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This book should be compulsory reading! I was absolutely staggered to learn about the is situated told about the EUROPEAN from it's conception to, most importantly, our joining, and how that was brought about/manipulated. I knew politicians were liars but the strategic and knowing nature of the deception of the people is astounding. Wyatt Heath one of the worst, but none of them acted in our real interest. Geoffrey Howe's resignation speech was very amusing but he was a traitor to the Prime Minister who directed him to Brussels to protect UK interests. As an alternative he worked against the girl because he was so determined we should become a member of. Many jobs were lost due to the EUROPEAN, e. g. fishing industry, closure of many abattoirs, therefore animals traveling further, not good for their welfare. The French were equally sneaky.

The publication is quite detailed but easy enough to read, i. e. not " heavy". I wish it might obtain more publicity it warrants to be well regarded about., A unique and practical book with a deceiving title: It shows show how Europe's integrating institutions have evolved through matches and starts from the visions of Versailles and onwards through the twentieth Century and beyond., Every person in Europe, especially the UK, should read this book., An intensive, detailed background well supported with documentary evidence, yet easy and pleasurable to read., Excellent book - explains completely and in clear words the political deception made by politicians over the years. Couldn't put it down., Exceptional book., Booker and North have done yeoman operate exploring ratings of original sources related to the modern Eu. Most impressively, they have returned to the twenties, when the modern-day notion of "European Union" started out. They note that an aspect of deception has been present since the very earliest a lot of the project, demonstrating that the idea's early exponents considered that their utopian beliefs, whilst admirable, needs to be noticed without the knowledge or participation of the member countries' peoples. In fact, Booker and North uncover which a strong tendency of the strain of Unionists which created the present Brussels routine has gone to shun democracy by developing a supranational specialist with no meaningful responsibility to the people, while simultaneously subverting individual states' national sovereignty. A carefully absorbing and fascinating read, one important for anyone enthusiastic about modern-day European politics. The particular defeat in France and the Netherlands of the EU constitution hasn't delivered this book irrelevant; indeed, it provides a alert about the accumulated strength of a body still very much in being and still very fervent to achieve the consummation of its endeavors., Communist and fascist all appear to like the idea of a solitary Europe entity. Actually they dreamed of it.

'Not just a piece of convenient machinery. It is a revolutionary and almost mystical conception. "

Harold Macmillian on Monnets Schuman's plan

(The Schuman Declaration is a governmental suggestion by then-French Foreign Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Robert Schuman to create a new organization of States in Europe called a supranational Community. This created the world's first supranational institution )

Very Interesting critical history of the EU super state.

"Unite Europe into a solitary "supranational government under a politics constitution was planned 62 years before. "

Europeans tricked into giving up their sovereignty.
The usa of Europe was also a concept Hitler had.

Churchill referred to "frightful nationalist quarrels. " (Get rid of the nation state)

Outside the grip of the Nazis and the allure of the interwar dream of Europe united did not die-Altiero Spinelli was an Italian political theorist and a ecu Federalist. Spinelli is referred to as one of the "Founding Fathers of the Western european Union" Spinelli joined the Italian Communist Party (PCI) at a young age.

all refers to  The Hidden Hand: The uk, America, and Cold War Secret Intelligence

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