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Henry Fountain has written an insightful account of the massive earthquake that hit Ak in 1964. It's a meeting in our nation's history i had never heard of. In addition to the scientific information surrounding the big event, Mr. Water feature has interviewed survivors who are living today. I always appreciate primary resources in a work of nonfiction.

The story is fashioned around geologist George Plafker, a classic Alaska palm. (I would have appreciated a pronunciation guide for his last name! ) An additional main character is Kris Madsen, the teacher in a one-room schoolhouse in Chenega, a village that was hard hit by the earthquake.

The creator hints early on that much of the damage -- and most of the casualties -- were not due to the roiling landscape of the earthquake, but of the tsunamis that followed. The majority of readers will recognize that difference right away, having a knowledge of the 2004 earthquake and tsunami that decimated coastal areas in Indonesia.

As the ultimate lay reader, I found the individual stories more compelling. The author recreates almost minute-by-minute where villagers in Chenega and other Alaskan coastal villages were when the earthquake hit, and what their ultimate fates were. I admit I skipped to the center of the book to read about the disaster itself, and then went back to learn more about geology and seismology. The book's closing chapters examine what happened to the villages themselves, whether they were restored, abandoned or re-created elsewhere.

This guide is a fine example of narrative nonfiction. You have to have quite a bit of curiosity about geology to read all of the book with equal interest, but there are no reading police in sight, so skip around or gloss over some sections if you must. I continue to appreciate authors who can re-create the past with such intimacy and accuracy. These kinds of books are a boon for our collective history and memory., Loved it. So informative. Sometimes radio stations interviews are better than the book. Not this time. Exceeded my anticipation., it was a great book from a geologic and historical prospective. Water feature covered the Quake in great detail, but more interestingly covers the history of the evolution of geology and plate tectonic theory., I bought this book thinking I would be learning about the greatest North American earthquake in recorded History. Nonetheless it was a bonus and a delight to find that it really taught me personally how plate tectonics emerged to be an excepted scientific fact., There are informative non-fiction books and then there are entertaining informative non-fiction books, and The Great Quake is very much the latter. Fountain has created a narrative for a heartbreaking event that is both fascinating and engrossing. Water feature builds the strain by bringing out us to all the " characters" - scientists and citizens who witness or investigated the biggest earthquake in modern history. Then comes the earthquake - shocking, tragic and exceptionally described. Finally, Fountain talks about the aftermath.

The Excellent Quake is a unique combine of geology lesson and human interest, and you learns about not the particular event, which is an earthquake so massive that it was felt across the globe, but about what it means for us and the world we live in. I'm not particularly enthusiastic about tragedies neither geology, but this publication is gripping, entertaining and packed with interesting information.

Typically the story centers on geologist George Plafker and how the earthquake changed the way in which researchers understand our planet. It is difficult to remember that until very recently, we did not understand how plates and earthquakes worked, and it is fascinating to determine how that knowledge developed over the past millennium. That's on top of the narrative of the earthquake itself, which is absolutely mind-blowing. I cannot believe I've never heard of this earthquake before. The San Fran quakes stick out my thoughts, probably because they were so devastating to a big city, but I've never heard of the Ak quake, even though it was bigger.

Packed packed with Alaska's history, geology, individual interest stories and one big earthquake, this narrative non-fiction at its finest., Review of: " Typically the Great Quake: How the Biggest Earthquake in North America Changed Our Comprehension of the Planet, " Hardcover – August 8, 2017 by Henry Fountain (Author).

This guide represents an amazing narrative of one of the greatest natural disasters of the Twentieth Century. Typically the publisher's excerpt states: " The Great Quake is a riveting narrative about the biggest earthquake in United states recorded history -- the 1964 Alaska earthquake that demolished metropolis of Valdez and swept away the island village of Chenega -- and the geologist who hunted for hints to clarify how and why it took place. "

The book is 278 pages in size and is comprised of contents to include fifteen chapters enumerated as such: Map of Alaska. Chart of the Alaska earthquake of 1964. Chapter just one: Altered State. Chapter 2: Under the Mountain. Section 3: An Accident of Geography. Chapter 4: Clovisse Broth and Beer. Section 5: The Floating Globe. Chapter 6: Spiking Away. Chapter 7: Before the Storm. Chapter 8: Problems. Chapter 9: Shaken. Section 10: Stunned. Chapter 11: The Barnacle Line. Section 12: Rebuilding. Chapter thirteen: Deep Thinking. Chapter 14: Acceptance. Chapter 15: Turn. Acknowledgements. Notes and Ideas for Further Reading. Bibliography.

This is a great breakdown of the occasions and aftermath of an incredible act of nature. It recounts the work of George Plafker who as a geologist for the U. S. Geological Survey was tasked with investigating the Prince William Sound region in the aftermath of the earthquake. His / her work during this period subsequently confirmed the principle of plate tectonics. This is a great read. Five stars!, Too much rambling on about individuals; not anywhere near enough info how the Ak quake strengthen our beliefs and understandings of tectonic plates. My viewpoint is that that is a good publication article stretched and padded into making a book.

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