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If you like wine, and feel your understanding about that magical pocima is not what you needed like it to be, Andrea Immer can help you along a great deal. You can find her writing delightful, never stodgy, stuffy, or nose unusually indicated in a skyward way. Many people are 'turned off' by the air of effete snobbishness [if I may be lent a phrase from someone else]. This wine guide is quite a lttle bit different. It's a pleasure to read... not like a thrilling page turner that will keep you reading well past the hr which usually signals that " you're done for this day". You can use the well set up index to search for wine types, or winery information, bottle styles, words which will help you describe a wine without sounding like a wines critic who's been testing too generous an amount of that which he/she's allowed to be critiquing. This is an enjoyable thought, the one which Ms. Immer has written with much thought, a lot of experience, and the sheer joy of tasting one of this world's most lovely of creations. Wine! Truly a miracle and a wonderful delight. I can certainly and happily give this a five star rating., Helpful, practical, easy-to-read, and useful. That's an awesome combination, eh? I was motivated by this book to create my own wine-tasting party (my wife and I). Doing side-by-side mouth watering in the range of reds, it helped us all discover what we loved. Who da thunk?, Discovered so much from this. The tastings are easy to setup, which you must do because there's no substitute for experiencing what she is describing. My only evade is the fact she needs to have current wine recommendations for the tasting exercises (maybe on her website? ); there is some variation in some of the years and he or she should be adjusting to that. But otherwise this is a must read for both novices seeking to learn in fun and approachable ways, and veterans who might be pleasantly astonished by the process of recalibrating their palate. The woman goal is to help you be able to see the basic info introduced on the wine label -- particularly varietal and region of origin -- and get a sense of whether you might like it. The woman insights on how to do that are definitely very insightful and useful., This is the best introductory publication for wine that I actually have experienced for several reasons:

1. When you get through the first few chapters and do the exercises, you'll know more useful things about wines than the vast the greater part of people.

2 . not What you'll know, it will be possible to remember. The lessons learned available are simple and the tastings make them tangible.

3. This guide gets rid of the pretention from wines and simplifies the subject considerably without reducing meaning. It starts from common red and white grapes - then what some common attributes of wines produced from those grapes are (oaky, tannic, etc. ) It proceeds with explaining how climate effects vineyard, and proceeds into Aged World/New World distinctions, aged wines, and unusual wine.

When first learning about wine, I started with the "Dummies" book but wasn't pleased - I actually found it didn't make any try to provide a framework for understanding. It started with "France", and then proceeded to "Bordeaux" and "Burgundy", showing that every village and Xth Progress estate. And then proceeded to go country by country, with bits of knowledge here and there. I finished the book feeling like I actually knew less than when I started. This publication was much simpler but provided much greater knowledge.

For some time, anyway, you can keep costs under control following the tastings in this book. Still, physique that bottle cost will be upwards of 00-1500 to get through all the tastings, if that's your objective., Too focused on European wines. I actually wanted to know why I actually liked Chianti and wine from Chile and Argentina. I still don't know., I have been interested in wine for more than 40 years. this is the BEST book I actually know of for either a beginner or a person of moderate interest to learn the distinctions between different grapes or different regions of the world and their using particular grapes. I recommend this guide HIGHLY!, I was an avid watcher of Simply Wine back in the early 2000's so I already trusted Andrea Immer's unpretentious teaching style. After a few years away from my lightly-informed wine hobby, I actually was finally ready to create a serious commitment. Following looking at a dozen or so beginner's wine publications on Amazon, I rediscovered Andrea's (I so was excited to find that this guide was still in print when I appeared it up a few weeks ago! ) Following reading a paragraph or two of the introduction, I knew this was the publication for me personally. By only about three chapters in, I was already capable to experience even my favorite wines in a completely new and very informed light. Very easy to follow along with and fun to read, this is THE perfect publication for the novice wines enthusiast. I highly recommend this book!!

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