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Jethro is the eldest Winston brother. He has a disreputable past but provides turned his life close to in the last several years. Escaping the life of the criminal motorcycle club his father introduced him or her to, Jethro is now a park ranger. His / her whole life objective will be trying to make upwards for his past activities and be the favorable, sincere and trustworthy man his family needs. It is although providing his civil support as a ranger he meets Sienna, lost in the wilderness that is his park. He helps the girl with her lakefront rental, not really realizing she is really a movie star. The woman comedies are not specifically Jethro's genre of movie. And she is thrilled to satisfy a handsome, properly mannered, intelligent man who else thinks she's merely a beautiful, intelligent and funny lady without realizing she's likewise famous. He likes the girl in the same way herself. In keeping with this series the Winstons are a bit odd, quirky and wonderful. Sienna is truly talented and vivacious. She and Jethro good together and the tangle of working their own relationship out with their own large families, over zealous fans and Jethro's fixed past makes a great read. Humor, family stress and romantic determination are brought together in a fun, loving and touching story., Penny Reid will be an author who never fails to deliver an enjoyable story. She has a knack for banter between characters that is wise, funny, sarcastic and sweet.

The setting for the Winston Brothers series will be Green Valley, Tennessee, a small close-knit community in Appalachia right up against Countrywide Forest Land. Jethro, the oldest Winston brother, began life under the impact of his no-good dad who is/was (he's now doing time) an associate regarding a motorcycle gang. Jethro isn't proud of his past, which included automobile theft and one-night stands. However, in the past few years, he's completed a complete change regarding his life and it is attempting to atone for his criminal past. He's now a park ranger, and he sports a beard.

Sienna Diaz is riding high in Hollywood as a great actress, but more significantly, as a screen-writer. She actually is in the small town to film a movie and by getting herself misplaced in the woods, the girl keeps running into Jethro Winston. Sienna is a natural comedian which a great acerbic sense of wit and even though she's only 24, she's had major success including earning an Academy award. Jethro will be the only person upon the planet who has never heard of her and sees her only regarding herself as she will be without the of the famous " persona. "

Great add-on to the series. Ashley and Drew, and Duane and Jess get describes, and the set upwards can there be for the next couple of brothers' reports., Once a Penny Reid fan, always a Penny Reid fan. Or from least so I wished I would be before I begun to read the «Knitting in the city» spin-off series; «The Winston Brothers»
I possess never been a huge fan of spinn-off stories, nevertheless the 6 bearded Winston brothers won my heart from the very beginning.
It's a pleassure to read Penny's reports. They are hilarious, strange, nerdy, down to planet and simply beatuiful!
«Grin and Beard it» will be the second book and now it can Jethro's time to charm our pants off (which he does effortlessly I might add)

After years being a rebbel and a thoug, Jethro started out to clean up his act. He went back to school and started out to treat the girls with respect.
While being content with his life and career, he longs for that will special someone. Within a diverse world, the world well-known comedian/actress Sienna Diaz had her share of as well as is now where around planning to settle down.
What takes place when lumbersexual gets combined up with Hollywood sass?
Read upon, I promise you will not regret reading this book!

5/5 Sassy and hilarious celebrities!

And Ms. Penny; Those qoutes you had in the beginning regarding each chapers was simply perfect. Loved them! In addition to I may need to obtain a print of all those on my wall.

Give thanks to you for another amazing read – Damn I love these Winston brothers and ohh my tiny heart, Cletus is next * sigh *, Penny Reid has delivered an additional funny and heartwarming story of the Winston loved ones of Green Valley. I enjoy her way with phrases and the things the girl writes usually gives me personally a chuckle here and there as I study. Grin and Beard This is no exception to this, and you get whatever you come to expect with any Penny novel: a good, well-written, funny, relatively sexy story that simply leaves you with a smile on your face both while reading and on finishing the publication.

I was amazed from how off my preliminary impression of Jethro was from the previous books. He was always quite quiet (if I remember correctly) so it was so nice to find out about his character and what makes him tick. Sienna was also a fantastic match up for Jethro. I adored that she was obviously a Latina, and not merely a Latina but a curvy, amusing, and intelligent Latina too. I loved Sienna's FU attitude towards weight and size so long as you are healthy and balanced (such a crucial message! ). I felt Penny performed a good job, regarding the most part, upon accurately portraying life since a Mexican-American woman attempting to excel in a career she is excited about while also splitting through barriers to assist pave the way for upcoming women of any shade. As a Latina I thought the mention regarding chanclas, the shredded vs. ground beef taco discussion, and La Llorona had been pretty spot on. However I didn't really really feel that Sienna was a Latina besides having describes of it peppered throughout the book. I was also disappointed that Sienna had to say she talked in Mexican Spanish. What real Mexican says that will?!? That was just odd and not necessary after Sienna had earlier in the book described to Jethro that her flavor regarding Spanish was a bit different from the Spanish spoken simply by someone in Spain or Puerto Rico. Also, all this discuss speaking Spanish yet Sienna never integrated little words here and there in her discussion! The other thing I thought was unrealistic since a Latina, was how candid Sienna and the girl mother could discuss sexual intercourse and men. Maybe I come from a extremely duper old fashioned loved ones, but my experience will be this is definitely never talked about.

But ignoring all those minor annoyances, I performed like and enjoy Grin and Beard It. I thought the romance was a little fast and exactly what ended up happening a bit convenient and " easy", but hey it's a book. I did think the ending was a bit hurried and made me with some questions (Sienna's parents had been mentioned but then overlooked, where were Jethro and Sienna going to survive or call home, would Jethro continue his career as a park placer? ). I also hated Marta (sorry, I had to say it! ), and I know this story was about Jethro and Sienna but I critically thought Cletus stole the show! Cletus will come away as totally random and odd, but I'm beginning to know he's really calculating and hides at the rear of his aloofness. His occurrence in this book simply has me dying regarding book 3! Oh and can I say, damn Penny for planting a plant in book 2 (Billy and Claire) knowing the flower won't fully bloom until book 6! The girl seems to always do this! Does Kat and Dan ring a bells?

Bottom line, Grin and Beard It was a cute and funny story. But be prepared to have Cletus steal the show!

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