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This edition was edited by " Susan Brawtley" (no occurrence on the internet) by Brawtley Press (no website). No effort what-so-ever has been made to format the book based to any sensible rules of language. Sometimes the letters are arranged top to bottom, rather than horizontally (see image). It is a travesty to so mistreat Mr. Lewis!! The back cover is a cut and paste job from Wikipedia., To agree with Sandy, the content is not the problem, it is the edition. Right now there are numerous typos and glaring typesetting problems. We mean ridiculous things, like when the print is compacted into a single steering column of characters. Find a different edition, DO NOT NECESSARILY BUY THIS. I was frankly amazed that Amazon . com allows it to be sold., This is a convicting parable about the next world, beginning with a flying bus trip.

The departure point is a huge, empty grey city that keeps spreading its borders because quarrelsome people only have to imagine a new house, and it's really theirs. Some folk are happy to stay there, since they don't recognise it as a type of terrible.

For those who do jump on the coach, their choice to stay in heaven depends upon their determination to give up whatever holds the greatest grasp on their hearts. Is actually really all about our idols, and the people and so are with all kinds of attitudes and hang-ups which they're loath to relinquish. There's always something they insist on clutching tight, even at the price of misery.

There is 'Ikey' the businessman, who is determined to take plunder from the heavenly world back down to the grey city, where he thinks he'll make a killing. He only manages to lift one tiny fallen apple through the sheer force of his will.

There's a pathetic society woman whose earthly finery, which she was so proud of, came out like rags in paradise. She was devastated, because she felt it was her whole identity, which she'd devoted her life to maintaining.

There's a learned man who believes that the grey terrible city could really be heaven, for its 'continual hope of morning and field for indefinite development. ' He's an ex-bishop who has written a book. Actually libraries on earth turn out to be probably the most haunted places, filled with the ghosts of authors who keep wondering if people are still reading their books.

The plight of creative people in this story is interesting. One artist was stressed because he saw no requirement to paint anymore, since everything was so annoyingly perfect. It's Lewis' warning to creative folks of the trap of being sucked in paying more attention to their own work and reputation, rather than what it's all about. 'Every poet, musician and artist, but for grace, is drawn away from love of the thing he tells to the love of telling. ' Wow, I guess our world does have just one way of honouring the conduit, until it's hard for them to stay humble.

A single fascinating person in the new land is Sarah Smith of Golders Eco-friendly, a lady of 'unbearable beauty and grace' with a procession in the woman honour. The narrator is anxious to learn the woman identity, but she becomes out to be nobody he would have ever before heard of. Just a humble person faithfully doing small things in the woman supposedly ordinary life. Nevertheless people are regarded in a different way in heaven to how they ever were on earth. Great news for everyone who's ever felt overworked, unnoticed and under-appreciated.

The particular narrator, who presumably represents Lewis himself, gets to meet his hero, George MacDonald, who becomes his guide around heaven. We knew Lewis was a fanboy of MacDonald's (see my review of Phantastes) but what a homage this is, as he tries to find words to tell him all his writing has designed to him, since his teens.

Overall, it's a great read for anyone who'd like a bite-sized, but meaty bit of C. S. Lewis, for it's short enough to read in one day. This leaves me with the impression that I would've liked being a experience when Lewis actually do meet MacDonald.

Here are some quotes.

'What may be refered as 'the Sulks' in children, has 100 different names in adults, such as injured merit, self-respect, tragic greatness and proper satisfaction. '

'There are only two kinds of people. Those who say to God, " Thy will be performed, " and those to whom God states, " Thy will be done. " '

'Joy on earth is defenceless against those who would rather be miserable. Nevertheless in heaven, our light can swallow up your darkness, but your night can't affect our life. ', While reading The particular Great Divorce, I was reminded of an old Far Side cartoon where Satan, while standing at the gates of terrible in front of a long line of sinners, states to the man at the head of the line, " Okay, sir, would you like inferno or non-inferno? Ha! Just kidding, it's all inferno, of course - I just enjoy saying that. "

In the cartoon, the people in line have made life choices that sent these to hell. Within his book The Great Breakup, C. S. Lewis produces about the choices that people make in their psychic path through life. This pretty well sums it up: " I do not think that all who choose wrong roads expire; but their rescue is composed in being put back on the right street. A sum can be put right: but only by going back until you find the mistake and working it afresh from that point, never by simply going on. Evil can be undone, but it cannot ‘develop’ into good. Time does not cure it. "

The Fantastic Divorce is one of Lewis's earlier works. Chronologically, the book came just after The Screwtape Characters and before The Stories of Narnia. These were all works of hype. After that period, Lewis wrote mostly nonfiction.

One note: Several reviewers mentioned the poor formatting in the book. I read the Kindle version on my Oasis, and the formatting was perfect., What would it be like to be moving into hell and not know when God was supplying you heaven? Would we recognize what was truth and love? This book makes you very aware about human failings and inspires one to change., The Great Divorce is one of the most accessible works I've read on the topic of " the Great Beyond. " It is, in some ways, a lighter-toned parallel to Dante's Inferno, and a thoroughly entertaining read. Thoughtful and easily digested. Easily were teaching inquiring/questioning/curious high schoolers or earlier collegians, I'd put this one on the reading list., This really is one of my favorite books ever before. I have read it dozens of times and I like it more each time I read it. Such a great guide to get your mind moving. Much more you think of the afterlife, but also how you're residing your life now.

"There are only two kinds of individuals in the conclusion: those who tell God, "Thy will be performed, " and those to whom God says, in the end, "Thy will be done. " All that have been in Hell, choose it. Without that self-choice there could be no Terrible. No soul that critically and constantly desires happiness will ever miss it. Those who seek find. Individuals who knock it is opened. " (quote from the book)

Yes, indeed! I highly recommend this book. It makes a great present book. It is quite quick reading, not as wordy or complicated as  Mere Christianity [Deckle Edge] Publisher: HarperSanFrancisco; 3th (third) version Text Only . This is more along the line of  The particular Screwtape Letters .

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