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Some good economists, which we used to know only through very conventional papers, are proving to be good writer. Included in this, Deaton excels. It brings very good stories with an annotation that we feel like reading a Tolstoi of Science. He knows how to tell good stories, which any scientific writing should search, and which involves concepts and notions that evolve. There some impressing exposition on Wealth and Health, on Incone inequality within the USA, on income inequality in the world, in addition , on some attempted remedies. Worth Reading through for economists and non-economists, This is clearly the most insightful book I've read for sometime. As opposed to so much we read today, this book is optimistic about social and economical progress. It's policy tips for developed countries are largely hurried and not very well justified -- all except for one, and that one is very important. This individual makes a very strong, fact based claim that foreign aide as we think of it is largely wasted. Amelioration of world poverty is definitely not achievable given the infrastructure of the countries that need it most. Clearly, just writing checks doesn't do it, he claims, despite the good intentions those accompanying those checks. But he or she doesn't advocate doing absolutely nothing. He just advocates a carefully administered program that helps underdeveloped countries, but only if they help themselves first., An total must for anyone who wish to know about poverty and health in the final 50 years. Very clearly all the progresses made, and also all the difficulties met (a striking figure of the lagging low income in the USA, while wealthiest get even more during the last 20 years). Includes also some proposed solutions, although some may well not please everyone (especially when Angus Deaton describes ceasing International Development Help, creating corruption)., Remarkable insight into the heart of man, deep-seated irrepressible drive for self betterment and freedom. It becomes obvious that rulers and governments, through control and suppression, impede the progress of mankind. The Bible and the Pope warn of the persistence of low income. Angus Deaton shows how individual liberty, free-market capitalism, and the division of labor have elevated the standard of living globally, while diminishing the number of men and women living in abject poverty. Various government policies cause great disparity in the pace of such improvement. This occurs both locally and globally. And this is precisely the root cause of inequality. No redistribution, no main planning can rectify inequality. This guide is a excellent study of the good and the bad in political wranglings., Excellent text message. I would definitely recommend it for the both the casually or significantly interested party. " Put 4 more words ", Some areas of the publication were extremely interesting and thought-provoking (such as Deaton's arguments with respect to aid to 3 rd countries and the potential harmful effects) but overall the book endured from a certain degree of disconnectedness between chapters. For example , to my mind, health and income inequality are two distinct themes and despite that there is a linkage between them - as there is between almost any inequalities, i fail to see why such emphasis on health (e. g why not on academic inequalities or something else? ). Is it just because health inequalities are in the epicenter of author's expertise?

All in all, We would recommend the publication, but i think it may have been better as Angus Deaton is a very prominent economist with great ideas., Overall a great look at inequality of health and wealth, however Deaton falls lacking responding to some of the most important questions around inequality. The final chapter is focused on his criticism of foreign aid, and doesn't fit with the rest of the book. An improved use of the space would have been a conversation how high inequality results economical growth or limitations the quality of life., This book provides some arguments for the causes of inequality both in areas of economics and medical care. It suggests some options and explains why several kinds of aid, while well intentioned, don't work.

It is straightforward to read and provides the reader much to think about. It the really worth reading.

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