continue to, in all, it's well worth the fairly short read., This book is a unique look at day to day baseball that most fans don't even think about. It brings home the reality of the stresses that both prospects and veterans and their family members undergo in what becomes almost an endless grind. Insecurity is the rule rather than the exception. We come across that position players face different physical and psychological challenges than pitchers. All of us see the effects of bouncing between the those under 18 and the majors, all through the eyes of real players and in the context of an actual season. Interesting and eye opening.

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