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This book, though very short, has its own valuable ideas that one doesn't come across often in discussions of climate change in the West, such as how critique of empire is neglected for critique of capitalism, when in fact they are two separate issues. His discussion of why coal results in more worker solidarity than oil is also something I haven't seen addressed elsewhere, and he generally thinks through climate change in original ways. However he completely lost me at the finish when he compared the Pope's encyclical with the Paris Accord -- criticizing Paris for being written by a committee and ignoring completely the fact that it was binding among governments whereas the Père didn't have to get anyone to agree to do anything. His conclusion that religious groups might be our only hope seemed bonkers -- nearly all of the rational European West is increasingly secular -- and nearly all of the power is at this West. The spiritual American Right of course opposes the idea of climate change, and I doubt that Islamic countries which are heavily dependent on oil revenues will move this way. China is not religious, and as he remarks in Indian there is a move in the direction of increased accumulation of Western things. The Père can't speak for contraceptive and women having many children won't help. Buddhists? So far not a very powerful force on planet politics that I can see. Anyhow, his conclusion dissatisfied me and colored my overall feeling for the book., Anyone that thinks the next decade will probably be without flooding problems especially alongside coastal populations round the world needs to read this book., A beautifully written book that argues our inability to deal (conceptually, ethically, mythically and practically) with climate change is the fault of the novel and empire. Sets well with Bifo's The Uprising: On Poetry & Finance, I expected a novel however the book reads like one. very interesting and Gosh as always wonderful to read., Added not my knowledge/understanding of climate change. Ghosh is a wonderful historical fiction author., Amitav Ghosh, who is about equally termed as a author and an essayist, commences this terrifying book--really a " cri du coeur" -- by asking why anthropogenic climate change, the core crisis of our time, is practically absent from contemporary fiction. This question initially struck me as odd and narrowly-focused and poorly reflective of the broader societal reaction to the problem. But this individual devotes nearly all of the sleep of the book to showing that the lack of climate change from fiction is indeed reflecting of society's unwillingness to confront it at all. Why? Because of their scale, its pervasiveness, their dreadful implications for the future; the perfect conditions to trigger denial. Ghosh compares the texts of the 2016 Paris Contract and Pope Francis' ecological encyclical " Laudato Dans le cas où. " Of the first, he writes: " The Agreement's rhetoric serves to clarify much that it leaves unsaid; namely, that its intention and the essence of what it has achieved, is to create yet another neo-liberal
frontier where corporations, entrepreneurs, and open public officials will be able to join forces in enriching each other. " He is a lot more sanguine about the encyclical, discovering it as a ethical guidepost to effective action, if not a straight applicable one. But to what extent can ethical force overcome entrenched passions, short-term vision, and institutionalized hypocrisy?
A couple of more observations: (1) This specific display of Ghosh's wide-ranging erudition encompasses many allusions unfamiliar to American readers. Because I teach tropical ecology We are familiar with the Sundurbans. We are not familiar with many of the South Asian freelance writers and thinkers referenced here. I hope other readers will be motivated, as I am, to find out about them. (2) On page 5 Ghosh refers to the Lake Nyos outgassing devastation, in which some 1700 people died. He claims Lake Nyos is in the Congo. It's in Cameroon. The error has no impact on the message of the book, but it's annoying that it got through the modifying process., Brilliant reflections on climate change from the perspective of the Indian subcontinent by a prominent Bangladeshi writer, author of the ecological novel 'The Starving Tide'. Whenever we hope to tackle a global risk we must try to understand it does not only in Western terms, and this book is a good spot to start that increasing of perspective., An excellent, informed, wide-ranging analysis of what the arts might do in the service of communicating climate change. Ghosh's three part structure (" Stories, " " History, " " Politics" ) allows him to protect a remarkable breadth of social conditions which have left us unprepared and perhaps struggling to face the climate challenge. Especially indicated in its description of what it sees as the challenges for Asia, and for South Asia specifically, in gearing up for this new era already on us.

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