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I've read every book in this series and wish it goes on for a thousand more. We can hardly wait for the next one!, The story gets increasingly more thrilling as Claire builds the excitement in her series of books and each GETS BETTER and better., Once again - love this series...., Love these series books!!, At the finish of Winters Desire, Emily was riding her new horse, who she finally named Nimbus, to take Christmas cookies to Esther and Hanna. When Nimbus desired to canter, Emily could not hold him back and decided to let him go. Soon, this individual was racing along like a Thoroughbred does, then something spooks him. Emily tried to bring him back under control. The lady almost had him when his hind legs tucked out from under him in the sand and they went for a tumble. Then everything gone black...

Emily has a concussion — she was sent home with requests never to ride for a few days. Her dad wants to sell Wertschätzung; can Emily convince him never to? Emily and Hanna are moving their horses up a level so the competition will be harder. Emily takes 4, Harold and Nimbus to a schooling show. Hanna is riding a pair of Esther's green horses and Jess shows up with two Appaloosas she is using for someone else. Esther has a way of making the girls think for on their own. Everyone is "using the show to introduce some very green horses to the wide and wonderful world of show jumping". Someone does something mean to Esther's horses and everyone is mortified. Emily always wants people to think she is some kind of genius who could make a horse do anything at all she wanted. She has mixed results at the show...

The next show is an important rated show. Emily will take Bluebird, Arion and Winter season; Hanna will take Hemi and Veruschka and probably another of Esther's horses. Emily and Hanna work and train hard for the two weeks leading up to the show. Emily's father has to take Falcon to the show in their trailer, so Winter has to stay behind. Faith is being bullied by other little girls and Emily gives her a pep speak with astonishing results. Somebody returns something that taken and tries to apologise on behalf of an employee. It is a good day for everyone until something mysterious happens...

Kindle Unlimited Member, Now i'm a 11 year old 6th grader and Expresse Svendsen is my favorite author. Like James L Brinkman said the high cliff hanger is an amazing idea. If the book was coming to a concluding point the cliff hanger came I couldn't wait around for the next publication to come. I love her books! I also hope that in publication #39 Jordan doesn't get his heart broken. He's an interesting character, you never know how Emily's and Jordan's relationship is heading to turn out. Certainly that Jordan is a great supplrt for Emily. I hope she won't leave Jordan for that other guy., Another great part in this excellent equestrian series. Written for young grownups and teens but exquisite for grownups too. The equestrian content is perfect and accurate and the characters are actually familiar and are as captivating as always. Emily continually fully developed and struggles to attain the difficult world of show jumping on a shoe-string budget. Jordan is a wonderful support for Emily, and fingers crossed that he doesn't have his heart broken in #39. Looking towards the next part in this outstanding series., This was a great book. It had all the right details to make it super interesting. The high cliff hanger was very wise to put in because it keeps you thinking about the next book and exactly what is going to happen next. Thanks for another great book Claire!

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