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Inside fairness I probably ought by saying I feel an enormous fan of Steven Furtick. So my effort to provide a fair book review might be skewed a little, I really think Pastor Steven is a brilliant man of God. The nice thing about Better could it be complements many of the themes and ideas that were communicated in Sun Stand Still. Better is less about self-help and much more about a perspective shift to see God's ability to operate powerfully in your life. I have a bias to these books because I had written on a similar subject, so it is always exciting to see another Pastor with the same passion.

The book employs the story of Elisha, he's the guy after Elijah, and follows a call to greater things in his life. Prelado Steven's great quality in writing is his ability to clearly communicate deep insights, simply. He tables the storyplot of Elisha to launch into a conversation about burning up plows to remove get out of strategies and boldly walk towards a greater contacting. He outlines the hurdles, shares personal struggles and intermingles stories of individuals who have walked towards better.

Dealing with the downsides and leveraging the Shunammite woman speaks to coping with suffering as a sign-post on the way to Greater. This is a welcome encouragement and reminder that greater is a harder path than mundane and ordinary and the presence of God there as a comforter through hard times is always welcome.

Greater is better than Great, not because Excellent is bad, because better is a perspective aligned with God. Greater is a product of submitting and humility to see God's perspective and capacity in our lives. Prelado Steven's books are abundant will excellent sermon analogie which double as great conversation points. He is witty insights and clearly communicates simple truths strongly about God.

I read the book in a day, it is also littered with highlights that I will use in future messages. This certainly isn't an educational text, but it is an excellent read for an individual who is searching for the next step up a life bookended by Christ. Our own call is to better things, not greatness. A well framed conversation that removes ego and celeb and places God at the center., I was so in awe of what God gave this author to write, the dvd and blu-ray and in the dvd and blu-ray particpants guide. It is definitely what I needed. That i knew of God was speaking directly to me through Pastor Furtick's book Greater. I feel so glad my cathedral (Kingdom Builders - Prelado K. Frances Smith) is having life groups that use this book to study from. It has brought on me to reevaluate my life in a much deeper way along with what God has called me to and caused me to seek " greater" in most area of my life. This book is life changing! If you hear the actual author is stating with spiritual ears you will decide to be a greater child of God by allowing God to work through you in an infinitely more meaningful way instead than just serving as usual. I saw God changing me immediately because I made a decision to go greater with Him. It has given me a new desire to serve God in such a more passionate way. Thank you a million times over Pastor Furtick!, People want to crush dreams. Often times it's those closest to us that are our biggest critics. God has a great plan for our lives and Pastor Furtick does an amazing job in this book focusing on biblical figures who completed miracles when God was permitted to work in their lives. This guide truly ignites a fire inside you to trust God using things in your life and always dream and dream big!, Should be a classic. Vision-inducing and packed with faith. Takes you from mediocrity to excellence. This one will get you moving!, Love how simple and profound this guide is! Pastor Steve is so real and shares his concerns and fears honestly for us to get over them., This book was such a shot of nitrous to any follower of Jesus' journey of becoming wholehearted. I love how Furtick define " greatness" in such an accessible way. The roadmap of Elisha's life as a backdrop brings the Scriptures to our lives in new ways. Furtick's candor about his own life & problems make you feel instantly understood and encouraged, while his audacious faith ignites fresh hope and chance in you. " Burn up The Plow" is a fantastic stand-alone read if you're searching for a sample to start out with -- but the whole book is unquestionably well worth your time and efforts!, By the time one reaches my era the tendency is start " slowing down" looking towards retirement, time with grand kids and trying to catch big bass with a small fly. Nevertheless I don't want to stop. I assume that that are still significant things that I am called to. Furtick reminds myself that I haven't lived 45 years of adult life to leave of doing greater things.
I needed to be reminded that in God's economy greater is always an alternative for me. It has challenged me to actively seek what God's vision is for myself for this stage of living. Get the book, allow yourself the independence to " dream dreams" again., I chose to provide a four star rating to Greater because it helped me hit the " reset switch" in my life by reminding myself of how to start out over with God. It gave myself a new perspective how to recover from the difficulties that life has thrown at me and start over on this section of the journey where I want to finish strong. We highly recommend Greater because the manner in which Steven Fertic tells the Greater story centered around the lives of Elijah and Elisha also inspires me to jump back again in to the Scriptures and really read the book. It s packed with wonderful stories that the Holy Spirit desires to teach me through again.

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